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You can stage your home before you place the for sale sign in the yard, or you can stage it virtually like the owners of this home. 

virtual staging by Mad City Dream Homes

Virtual staging offers an excellent way to showcase your home if it's vacant or sparsely furnished. Of course you can stage your vacant home with real furniture and real art, too.

What makes the most sense for your home? Contact us for your own staging consultation. We're always ready and available to help.   

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How can you dramatically increase your home's value, and without breaking the bank? Usually, the answer involves low-cost, high-impact projects like paint, flooring, and light fixtures.

Take, for example, this home. Its beauty and character really shine through now that our clients have exposed the hardwood floors, swapped out a few light fixtures, and applied a little touch-up paint. 

cosmetic updates - before and after

Are you looking for some low-cost ways to update your own home? 

Contact us for your own complimentary consultation. We'd love to visit you at your home and share our tips and advice -- and connect you with reputable and reasonably-priced contractors, too.  

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Each new client we meet is an opportunity to serve, and our recent sale in Middleton was the perfect example. 

Elbow Grease Condo Sale

Our clients, who lived two hours away, needed guidance and support as they prepared their condo for the market. So Mad City Dream Homes stepped in as project managers and oversaw the entire process.

Our list of projects included plumbing work, painting, flooring, lighting, carpet cleaning, HVAC replacement, window repair, and various small repairs throughout the condo. And in the end, all of the preparation and attention to detail was worth it. Our clients were elated to accept an offer for $11,000 above the list. 

We're glad we were there to serve our clients in their time of need, and we're here to serve you and yours when you need

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Getting ready to sell? Here are ten potential projects that you should always consider as you prepare your home for the market. All of these are low-cost, high-impact projects that consistently provide a good return on investment. 

home prep checklist

10 projects to evaluate as you prepare your home for the market

#1: Painting

#2: Light fixtures

#3: Flooring 

#4: Cabinet hardware

#5: Window treatments 

#6: Staging 

#7: Cleaning 

#8: Mulching 

#9: Weeding and trimming

#10: Power washing exterior surfaces 

What questions do you have about selling in today's market? 

Call us when you're ready for a helpful conversation. We're here to address all of your questions and concerns and help you prepare for your next big move. 

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Done the right way, the best home improvement projects offer a 300 to 500 percent return on investment, and with relatively little up-front cost. This has been our experience, over and over again, with dozens and dozens of clients. 

the best home updates

Which projects offer the biggest impact?

Usually it's the simple, low-cost projects like painting, flooring, lighting, window treatments, and cabinet hardware. Then add in a little staging and a little art, and you'll feel like you live in a brand new home. 

Would you like a complimentary cosmetics consultation for your own home? We'd love to be a resource for you and help you make the most of your investment. Just contact your preferred Mad City Dream Homes realtor to schedule your own consultation. 

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We live in an anxious world where the future often feels uncertain. So it's only natural that you will feel some anxiety, too, when you make the decision to buy or sell. After all, you are bound to have some high stakes questions. 

On the buying side

Will interest rates go up or down from here? 

Will you find the type of home that you're looking for? 

If you do find the right home, how much will it cost you? 

On the selling side 

How much work will you need to put into your sale? 

And what will be your return on investment? 

At Mad City Dream Homes, we understand the prospect of buying or selling a home can feel overwhelming. Which is why we're always focused on giving you all of the time and attention you need throughout your real

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Even if you don't know exactly when you're going to sell, right now is an excellent time to capture photos of your yard -- when it's lush and in full bloom. 

Listing Photo of Back Yard Bistro Table

Planning ahead is often a good thing, especially when it comes to real estate. Which is why we're always happy to help you prepare for your future. Months, or even years, before you intend to move.

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Done the right way, many home improvement projects are an investment in your home, not an expense, and it's all about buyer psychology: 

increase your home's value

First, the right projects eliminate buyer objections. For example, think of the purple or pink bedroom. Painting the room a neutral color adds instant value to the home simply by removing a negative. 

Second, the right improvements offer buyers instant gratification. The truth is, many buyers are willing to pay a premium for the home that's move-in-ready and well-maintained. Especially in today's economy, when good contractors can be elusive and expensive. 

Are you ready for a cosmetics consultation for your home? We'd love to help you choose the projects that offer a great return on investment, and connect

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Recently we've had two friends work with Jimmie Copus from Lawn Arts Landscaping, and both friends have been very impressed with Jimmie and his work. Jimmie is available to work on virtually any aspect of your yard or lawn. His list of services includes landscaping, mulching, tree and bush trimming, spring and fall yard clean-ups, lawn mowing, and ongoing lawn care. 

Jimmie offers reasonable rates and he's easy to work with. For more information, we encourage you to call Jimmie at 608-205-7073

landscaper recommendation

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