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We'd like to offer a quick shout out to Max Woods, who's serving his buyer clients with excellence here in early 2022. Max is a key reason why all of our buyer clients are able to see their favorite properties when they need to see them. He's extremely responsive when questions arise, and he's always eager to help. By exhibiting great teamwork and collaborating with other agents on our team, Max is helping his clients successfully buy their dream home in this year's competitive market.

To learn more about Max and why he loves serving his clients, check out his video on our Mad City Dream Homes YouTube channel. Thank you Max showing up the way you do!

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Many of you are asking about inventory and why is it so low. One way to answer this question is to take a look at an important source of inventory and how it has changed over time. So, here's our quick look at home building dating back to the year 2000. 

New single family homes and duplexes

Right now we have more than 1,000 new homes and duplexes being built each year in Dane County, but this is only about 50% of the volume that occurred during the construction peak in the early 2000s. What's not shown here are the numbers for new construction condominiums. Although we don't have historical data for condos, we know the supply of new construction condos is only a tiny fraction of what it used to be.

Madison WI Housing Starts 2021

Supply is tight, and our population is

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We LOVE helping you create a beautiful listing. When all is said and done, we want you to feel proud of your presentation and feel a sense of excitement when your property makes its splash on the open market. 

Alan Feder's recent listing at the historic Das Kronenberg Condominiums offers an excellent example. Great planning and teamwork were the keys to success for this condo -- which received 7 competitive offers and is selling for an amazing price. 

Das Kronenberg Madison WI

It all began with staging

Alan and Shelley Lazzareschi staged the condo beautifully, which allowed Tracy Kapela to perform her magic with her camera. Tracy also created the floor plan and marketing materials that highlighted the key features of the condominium and the history of the property.

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In 2021 the Mad City Dream Homes team learned more about the initiatives of the local group - Own It. Own It’s mission is to empower, educate and guide Black families in building household wealth through education and real estate homeownership. We do this through advocacy, education, and addressing systemic racism in real estate, banking and financial industries. 

Own It offers families, staff, and alumni at One City Schools education programs and down payment assistance to use towards the purchase of a home.  

OWN IT Building Black Wealth

As real estate professionals we are learning more about how systemic racism is embedded in our industry and how it impacts the wealth gap. Our team is contributing our time and resources to Own It -- Ann Raschein and Samantha Haas are key

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We're still in the middle of the winter season, but 2022 is already proving to be another fast-moving market here in the Madison area. That's why working with the right team of realtors can make all the difference when it comes to buying your dream home in 2022.

How can our team help you buy with confidence in 2022?

1) Availability for showings and offers

When you buy with Mad City Dream Homes, our entire team of agents is here to serve you. This means you won't miss out on viewing a home because your lead agent is unavailable to show it to you. If your primary agent is unavailable when you need to see a property, one of our other full-time professionals will step in to capably assist you. The same goes with writing an offer. As needed, we'll

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Have you ever thought about launching your own business? Would you like to live your life more intentionally by giving back to your community? Perhaps you’d like to build more health and wellness into your daily living? Or maybe you’d like to tap into your creative side? 

Dream Big Live your Dreams

The American Family DreamBank

The American Family DreamBank will help you explore all of these areas of life and much more. The DreamBank offers free, live events that are designed to help you lead a better life. Plus, dozens of recorded events are available on-demand. You can even join a larger community of like-minded people and receive coaching that’s focused on helping you reach your goals. 

The DreamBank is a great example of a company using its resources to benefit the

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This year is already shaping up to be another very active market in the Madison area. Supply is low. Demand is high. And competing offers are occurring more frequently now that we're on the other side of the holidays. Here's our first market update in 2022 covering all of the latest single family home trends in Dane County.

New listings

New MLS listings in 2021 registered the lowest annual total since the year 2000, while the 175 new listings in December was the lowest total on record for the month. A lack of fresh supply is creating a very favorable market for sellers in early 2022.

Madison WI new MLS listings Dec 2021

Accepted offers

Buyers continue to gobble up homes almost as soon as they hit the open market. More listings went under contract in December (261) than

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Working in the world of real estate is full of surprises. With each new client we serve, we're always encountering new situations and new learning opportunities. On top of this the market is always changing. Tools and technologies are constantly evolving. And our field is becoming increasingly competitive. 

 the biggest surprise working at mad city dream homes

The biggest surprise of all

But for a new realtor on our team, their biggest surprise has nothing to do with clients, the market, technology, or competition. Their "big aha" is how much generosity and support they receive from the rest of the team.

We live in a hyper-competitive world, and real estate agents tend to be highly competitive people. Which is what makes working on our team such a unique experience. When you work at Mad City

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As we officially close the books on 2021, we’d like to share with you a few of the key lessons we’ve learned in the last year. Here are 5 of our biggest lessons from 2021 that will shape how we serve you in 2022. 

2021 Lessons Learned

Our 5 big lessons from 2021

We’re all craving connection. As our society opened up again in 2021, it became crystal clear to us just how much we missed our personal interactions with our friends and clients. The pandemic has been such an eye-opener for us. No matter what happens with the pandemic in the years ahead, we’ll always be focused on serving you and connecting with you on a personal level. 

It’s okay to fail. Failures can help us grow when we choose to reflect on our missteps and use them as teaching moments. We’ve

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