February 2024

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Our review of the MLS home and condo database shows the average Dane County listing sold for .2 percent above the original list price in 2023, while our clients sold for 2.1 percent above the original list.

Mad City Dream Homes Sold to List Price  

Put another way, for the typical $450,000 listing, our sellers net more than $8,500 more toward their bottom line. This is more clear evidence that hiring a professional matters. How your agent prices, stages, markets and negotiates -- all of it matters. Contact us for more info. 

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One of the best ways we can be of service to you is to help you make good decisions. For example:

  • What repairs and updates should you address before selling your home? 

  • Should you enter the market right now or wait for the market to change? 

  • Which lender should you use to finance your purchase?

  • Should you write an offer on this property or keep searching for a better fit?  

Decisions like these often come with big consequences: Problems encountered versus problems avoided. Dollars spent versus dollars invested. And opportunities gained versus opportunities lost. For each decision you face, we're here to help you make the right call. 

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Our numbers from the South Central Wisconsin MLS database show 24% of all Dane County home and condo listings closed with cash offers in 2023, while our team's performance was 44%.

Mad City Dream Homes Cash Offers

It's more clear proof that the fundamentals -- the pricing, staging, marketing, and negotiation -- matter. Here's more info about our home-selling results. 

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Some people believe that it's nearly impossible to buy in this market. But we want you to know that you can achieve your homeownership goals when you have a good plan and the right team supporting you. 

Last year we helped 76 clients buy real estate across South Central Wisconsin, and we can help you and yours prepare for a successful purchase this year, too. When you embrace an action-oriented mindset and chip away at your goals each day, positive change can come your way sooner than you think. 

Call us to get started. We'd love to help. 

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We've run the numbers, and the answer might be a little surprising to you. Our data from the South Central Wisconsin MLS shows 39 percent of all Dane County home and condo listings received multiple offers in 2023. Within our team, 59 percent of all Mad City Dream Homes listings received competing offers. 

Time and time again, we continue to observe more competition leading to higher prices, cleaner offers, and a better return on investment for our clients. For more information, check out our 2023 home-selling results. 

Mad City Dream Homes Multiple Offers

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At Mad City Dream Homes we work with all kinds of clients, including people who have lived in their home for 30, 40 and sometimes even 50 years. For these clients, getting ready to sell can be an emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience. They have so many possessions and memories to sift through, and they need so much support.  

You may have someone in your life who needs special care as they get ready to sell. We want you to know we are well-prepared to serve them. We can flex our resources within our team to give them the support they need, including plenty of personal attention and hands-on help. 

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#1) To what extent do my clients, colleagues and friends see me as someone who is focused on them…or focused on myself?

#2) How can I consistently show up as a positive influence for the people I know?

#3) What are my unique skills and talents? And how can I best apply them within my profession? 

Your answers could help you take your first step in a new direction. 

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According to color consultant, Wendy Broadhead, trends are shifting right now. Here are some of Wendy's favorite splashes from the Benjamin Moore product line. 

Main wall colors

"Main wall colors are stepping further away from the cool grays and the bright whites. Warmer colors like OC-24 Winds Breath, OC-20 Pale Oak, 1548 Classic Gray, 1549 Balboa Mist are being selected." 

2024 Popular Color Balboa Mist

(Balboa Mist from Benjamin Moore -- photo from Benjamin Moore)

Bedrooms, offices and family rooms

"Slightly deeper shades are being used in spaces like bedrooms, offices and family rooms: AF-100 Pashmina, HC-81 Manchester Tan, HC-80 Bleeker Beige and 984 Stone Hearth." 

Benjamin Moore Pashmina

(Pashmina from Benjamin Moore -- photo from Benjamin Moore)

Accents, cabinets, and

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The first big insight: Many of the most productive real estate agents approach their profession as a craft. A craft that they work at each day. Not because they have to, but because they want to. Because their work is rewarding to them and worth the effort. 

The second big insight: Many of these same agents apply their craft as a service to others. And it’s this focus on serving that sustains them over the long run. Having a servant mindset enhances their relationships, their reputation, and the satisfaction that they derive from their career. 

What a wonderful way to approach a vocation. 

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We're always focused on being present with you: 

  • So when you have a question for us, we respond with a prompt and thorough answer. 

  • When you send us a text or an email, we read your entire message and follow up with you appropriately. 

  • And when you call us, we pick up the phone or we call you back real soon. 

And of course we're always up for a conversation. A conversation offers a real opportunity to connect. 

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