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If you've been thinking about a new look for your kitchen, you've probably been thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets. Our team recently met with local business owner Dale Tomalin, who showed us a more cost-effective approach than replacement, and we were impressed by the finished product. 

Dale is the franchise owner of Spray-Net of Southern Wisconsin, creators of a painting technology that is flexible enough to avoid cracking, hard enough to avoid chipping, and smooth enough for washing. Dale's product transforms old kitchen cabinets by giving them a brand new, factory finish look. His work also comes with a 15-year transferable warranty. 

For more information, you can check out Dale's reviews on his Google Business Page. And for a

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If you do a Google search to learn more about the housing market, these are some of the headlines and articles that you will find: 

  • Home prices are finally declining…
  • Home prices just broke a decade-long streak…
  • Housing Market: Home Prices Post First Yearly Decrease In 11 Years…

Once you get past the headline you might see details similar to what was posted on  

"Regionally, prices fell more from a year ago in the West (down 5.6%) and Northeast (down 4.5%), where housing is more expensive. But prices were still climbing from last year in the South (up 2.7%) and the Midwest (up 5%)."

It is important to look past the headlines and talk to local experts. Prices are not declining in Dane County. Our latest market update shows

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Most of our home and condo selling clients start working with us several months, and sometimes several years, before the for sale sign is posted in the ground. Very often this means we're helping our clients identify the simple cosmetic projects that add real value to their home. For example: choosing paint colors and painting projects, installing new light fixtures and new cabinet hardware, and installing new flooring -- to name a few. 

Mad City Dream Homes Cosmetic Updates

But sometimes, due to challenging circumstances, our clients need an extraordinary amount of support, and we assume the role of general contractor. This was the case for our clients, Luke and Pat, who gave us the keys to their home and an $11,000 budget to address a few cosmetic updates. Ann and Dan stepped in as

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Sometimes, due to challenging circumstances, our home-selling clients need an extraordinary amount of support, and we step up to be their project manager. In these cases we're contacting contractors and obtaining estimates. We're scheduling projects and managing timelines. And we're keeping our clients up-to-date on the status of their work. 

your realtor as your general contractor

This recent condo project on the westside of Madison is the perfect example. By investing $15,000 into paint, flooring, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and a few other cosmetic updates, our seller has been able to improve their condo's market value by more than $50,000. Mad City Dream Homes has been a reliable resource throughout -- offering guidance on worthwhile projects, lining up contractors, and

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We'd like to thank our clients, Jerry and Carolyn, for entrusting their home with us while they were away on an extended vacation. Before they left for their trip, Jerry and Carolyn gave us their keys and asked us to sell their home before their return from the West Coast. 

Realtors you can Trust

While they were away

We worked with two of our preferred contractors to complete a few painting projects, change out a few light fixtures, and update cabinet hardware throughout the home. Then we staged the home and launched our marketing, which resulted in a steady stream of showings and 4 very strong offers. In the end, Carolyn and Jerry were elated to accept an offer for well above the list price and with a closing date that was timed perfectly for their upcoming move. 

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Who's selling? 

Right now we're seeing most of our sales centered around major life changes. Changes like downsizing into a smaller home and relocating to a new city. And unfortunately, events like death and divorce, too. 

And who's not selling? 

We aren't seeing as many "move-up" sellers as we have in the past. These are the people who are outgrowing their current home and wanting to move up to a larger one. We're learning that many of these folks are choosing to stay put for now, as they consider the impact of higher mortgage rates on their monthly budget.

What's your motivation to sell?

And what questions do you have about the market? Our team is always available for an open and honest conversation, and never with any sales pressure or

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Owning a home is about more than having a place to live. It’s an investment, too. And at Mad City Dream Homes we are here to help you make smart decisions when it comes to your real estate investment.

Mad City Dream Homes Realtor Team

For example

We are here to help you choose the home improvement projects that will provide the best return on investment, and help you select the right contractors, too. 

We're here to advise you as to whether or not you should buy an individual property, and share our opinion on its resale value. 

And of course, as students of the market, we're always available to share our perspective on all of the latest trends in Dane County.

So, whenever you have any financial concerns about any aspect of real estate, we invite you to please reach out

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How did the stock market perform compared to the Dane County real estate market in 2022? This chart says it all. 

The stock market vs Dane County real estate in 2022

And where will the market go from here?

Based on what we see in the market right now, we're predicting another year of strong real estate prices here in Dane County. For more information, we invite you to check out our 2023 predictions, where we cover many of the current trends in the Madison area. Or talk to your preferred Mad City Dream Homes realtor. We're always available to talk about your future, and the future of real estate, too. 

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It's time for a big shout out to our clients, LeAnn and Roger, who just sold their Madison home for $620,000 after paying $550,000 for it just over a year ago. That's 13% more than their original investment. Not bad at all for the cold month of January. 

Mad City Dream Homes Listing Photos

The keys to success? Here are a few insights:

#1) Smart cosmetic updates

A little fresh paint, some new cabinet hardware, and a few new light fixtures -- all based  on the recommendations of the Mad City Dream Homes team. Mad City Dream Homes provided the contractor recommendation, too. 

#2) Professional staging

Thanks to the artistry of Debbie Lea and Shelley Lazzareschi, LeAnn and Roger's home stood out as a showcase listing and attracted a tremendous amount of traffic during the

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Designer and color consultant, Wendy Broadhead, has been working in the home decor field for over 25 years, so she has a lot to offer on this topic. According to Wendy:

"Selecting your main home color can be daunting, but getting the right color makes everything else just fall into place. Whites and Off-Whites are so versatile, looking elegant and classic or rustic and relaxed."

Hot Color for 2023 - Swiss Coffee

(Swiss Coffee from Benjamin Moore -- photo from Benjamin Moore)

Choosing the right colors

Before you take on any large scale painting projects, Wendy recommends choosing your main color first. Some of her favorite colors include Benjamin Moore colors Simply White (OC-117, soft, slightly creamy), Swiss Coffee (OC-45, a touch of warm gray), and Chantilly Lace (OC-65,

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