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selling a home as a team effortRecently we helped our client sell his family's longtime home on the westside of Madison. This was a unique sale, because our client lived outside of the area, and the home needed some attention before it went on the market. 

So Mad City Dream Homes stepped in as the project manager and oversaw all of the work that would benefit the sale. In all, we contacted and coordinated work with 9 different contractors who worked on projects that included plumbing, electrical, chimney, gutter, landscaping, and a handful of cosmetic updates. 

In the end, our client closed with a fast and full-price offer, thanks in part to the work of so many excellent contractors. 

Whether you need nine contractors for your own home or only one, we're happy to help you make

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One big benefit of being on a multigenerational team is our opportunity to retire gracefully: When it's time for us to retire, we have teammates who are ready to step in and capably serve our clients and friends.

A referral partnership like this is unique and win-win for everyone:

The client wins by working with a group of true professionals. The team wins with each new client it serves. While the retiring agent benefits by receiving referral income well beyond her working years. 

Best of all, the team carries on the retiring agent's tradition of creating goodwill in the community. A tradition that gets passed on to the next generation, and beyond...

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In just the click of a button, a website like Zillow will give you access to all of the latest listings in Dane County. But the thing is, in a fast-moving market like ours, a website like Zillow won't get you into your dream home. 

But a good plan with a skilled agent will. And a good plan always begins with a conversation. A conversation that centers on your goals and a clear set of next steps. 

Call us when you're ready for a conversation. We'd love to help. 

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We’re excited to announce that Amanda Verbrick has joined Mad City Dream Homes! 

Amanda has a unique background that includes real estate sales, real estate operations, and non-profit operations. Prior to working in real estate, Amanda worked for 6 years with the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation.

Amanda brings a wonderful skill set to our team, where she'll be focusing her time on marketing, operations, and helping her clients with their buying and selling goals. When she's not working, Amanda enjoys camping, reading, spending quality time with loved ones, and trying new recipes. 

You can learn much more about Amanda here. 

Amanda Verbrick, REALTOR

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We've worked with many photographers over the years, and we're grateful for our current partnership with two wonderful companies here in Madison:

  • Step Inside Media, owned and operated by Kristine and Derek Marks.
  • And Purple Circle Media operated by Arran Gallagher-Krantz, Alena Gallagher, and Alex Killian.

Both companies are skilled in their craft. Just as important, their focus on communication and personalization is admirable at a time when many other companies are doubling down on automation and standardization. 

Thank you both. We appreciate you and your work!

fall real estate photography

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Most of us who are in real estate are taught early on in our careers how to promote and sell. But the truth is, most of us are tired of selling and tired of being sold to.

A good alternative is to stop selling and start serving. Make helping a habit instead. And keep helping without any regard for compensation. Day after day after day...

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Cash sales in the condo market are occurring much more frequently than in the pre-pandemic market. Through the first 9 months of 2023, a whopping 37 percent of all Dane County condos were purchased without a financing contingency.

A high percentage of cash offers is a clear sign of a competitive market. It's also an indicator of pent-up demand, where the number of buyers exceeds the number of condos for sale in Dane County.

Madison WI Cash Condo Sales Sept 2023

Where will the condo market go from here?

Even though mortgage rates have been rising, we do anticipate strong demand, low supply, and steady price growth for the foreseeable future. Demand will be strong because Dane County continues to be an attractive career and retirement destination, while the condominium

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If you're looking for someone to bring the natural beauty and character back to your hardwood floors, we highly recommend giving Jeff Shunk from Imperial Wood Floors a call. Jeff is the owner/operator who follows through on his commitments and is onsite when the work is done. 

He and his team recently brought this oak flooring back to life for one of our clients, and Jeff's work was a key reason why our clients sold their home quickly and for the full list price. You can call Jeff at 608-274-2821 for your own free estimate. We enthusiastically endorse Jeff for his service, communication, and dedication to his craft. Thank you Jeff! 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Recommendation

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Here's our latest insight into the Madison area condo market, starting out with a look at the latest price trends. 

Dane County condo prices

Madison WI Condo prices

On a year-over-year basis:

  • The price per square foot increased from $206 to $222 (8 percent). 
  • The median price increased from $281,000 to $301,000 (7 percent). 
  • The average price increased from $316,368 to $345,510 (9 percent). 

On a year-to-date basis:

  • The price per square foot increased from $202 to $215 (6 percent). 
  • The median price increased from $267,860 to $300,000 (12 percent). 
  • The average price increased from $299,777 to $333,552 (11 percent). 

New condo listings

New condominium listings continued to enter the market at a slow pace. Only 112 condos were

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