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Working in the world of real estate is full of surprises. With each new client we serve, we're always encountering new situations and new learning opportunities. On top of this the market is always changing. Tools and technologies are constantly evolving. And our field is becoming increasingly competitive. 

 the biggest surprise working at mad city dream homes

The biggest surprise of all

But for a new realtor on our team, their biggest surprise has nothing to do with clients, the market, technology, or competition. Their "big aha" is how much generosity and support they receive from the rest of the team.

We live in a hyper-competitive world, and real estate agents tend to be highly competitive people. Which is what makes working on our team such a unique experience. When you work at Mad City

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As small business owners we have the freedom to choose our values, and then we have the responsibility to live by them. And one of the responsibilities that we are choosing to live by is our belief that we are here to create good jobs for great people.

So, what is a good job? 

Ask ten different people and you'll probably get ten different answers, but for us a good job really comes down to 4 key traits. 

#1: A good job is one where we are encouraged to grow throughout our whole career.

When we choose to lean into our unique talents, and when we commit to daily and lifelong learning, we experience a level of accomplishment that we never imagined possible. We experience amazing, life-changing benefits when we set high standards for ourselves

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We're growing, and we're ready to hire the next person to join our team! Here are ten great reasons why you should consider a career with Mad City Dream Homes.

10 reasons why you should join Mad City Dream Homes

#1: Growth

You have a passion for real estate, you love serving others, and you want to surround yourself with people who are wired in the same way. You want to work in an environment where you are encouraged to grow personally and professionally throughout your whole career -- through coaching, training, and professional development. 

#2: Balance

You want to make a great living, AND you want to enjoy your life away from work. At Mad City Dream Homes, we believe you should be able to take weekends off and have your vacations,

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Technology makes it so easy to connect with friends and family. But there’s something really special about receiving a handwritten note. When we receive a personal note, we feel supported, appreciated, and cared for. The words mean more to us when someone takes time to put pen to paper and share their good wishes with us.  

writing personal notes

Try a 30-day personal note challenge.

If receiving a handwritten note is something you really appreciate, then why not get in the habit of sending personal notes yourself? For the next month, try this daily challenge: Send one personal note each day to a friend or a loved one. Be genuine and generous with your words. Then take time to notice how this habit impacts you and your relationships. If you immerse yourself in this

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It's been another very rewarding year for the agents on our team, all of whom will earn well over six figures in profit in 2021. Five of the 6 realtors who have been with us all year will make well over $150,000, while 3 of 6 will make well over $200,000. The question is, how do they do it?

How to earn $150,000+ on our team

Earning a great living in real estate really boils down to 3 simple steps which have stood the test of time for every agent on our team:

  • Serve your clients, community and team members generously. 
  • Work hard. 
  • And be a professional. 

When you focus on serving, putting in the work, and being a professional, your income will grow predictably over time. Just like it has for every agent on our team. Here's a

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Mad City Dream Homes is hiring! And we have an excellent opportunity available for the agent who consistently applies the right habits. In this real estate careers article we cover the 5 daily habits that are the keys to success on our team. Applying these 5 habits doesn't require any previous real estate experience, and staying true to them offers huge financial benefits which grow like compounding interest.

Agents who embrace these habits can expect to make $125,000 - $175,000 during their second full year on our team. Just as important, the entire team benefits when every agent consistently applies each habit. We all become more creative and more productive when we share the same focus.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

5 keys to success on our real estate team

Apply these

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Our team members are thriving, and it's time to add the next real estate agent to our team! If you are relatively new to the field, here are three proven ways we can help you grow your business and enjoy a rewarding career in real estate.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

Our top 3 sources of business for new agents on our team

#1: Referrals from other team members

Many of us on the team have been working by referral for years, and we need help serving the clients that know us, trust us, and want to work with us. As a new agent on our team, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with new clients as you receive mentoring, training, and support from your team members.

#2: Referrals from your own sphere of influence

When you join our team we will teach you how to

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Are you a new or newer real estate agent seeking a successful career that is sustainable for the long-term? Here are five great reasons to explore a career with Mad City Dream Homes.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

5 reasons to work with Mad City Dream Homes

#1: You receive ongoing mentoring, training and support.

At Mad City Dream Homes, we pair you with a mentor who helps you make a successful transition to real estate and to our team. We also offer weekly coaching sessions, regular team meetings, and training opportunities that help you stay on track with your business plan and your professional growth. 

#2: You build a career that grows from your relationships and reputation.

Throughout your whole career we help you nurture positive relationships with people who

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Real Estate Agent CollaborationIt's been a very competitive market this year involving a lot of long hours and a lot of hard work, so the timing seemed right for a get together with some of our industry peers at the Memorial Union Terrace. When we casually pitched this idea over Facebook, we were amazed by the response. 

In all a couple dozen agents from a few different brokerages gathered for an afternoon of relaxation and collaboration, and it was a great event. We all got to know each other a little better as we openly shared our ideas and philosophies. Many people who attended the event (as well as those who couldn't make it), have said they would love to make this a regular meeting.

Even though we're technically "competitors", we all have a need for connection and

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Most business owners would not choose to go through the trouble of creating and mailing over 1,700 newsletters each month when the world went digital a long time ago. After all, newsletters are time-consuming and costly. And unlike an online ad, they don't provide any measurable boost to the bottom line. 

All of this is true. But over time we have learned that producing a monthly newsletter has become fundamental to the way we do business. Here are three reasons why we're committed to creating an 8-page newsletter month-after-month.

Mad City Dream Homes Newsletter from March, 2021

Real Estate Newsletters

Why we publish a monthly newsletter

For starters, creating a monthly newsletter requires collaboration, commitment, and consistency by all of our team members.

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