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At Mad City Dream Homes, we’re committed to using our business as a platform to create a healthier and more just community, and we’re always looking to hire people who believe in our cause. 

Mad City Dream Homes Realtors

Over the years we’ve learned community-oriented people tend to make great role models and great team members. Because they place a high value on serving others, they excel at customer service and supporting their peers on the team. Plus, they seem to always have a way of causing us to stretch and grow in some new and exciting directions.

Do you know someone who might be a good fit for our team? Please keep us in mind as you encounter positive, community-oriented people within your world.

Thank you for helping us carry out our mission and for all of the

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Maureen Moran Realtor Madison WIMaureen Moran joined our real estate team two-and-a-half years ago when she moved from New York and returned to her Wisconsin roots. As we were interviewing Maureen and learning more about her, one of the things that jumped out at us was the glowing praise she consistently received from her clients. For example, here is one of her online reviews that really caught our attention as we were learning more about Maureen:

"Maureen is the hardest working and most diligent realtor that I have ever worked with. She looks at situations from multiple perspectives and always looks for the best solution. I appreciate her honesty and integrity. In a world of realtors just looking to make a quick sale, it is a blessing to find someone who truly cares about her

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Real Estate Agent Alan FederWe're excited to announce that Alan Feder has joined our real estate team! Alan brings with him six years of full-time real estate experience and a strong belief system that is centered on customer service. We're confident Alan will be a great fit for our clients and our team.

On a more personal level, Alan is passionate about the environment, health and wellness, and nutrition. Like others on our team, Alan is leaning in to social justice issues and is seeking to use his business as a platform to influence positive change in the Madison area. 

One unique thing about Alan is that he is joining us as the first "level 2 agent" on our team (if you're interested in real estate as a career, you can learn more about our level 2 role in this article). In

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We’re excited to announce we’re hiring! Here’s a little more background on what we’re looking for in the next person to join our agent team... 

Mad City Dream Homes Realtors

If you know members of our team, you likely know that they share similar talents of being generous, hard-working, and humble people. If you have similar traits and a passion for serving others we’d love to hear from you. 

We are looking to diversify our team, so it doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started in real estate, whether you’re midway through your career, or in the later stages. We are looking for someone that has a positive influence on all of us and adds strength to our team.   

We’d love to speak with you if this background about our team resonates with you. Please reach out to

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"If we could give Shelley 10 stars we would...Shelley was always ready to show us houses at a minute's notice, was professional and knowledgeable, and was always upbeat and positive. We found a home that makes us happy every day and for that we thank Shelley!"

Shelley Lazzareschi Realtor Mad City Dream HomesShelley Lazzareschi routinely receives client feedback like this. She has a knack for making real estate appear easy, which for those of us who work in the field, we know is far from the truth. Here's a little more background on Shelley as a person and as a professional -- which helps to explain why Shelley receives so many referrals from her many loyal clients. 

#1: Shelley is a positive person. 

One of Shelley's unique gifts is that she is a consistently positive person. She shows up with

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Chris Venden Realtor, Madison, WIChris Venden joined our team 10 years ago - due to chance and circumstance - and she's been quietly setting the standard for the rest of us ever since. For the last ten years Chris has been modeling what it means to be a professional and a team player. She's a huge reason why we've been able to attract so many great people to our team, and one of the reasons why we're blessed to work with such wonderful clients. 

If I were to choose three traits that best describe Chris, these are the first three that come to mind: 

Chris is generous.

For those of you who have had the opportunity to work with Chris, you know her to be a generous person. She's generous with her time, her personal attention, her appreciation for your concerns, and generous with her

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At Mad City Dream Homes, we're dedicated to creating an environment where every agent and every employee is growing and prospering throughout their real estate career. When this happens, everyone wins. Our agents and employees win, because they're thriving in a supportive environment where everyone values collaboration and teamwork. Our clients win, because our team cannot prosper unless we're consistently providing exceptional customer service. And the larger community wins, because we're demonstrating a business can thrive and make a positive impact by always having a servant mindset. 

 Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Agents

Creating a positive environment for our agents

If you're a relatively new real estate agent who is just joining Mad City Dream Homes, you can expect to

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Over the years it's been our observation that the most successful real estate agents assume a strong sense of ownership over their career. These agents know it's not the market that determines their path. It's what they bring to the market. 

One way to think of this is in terms of the foundation upon which your career is built. Are you continually building and reinforcing your foundation in real estate? Here are 5 ways you can build your own solid foundation and take control of your career.   

How to Succeed as a Madison Realtor

5 ways to own your real estate career 

1) Cultivate a positive mental attitude. Many successful agents work constantly on their positive mental attitude which sustains them day-after-day and year-after-year in the competitive field of real estate.

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Looking back on 2018, we're grateful for another year of growth at Mad City Dream Homes. Thank you to all of you who have referred us to your friends and family in the last year. Our families thank you! We genuinely appreciate the trust you place in us, and we promise we'll keep working to earn your trust in the years ahead.

Looking ahead to 2019, we're excited to share our team is growing in a number of positive ways. Here are a few of the exciting changes we're working on right now at Mad City Dream Homes. 

Positive changes at Mad City Dream Homes

Positive changes at Mad City Dream Homes

1) We're growing with great people

We're very fortunate to have Maureen Moran, and Tracy Kapela join our team in 2018. Both, in their own way, are making us a better and more complete team.

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In this real estate careers article we cover the 5 daily habits which are the keys to success on our team. Applying these 5 habits doesn't require you to have any previous real estate experience, and staying true to them offers huge financial benefits which grow like compounding interest over time. It's been our experience that the agents who embrace these habits can expect to make $125,000 - $175,000 annually by the time they've completed their second full year on our team. Just as important, the entire team benefits when every agent consistently applies these habits. Each of us becomes more creative, more productive, and more efficient when our fellow agents share the right mindset and the right focus. 

How to Succeed in Real Estate

5 keys to success on our real estate team

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