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In a previous article we highlighted the incredible work of JustDane’s Healing House, which opened in 2019 to give people experiencing homelessness a place to heal after surgery. Soon, the Madison area will be able to house some of the most vulnerable people in our community during their final stage of life thanks to the efforts of another local nonprofit, Solace Friends, Inc.

The mission of Solace is to provide dying people with a “place of compassionate, safe, comfortable presence and caregiving,” particularly those who are “experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, extreme poverty, mental/emotional health issues, substance abuse disorders, and/or social isolation.” 

Realtor Ann Raschein first learned about this group through her

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While we all know it's important to take care of our physical health, sometimes we forget that our mental health deserves attention, too. They both contribute to our overall well-being, but we’re often more likely to schedule a preventative doctor or dentist visit than make an appointment with a counselor or therapist. 

The last few years have been particularly challenging for people because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which the World Health Organization attributes to a 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide, highlighting the need for more mental health services.

National Alliance on Mental Illness, America's largest grassroots mental health organization, seeks to fight stigma, provide support, educate the public, and

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Our friend, Jim Schumaker, is an amazing photographer. But it hasn’t always been this way. As Jim will tell you, photography was once just a hobby for him. Only over time has he come to view it and practice it as a form of art. Now Jim uses photography as a way to “pay tribute to nature’s beauty” and to “pay homage to our precious planet’s fragility”. 

Jim’s website,, curates many of his photos from his life in Wisconsin and his travels around the world. Check it out, and you’ll be moved by his images that capture the extraordinary beauty of our planet and the wildlife and the people that inhabit it. 

Jim Schumaker - Children

You might also notice from his website that Jim has a history of giving his art away. Over the years Jim has donated

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Our team is excited to once again host Madison artist Lilada Gee at our office, 1619 Monroe St, Madison, for Spring Gallery Night from 5-9 p.m. Friday, May 6th! The theme of her exhibit is a “Celebration of Black Girlhood.” 

Lilada writes, “Join me in celebrating the beauty of Black girlhood! EVERY girl who attends my Spring Gallery Night exhibit will get a piece of her own art to take home. Bring your girl out for a night of inspiration. Great food. Great company! And great art that celebrates amazing Black girls will be available in many forms for the girl in your life or to donate to inspire joy in a girl who needs a smile put on her face!”

We enjoyed seeing so many of you for Fall Gallery Night in November, and we hope you’ll stop by to meet

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Can you see yourself living in your home for years or even decades to come? Or are you still in search of your forever home? According to statistics from the AARP, more than 90% of people over the age of 65 would prefer to stay in their current home the rest of their lives. By 2030, a fifth of the population will be in that age range. “Aging in place” has many benefits, including treasuring the memories and possessions you’ve accumulated at your home and staying connected to your community, friends, and familiar surroundings. Saving money and maintaining a sense of independence as long as possible are also key factors in this decision.  

So, what happens if someone wishes to remain at home but can no longer drive, doesn’t have family nearby, or could

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Think about your last trip to buy groceries. If you’re like me, you drove your vehicle for a few minutes to your choice of grocery stores. Perhaps you picked up each piece of produce to inspect if it had any imperfections, and then gently set it aside to opt for one that looked better – ignorant to just how prevalent food waste is in our country. You filled up your cart with more items and your trunk with several bags and got home in time to cook a balanced meal.

Now imagine how that experience might be different if you needed to walk, ride a bike, or take a bus to get groceries instead – especially if it’s raining, snowing, dark out, or you have kids along with you. How many bags can you manage? How much time do you have to make a meal once you get

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In 2021 the Mad City Dream Homes team learned more about the initiatives of the local group - Own It. Own It’s mission is to empower, educate and guide Black families in building household wealth through education and real estate homeownership. We do this through advocacy, education, and addressing systemic racism in real estate, banking and financial industries. 

Own It offers families, staff, and alumni at One City Schools education programs and down payment assistance to use towards the purchase of a home.  

OWN IT Building Black Wealth

As real estate professionals we are learning more about how systemic racism is embedded in our industry and how it impacts the wealth gap. Our team is contributing our time and resources to Own It -- Ann Raschein and Samantha Haas are key

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Have you been thinking of donating your time, talent or money to an initiative that's near and dear to your heart? There are so many committed organizations that are tackling important issues in the Madison area, and they need our support. Below we've highlighted just a few of the organizations that our team members are actively supporting right now. Perhaps one of these local community groups, or one with a similar mission, will inspire you to get involved in 2022? 

getting involved in the Madison community

12 local organizations receiving our support

Defending Black Girlhood


Home Buyers Round Table


Foundation for Dane County Parks

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As we turn the page on 2021 and get ready for 2022, many of us are working on our goals for the new year. And for most of us, our goals usually fall into one of a few different categories. For example:

  • family and relationships
  • health and well being
  • financial health
  • and career-related goals

Another goal area that many of us are exploring right now is the area of community service. But with so many community service paths to consider, it can be hard to know where to begin. 

If you're feeling a little unsure about how to begin yourself, we have an exercise for you that will help you get started with your service journey. With this simple exercise you'll be able to choose your path by reflecting on 3 simple questions. 

Community Service in Madison WI


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What started as a Kiwanis Club service project in the 1950s to support young people has grown into the largest neighborhood center for all ages in Madison. The Goodman Community Center has been serving the community -- predominantly those living on the northeast side of the city -- for the last 70 years. Through the connected values of integrity, respect, caring, equity, and trust, Goodman’s mission is to strengthen lives and secure futures. 

“The way I think about that is helping folks in the here and now and setting folks up for long-term success as well,” said Jon Lica, Director of Corporate & Community Relations. Programs range from urgent services such as the food pantry to those that “help young folks build themselves into the adults they

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