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Over time experience has taught us that a successful sale is very often the result of 5 different experts coming together in support of the seller's goals. 

5 Experts for the Home Seller

(Photo by Step Inside Media)

The 5 experts

The first two experts are the professional painter and the professional handyman. The painter and the handyman create value by eliminating common buyer objections, and by addressing a few low-cost/high-impact updates. It's amazing what new cabinet hardware, a few new light fixtures, and a fresh coat of the right paint can do for a home. Very often it's the simple updates like these that create tens of thousands of dollars of value for the client. 

The third expert is the professional stager. The stager shares her guidance with the painter and

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Most of the popular real estate websites have home valuation tools that can be interesting and fun to interact with. In the matter of a few seconds, we can find our home online, and see how our home's value is changing from month-to-month.  

But usually these online valuations are a gross approximation of the market, not a true reflection of it. 

Take this Madison area property, for instance. According to one popular website, this home's market value increased by almost $140,000 in a single day. This happened because the home was listed for sale on May 1st at a price that was much higher than the website's estimated value. So when the home hit the market, the website automatically updated its value based on the list price of the home. 

This is

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We continue to be blown away by the work of Stephen Meyer and Phenomenal Carpet Care. Stephen is one of those rare people who approaches his work as a craft, someone who truly takes pride in his work. 

Here's one example from a recent client. 

Phenomenal Carpet Care Example

If you're getting ready to sell your home, cleaning your carpets is a smart choice that always more than pays for itself. Visit to get started. 

And a quick reminder: Please reach out to us whenever you need help finding reputable contractors for your home improvement projects. We're always happy to help you make the right connection. 

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When you fully market your home and expose your listing to the entire market, you reap the benefits of competition. As an example, during the first four months of 2024, we have a large group of sellers who are accepting offers from 5 percent to as much 26 percent over the list price, with two homes selling for more than $100,000 above the list. 

The bottom line: Sometimes there are good reasons to consider a "quiet sale". But if your primary objective is to maximize your return on investment, then marketing your home to all potential buyers is the clear choice. 

Mad City Dream Homes accepted offers over the list (January 1st - April 30th)

  • Property 1: 5%
  • Property 2: 6%
  • Property 3: 8% 
  • Property 4: 8%
  • Property 5: 10%
  • Property 6:
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We've worked with many photographers over the years, and we're grateful for our current partnership with Step Inside Media, owned and operated by Kristine and Derek Marks. 

The Step Inside photographers are skilled in their craft. Just as important, their focus on communication and personalization is admirable at a time when many other companies are doubling down on automation and standardization. 

Thank you Step Inside for your approach to customer service. We appreciate you and your work! 

Madison WI Real Estate Photos

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Seventeen years ago Chris helped her friends Dede and Dave buy their dream home in Fitchburg. And seventeen years later we're grateful to be helping Dede and Dave again as they prepare to move to their new dream home for their next season of life. 

Thank you to all of you who continue to trust us with your real estate needs. We appreciate each and every opportunity to serve. 

Dream Home in Fitchburg

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If you're a buyer, you love a quiet sale because with a quiet sale you don't need to compete. 

As a seller, you might choose a private sale if you'd prefer to sell your home to someone you know, or if you want the simplicity of working with only one buyer. 

BUT, if your primary goal is to maximize your return on investment, then fully marketing your home and exposing it to the entire market is the clear choice. Here's why. 

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One clear sign of someone who's devoted to their craft is their willingness to do the inconvenient thing. Not because they have something to gain by doing it. But because it's worth it to them. Because in their mind doing the inconvenient thing is the right thing to do. 

For example: 

  • The crossing guard who greets each kid with a hello and a smile. 
  • The teacher who works everyday to build community in the classroom and make learning fun. 
  • The doctor who attends to her patients with kindness, empathy and patience --  knowing that her patients may be worried or concerned.  
  • And in real estate, the agent who helps her clients solve problems, and stay focused and positive, when they encounter a setback.

For some

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One of the very best ways we can be of service to you is to give your home the time and attention it needs well before the for sale sign goes up in your yard. By focusing on the fundamentals of staging, we're able to create results like these that bring more showings, more offers, and a better return on investment to your sale. 

Mad City Dream Homes Staging

Are you looking for some sound advice on how you can best prepare for your upcoming sale? Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to share our thoughts and recommendations with you. 

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We'd like to pass along that we continue to receive excellent feedback from our clients about Gorilla Movers, Above Average Moving, and A1 Movers. All three of these companies are easy to schedule and easy to work with -- and their crews take care of your precious cargo. 

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