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dane county dog parksChanging homes can mean so much more than adjusting to a new commute, improving a floor plan or selecting the right schools. Many buyers are also bringing Fido along for the transition. And considering four legged family members means considering recreational areas that are pet friendly.

The Dane County Parks Department is on the forefront of dog park implementation and design. In 1994 it was the first county in the nation to create a dog park program. Since then, it has expanded to include 7 county parks allowing off-leash areas. Dogs are also welcome at all county parks with a leash. "We found out over time, it's not only a benefit for dogs, but for the community as well. Everyone gets exercise and enjoys the outdoors," says Darren Marsh, Dane County

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5 keys to a good market analysisA good market analysis can help you discover your home's value with a high degree of accuracy. We begin every market analysis with a visit to your home. During our visit we tour your house with you in order to gain a good understanding of your property's features and finishes. We take a lot of notes, and we may even take a few pictures (for our eyes only).

We also use our visit as an opportunity to discuss staging and low cost cosmetic improvements. At this stage in the process, we often call on our home stager, who will help you put a game plan in place for preparing your home for sale.

After our visit we head back to our office and complete your market analysis for you. Our analysis covers 6 key areas. These 6 areas are summarized below.

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We recently posted an update on the status of the Madison area condo market. In this post we take a similar view at the latest trends for single family homes. All of our data comes from the South Central Wisconsin MLS, and is updated through March of 2015, unless otherwise noted. Much of the data comes from our sister site, DaneCountyMarket.com. As the data below shows, we're in the throes of a seller's market.

Madison Area Single Family Home Trends - Active Listings

The graph below shows the number of Dane County active single family home listings at the end of every March going back the last 8 years. Active listings have decreased steadily since 2010 and are now more than 36% below the peak. It's important to note that these listings include

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Note from Dan 4/10/2015: This article has been updated to include the latest market statistics from March of 2015.

We recently wrote a short post about the low levels of condo inventory in the Madison area. In this article we'll dig a little deeper to show why the Madison metropolitan area needs more condominiums. We'll take a look at some key condo statistics for the county, city and some of the major condo developments in town. The picture we paint will show more than a tight condo market but a market where there is a clear shortage of condominiums. In this market buyers face some clear challenges, while sellers have never experienced a time of greater opportunity. 

Dane County Condo Trends - Active Listings

Each month we publish the number of

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There is nothing quite like a fresh-picked tomato, or the crunch of a newly harvested sugar snap pea. In just a few short weeks, residents will enjoy fresh, Wisconsin-grown produce again. It's time to think spring. And with spring in Madison, comes the re-opening of numerous farmer's markets. The Dane County Farmer's Market returns to the Capitol Square April 18, and leads the way for a large variety of markets to reopen all over the county. There are more than 50 distinct farmer's markets in the region, with Madison offering at least 9. In many cases, the markets are within walking distance from popular neighborhoods like Hill Farms, Sunset Village and Bay Creek. If you ask the locals, one of the major perks of life in Madison is the abundant supply of

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