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Our friends Lynn and Paul were excited for their next stage in life. They had just put in an offer on their new dream home, and they were eager to enjoy lake living and the warmer temps down south. But they had 25 years of family possessions to sort through, and they needed guidance on how to make their home sale and their move to this beautiful new setting happen.

Moving to Your Dream Home

How it all came together

So Dan paid Lynn and Paul a visit, and together they created a plan and quickly sprang into action. First, Dan completed his market analysis and customized his marketing plan for the home. Then he connected Paul and Lynn with Debbie Lea and Shelley Lazzareschi to begin the staging process. Grant Priehs was called upon to address a few cosmetic updates, and A1

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We often talk about the power of staging and the value that we put on making homes picture-ready! But sometimes it just isn’t possible to leave furniture and other decor in a property for the sale. In these situations we often utilize virtual staging, which involves adding these items into a digital photograph using a computer program. 

Our very own photographer and graphic designer, Tracy Kapela, uses her expertise and keen eye for detail to help prospective buyers visualize what a home could look like if it was occupied, in a very stylish way. 

Check out the difference in this before and after photo -- from stark to spectacular!

We upload the vacant photos next to the virtually staged images to give buyers both perspectives when

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Maureen Moran Realtor Madison WIAt a time when so many realtors are blending in with the crowd, there are still a few professionals in the world of real estate who remain priceless to their clients. And Maureen Moran is certainly one of them. How is it that so many clients have come to love and appreciate Maureen?

It’s because Maureen is a consummate professional who also genuinely cares about the needs and concerns of her clients.

That’s the only conclusion we come to as we peruse the dozens of online reviews that have been submitted by Maureen’s clientele. Professionalism and personal care are the two constant themes that run throughout her clients’ commentary, the two main ingredients in Maureen's secret sauce.

Are professionalism and personal attention important to you as

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If you're in need of a realtor who will help you transform your home into a beautiful, showcase listing, then Shelley Lazzareschi is your agent. Working alongside the amazing Debbie Lea, Shelley has earned a reputation for generously sharing her staging expertise with her home-selling clients. And just as generous, Shelley shares her expertise with all of us on the Mad City Dream Homes team. 

The results are eye-popping photos like the ones below. And it's photos like these that attract and motivate buyers to write some really sweet offers. Here are just a few of our favorite listing photos from Shelley's home staging portfolio. 

Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

Bedroom Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

Bedroom Staging by Debbie Lea

Dining Room Staged by Shelley Lazzareschi

Downtown Condo Staged by Shelley Lazzareschi

sun room staged by realtor Shelley Lazzareschi

Bathroom Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

Exterior Staging by Shelley Lazzareschi

outdoor spaced staged by Shelley Lazzareschi

At Mad City Dream Homes, sharing our expertise is what

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Almost certainly, you can earn a nice return on your investment by selling your home in 2022. But how do you earn an amazing return on your investment? Really, it depends a lot on how much your realtor (or realtor team) invests in you. 

investing in you and your home sale

Three ways a professional invests in you:

1) Investment of time and attention

We’re big believers in taking a proactive approach to your sale, which usually begins a few months before your home hits the market. We do this by helping you stage and prepare your home so it pops for your ideal buyer. We help you understand your market and price your listing to generate immediate traffic. And of course we collaborate with you on a negotiation strategy that rewards you with a wonderful return on your investment.  

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The number of real estate agents is sky-rocketing in Wisconsin. According to the National Association of Realtors, realtor membership in our state has grown by 43% over the last 9 years. With just over 90,000 sales in the state last year, this means there were about 5 sales per agent in 2021. 

sea of real estate agents

Putting the numbers in perspective 

While the average realtor serves about 5 clients in a year, our team members averaged 25 clients served in 2021.

Does serving more people necessarily correlate with providing better service? We don't think so. But if you were to ask any member of our team, they would tell you that serving more clients comes directly from our full-time commitment to our profession. In other words, because we're fully-committed to our

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Amazing things happen for our clients when everyone does their part to contribute to a successful sale, and Chris Venden's recent listing in Fitchburg offers another excellent example.

5229 Dommers Drive for Sale

It all began with the right plan.

Chris's customized marketing plan included professional staging by Debbie Lea, professional photography and aerial photography, and professional video and aerial video -- among many other elements. Then Tracy Kapela from our marketing team contributed the floor plan and home brochure. When the home hit the market, Chris's plan worked to perfection, attracting multiple offers, and one buyer in particular who was willing to write a very clean offer and for an incredible price. 

Do you have high expectations for your home or condo

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We LOVE helping you create a beautiful listing. When all is said and done, we want you to feel proud of your presentation and feel a sense of excitement when your property makes its splash on the open market. 

Alan Feder's recent listing at the historic Das Kronenberg Condominiums offers an excellent example. Great planning and teamwork were the keys to success for this condo -- which received 7 competitive offers and is selling for an amazing price. 

Das Kronenberg Madison WI

It all began with staging

Alan and Shelley Lazzareschi staged the condo beautifully, which allowed Tracy Kapela to perform her magic with her camera. Tracy also created the floor plan and marketing materials that highlighted the key features of the condominium and the history of the property.

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Would you trust your realtor enough to give them the keys to your home and have them manage every aspect of your sale for you? This is what many of our clients ask us to do when they're in need of extra care and support. For example: 

Maureen Moran

The owner of this westside home accepted a solid offer after receiving 14 in total. But for nearly a year leading up to the sale, Maureen Moran was in constant contact with the seller, guiding him through his down-sizing efforts and helping him address important repairs. With over 30 years of memories in his home, Mr Seller relied on Maureen for her constant, ongoing support as he prepared his home for the market. 

Madison West Side Contemporary Home for Sale

Dan Miller

For this near west side sale, Mr Seller had already relocated to

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If you're planning to sell your home in 2022, one of the best things you can do prior to putting your home up for sale is complete the painting projects that will make your home shine when it hits the market. Based on our experience, painting a home is an inexpensive investment compared to most other projects, and it always benefits the sale.

Of course, who you hire for your painting work can make all the difference. If you're in need of a reputable painting company, we recommend giving Five Star Painting a call. We've been receiving a lot of great feedback from our clients, our team members, and our stager about their professional and reliable staff. And everyone reports that the quality of their work and communication have been excellent.

5 Star Painting Madison WI

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