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Think about your last trip to buy groceries. If you’re like me, you drove your vehicle for a few minutes to your choice of grocery stores. Perhaps you picked up each piece of produce to inspect if it had any imperfections, and then gently set it aside to opt for one that looked better – ignorant to just how prevalent food waste is in our country. You filled up your cart with more items and your trunk with several bags and got home in time to cook a balanced meal.

Now imagine how that experience might be different if you needed to walk, ride a bike, or take a bus to get groceries instead – especially if it’s raining, snowing, dark out, or you have kids along with you. How many bags can you manage? How much time do you have to make a meal once you get

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Dane County condo prices continue to rise in early 2022, as a large number of buyers compete for a limited supply of condos. Here's our latest update on the Madison area condo market -- updated through the month of February, 2022. 

Dane County condo prices

The condo price per square foot jumped to $187 in February, which was a new record for the month and an increase of 8% year-over-year.

Madison WI Condo Prices Feb 2022

New MLS listings

A low supply of new listings continues to create a friendly market for condo sellers. Only 136 new Dane County condo listings entered the market in February, which was the 6th lowest total for the month dating back to the year 2000.

Dane County condo mls listings Feb 2022

Active listings and months of supply

As of March 22nd, only 101 Madison area condo listings were

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So many buyers are feeling frustrated by this year’s competitive real estate market. But this doesn’t need to be your experience. You can buy your dream home by partnering with our team as we help you overcome two big challenges during your home-buying journey.

How to buy your dream home

Challenge #1: You can’t compete because you have a home sale contingency.

You may be struggling right now because you need to make your offer contingent upon the sale of your current home. If this has been your challenge up to now, we want you to know we now have access to a program that can help you write your offer without a home sale contingency -- even when you have a home to sell.

Challenge #2: You can’t compete with cash offers.

You might also be struggling because you’re

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Dane County single family home prices moved significantly higher in February, as buyers continued to compete for a limited supply of homes. Here's our quick update covering all of the latest trends in the Madison area single family home market. 

New MLS listings

Only 404 single family homes were listed on the MLS in the month of February, which was a 25% decrease from February of 2021 and a record low for the month. 

Madison WI New MLS Listings First 2 Wks of March

When we break the data down into weekly trends, we can see that new listing activity continued along record-low levels during the first two weeks of March. 

Madison WI Listings first 2 weeks of March 2022

Available listings and months of supply

With fewer listings entering the market, only 251 single family home listings were available (without an accepted offer) as

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Maureen Moran Realtor Madison WIAt a time when so many realtors are blending in with the crowd, there are still a few professionals in the world of real estate who remain priceless to their clients. And Maureen Moran is certainly one of them. How is it that so many clients have come to love and appreciate Maureen?

It’s because Maureen is a consummate professional who also genuinely cares about the needs and concerns of her clients.

That’s the only conclusion we come to as we peruse the dozens of online reviews that have been submitted by Maureen’s clientele. Professionalism and personal care are the two constant themes that run throughout her clients’ commentary, the two main ingredients in Maureen's secret sauce.

Are professionalism and personal attention important to you as

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If you're in need of a realtor who will help you transform your home into a beautiful, showcase listing, then Shelley Lazzareschi is your agent. Working alongside the amazing Debbie Lea, Shelley has earned a reputation for generously sharing her staging expertise with her home-selling clients. And just as generous, Shelley shares her expertise with all of us on the Mad City Dream Homes team. 

The results are eye-popping photos like the ones below. And it's photos like these that attract and motivate buyers to write some really sweet offers. Here are just a few of our favorite listing photos from Shelley's home staging portfolio. 

Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

Bedroom Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

Bedroom Staging by Debbie Lea

Dining Room Staged by Shelley Lazzareschi

Downtown Condo Staged by Shelley Lazzareschi

sun room staged by realtor Shelley Lazzareschi

Bathroom Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

Exterior Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

outdoor spaced staged by Shelley Lazzareschi

At Mad City Dream Homes, sharing our expertise is what

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Almost certainly, you can earn a nice return on your investment by selling your home in 2022. But how do you earn an amazing return on your investment? Really, it depends a lot on how much your realtor (or realtor team) invests in you. 

investing in you and your home sale

Three ways a professional invests in you:

1) Investment of time and attention

We’re big believers in taking a proactive approach to your sale, which usually begins a few months before your home hits the market. We do this by helping you stage and prepare your home so it pops for your ideal buyer. We help you understand your market and price your listing to generate immediate traffic. And of course we collaborate with you on a negotiation strategy that rewards you with a wonderful return on your investment.  

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