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You have probably seen a No Mow May sign in your neighborhood and maybe you have heard some debate over the pros and cons of waiting until late spring to mow. Our intent is not to join in on the debate but to break down some of the options and the theories behind the movement of changing mowing behaviors and providing a better habitat for bees. says that No Mow May is a gateway to understanding how we share our lawns with small creatures. Spring is a crucial time for emerging native bees. When we allow lawns to grow longer and let flowers bloom our lawn can provide nectar and pollen for bees to thrive! 

Here are 3 options to consider:

  • No Mow: Don’t mow for the month of May.  

  • Low Mow: Mow twice a month instead of

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For the second straight year, Livability has named the city of Madison as the #1 place to live in America. No doubt, Madison's reputation for being a great place to live, work and recreate is spreading far and wide. 

Number One Place to Live in America - Madison WI

Which lead us to 4 important questions

#1: In this age of worker mobility, how many people from across the country are viewing the Livability rankings right now and considering a move to Madison?

#2: How many retirees, who could choose to live anywhere, are putting Dane County at the top of their list?

#3: And how many out-of-state investors, who are flush with cash, are wondering how they, too, can get in on the action?

#4: And last, when it comes to climate change, how many people from the west and southwestern parts of

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The word on the street is that Epic Systems has big plans to keep growing. We're hearing that Epic has designs to grow from roughly 11,000 employees right now to 20,000 employees by the year 2030. If these plans do materialize, Epic's growth trajectory will have a huge impact on our local real estate market for decades to come.

the word on the street in madison wi

Our local housing supply is already low, with just over 1,000 single family homes being built annually in Dane County. With Epic's continued growth, the Epic employee base will be absorbing a big portion of those thousand homes being built each year.

Which is one more reason why we believe Dane County will continue to be an ideal place to build wealth through real estate. Our county is currently the fastest growing region

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Have you ever thought about launching your own business? Would you like to live your life more intentionally by giving back to your community? Perhaps you’d like to build more health and wellness into your daily living? Or maybe you’d like to tap into your creative side? 

Dream Big Live your Dreams

The American Family DreamBank

The American Family DreamBank will help you explore all of these areas of life and much more. The DreamBank offers free, live events that are designed to help you lead a better life. Plus, dozens of recorded events are available on-demand. You can even join a larger community of like-minded people and receive coaching that’s focused on helping you reach your goals. 

The DreamBank is a great example of a company using its resources to benefit the

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As we officially close the books on 2021, we’d like to share with you a few of the key lessons we’ve learned in the last year. Here are 5 of our biggest lessons from 2021 that will shape how we serve you in 2022. 

2021 Lessons Learned

Our 5 big lessons from 2021

We’re all craving connection. As our society opened up again in 2021, it became crystal clear to us just how much we missed our personal interactions with our friends and clients. The pandemic has been such an eye-opener for us. No matter what happens with the pandemic in the years ahead, we’ll always be focused on serving you and connecting with you on a personal level. 

It’s okay to fail. Failures can help us grow when we choose to reflect on our missteps and use them as teaching moments. We’ve

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Do you have a favorite realtor that you'd love to tell the world about? Now we have a simple video testimonial tool that helps you share a quick story about your Mad City Dream Homes agent and how they went above and beyond to serve you. If you'd like to create a short testimonial, just reach out to your preferred agent to get started.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

Your referrals and reviews mean the world to us

Of course, they help us connect with people who are in need of a trusted agent. In the bigger picture your referrals and reviews are a validation of our contribution mindset. They're proof that we don't need to default to traditional marketing tactics in order to grow our business. Instead, we can choose to grow more intentionally by focusing on community and

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Earlier this year, CBS Morning News aired a feature story on how some people are choosing to move away from their hometowns that are impacted by heat, drought, wildfires, hurricanes, or rising sea levels.  

The story referred to people who relocate for climate reasons as "climate refugees" who are in search of their own "climate haven". According to one source in this story, the climate havens in the United States are located in the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes Region.

The city of Madison was specifically mentioned as a climate haven because it is relatively free from natural disasters. It was also noted as a desirable place to live due to its reputation for having good schools, good healthcare, an abundance of outdoor and recreational

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This is a question we've been asking ourselves a lot over the last few years. And the answer we keep coming back to, time after time, is community.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

As realtors, we are out in the field each day, serving our clients, meeting new people, and interacting with other business owners. We've come to realize that simply by doing our jobs each day we have the potential to exert a tremendous amount of influence in our community.

In the big picture, we believe we can use our influence to help thousands of neighbors and business owners invest in making Dane County a better place to live, work, and recreate. If we can accomplish this, then our influence will be far-reaching. 

Our focus on community

Our focus on community continues to evolve, but we'd

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We recently shared with you our recommendations for Kristi Bertelson and Cody Helmer -- two local business owners we know and trust. Luis Rios is another local contractor we've grown to appreciate over the last few years. He's helped many of us on the team -- and many of our clients -- with valuable work that many other contractors aren't interested in providing. For example, Luis has helped us with lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, leaf raking, mulch spreading, weeding, brush removal, and the removal of fallen tree limbs.

Rios Home and Lawn Care Madison WI

In addition to his yard care services, Luis also helps his customers with painting and light handyman projects inside the home, too. 

We've learned over time that Luis is a friendly, hard-working and reliable person. In many cases

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We recently shared with you our highest recommendation for Cody Helmer, a local home construction and renovation contractor we know and trust. Another local business owner we've grown to appreciate is Kristi Bertelson, owner of the Inspired Design Team in Monona. 

Kristi Bertelson Inspired Design

Our experience working with Kristi

Kristi recently worked with our team to help us design our office space on Monroe Street. When we started our project, our office suite was filled with pink carpet, dark paneled wood, and a choppy floor plan which limited the functionality and desirability of the space. Thanks to Kristi, our office suite is now an open, functional, warm, and inviting space -- which makes showing up for work each day a pleasure on Monroe Street!

We enjoyed working

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