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Take a stroll or a bike ride around town and you're likely to notice more and more homeowners opting for the beauty and simplicity of native landscapes.

native landscapes

The benefits of native landscapes

Natural landscapes can be low maintenance and very easy to maintain, but they offer a number of other environmental benefits, too. For starters, they require little or no, fertilizers and chemicals. Native plants have extensive root structures that conserve water and prevent erosion and run-off from our yards. And vitally important, native plants provide food and shelter for the insects, pollinators, birds, and other wildlife that share the earth with us. 

How to get started with your own natural yard

Keep in mind you don't need to transform your entire

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We are seeing both change and opportunity at the Mad City Dream Homes team. Ann Raschein has accepted an Executive Director position with the Rockford Family Planning Foundation, a local non-profit organization, and is transitioning out of real estate. Since Ann started her real estate career 9 years ago, she has been involved in community efforts and worked with several non-profit organizations. Now she is following that path.

If you have worked with Ann in the past you know her dedication to her clients. And now those clients and connections have the opportunity to work with other like-minded members of the Mad City Dream Homes team! 

When Ann joined the team more than 3 years ago, she did because she had shared value and vision with the team. So

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We love the ways in which we hear about local nonprofits doing great work in our community. This month’s spotlight is on WayForward Resources, formerly Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM), which provides access to nutritious food for people throughout Dane County and support that helps people stay in their homes in Middleton, Cross Plains, and west Madison.

We first learned about this organization last fall from Shelley Lazzareschi’s client Taylor Rozman, who is the organization’s Housing Stability Director. She informed us that MOM (which was established in 1980 by members of local Middleton churches and transitioned to a community-based nonprofit organization in 2007) would be rebranding as WayForward Resources in 2023. We agreed that it would be

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It's a low inventory market, for sure, but buyers who remain persistent and patient will find more opportunities to purchase in the months ahead. That's because fewer buyers are home-shopping during the second half of the year, and inventory is slowly rising. And we expect this trend to continue into the fall season, as it typically does each year.

Madison WI Inventory August 5 2023

What questions do you have about buying or selling a home in the Madison area? We're always available for a helpful conversation, and we'd love to help you plan for your future.

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Even if you don't know exactly when you're going to sell, right now is an excellent time to capture photos of your yard -- when it's lush and in full bloom. 

Listing Photo of Back Yard Bistro Table

Planning ahead is often a good thing, especially when it comes to real estate. Which is why we're always happy to help you prepare for your future. Months, or even years, before you intend to move.

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Done the right way, many home improvement projects are an investment in your home, not an expense, and it's all about buyer psychology: 

increase your home's value

First, the right projects eliminate buyer objections. For example, think of the purple or pink bedroom. Painting the room a neutral color adds instant value to the home simply by removing a negative. 

Second, the right improvements offer buyers instant gratification. The truth is, many buyers are willing to pay a premium for the home that's move-in-ready and well-maintained. Especially in today's economy, when good contractors can be elusive and expensive. 

Are you ready for a cosmetics consultation for your home? We'd love to help you choose the projects that offer a great return on investment, and connect

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Have you been thinking about becoming more involved with your community? You might think about joining a "friends group" for a city, county or state park.

Friends of Wisconsin Parks

What do friends groups do?

Friends groups steward the land by participating in conservation projects, maintaining trails and habitats, controlling invasives, assisting with research, coordinating fundraisers and educational events, among a variety of other projects. 

Joining a friends group offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with the land and learn more about the natural world in community with other people. And, chances are, there's a park near you that needs your help. 

For more information, and to learn more about volunteer opportunities near you, check out these websites:

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    At Mad City Dream Homes, we're always striving to be a positive influence in the business community and the community at large. And our monthly newsletter is an important part of our goal. With this spirit in mind, if you know someone who might appreciate receiving our monthly mailer, please ask them to contact us. We'd be happy to add them to our list. 

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    We tend to think of our homes as the place where we lay down our roots and raise our family, as a safe space for ourselves and our loved ones -- especially in these post-pandemic times. 

    But what if we allow our minds to wander a little bit and to think of our homes as a place where we build community? A place where we bring people together, break bread, and care for our neighbors. A place where we exchange ideas. A place where we experience connection. 

    It could be as simple as having friends over for coffee, dinner, or a backyard barbeque. Inviting neighbors in who are living by themselves and who may feel lonely. Hosting a book club or a non-profit that is near and dear to our hearts. Making art with another. Or creating a safe space for kids in

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    Dane County condo prices continued to rise in the month of June, and by all measures. Here's our latest condo market update, covering the month of June, 2023. 

    Condo prices

    The condo price per square foot increased to $219, which was an increase of 8% from the $203 per square foot in June of 2022. The median price increased by 13%, and the average price by 15%. 

    Through the first 6 months of the year, the price per square foot, the median, and the average price were up by 7 percent, 13 percent, and 12 percent, respectively. 

     Madison WI Condo Prices June 2023

    New condo listings

    Last summer mortgage rates shot up to nearly 6 percent, and MLS listings have been trending lower ever since. New Dane County condo listings decreased by 21 percent from the number of listings in

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