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No doubt, there is some fear in the world of real estate right now: Fear about world events. Fear about inflation. And fear about higher interest rates, to name a few.

And because we're human, that fear can cause us to hesitate and put our dreams on hold. But on the flip side of fear, is opportunity. And the market does offer some real opportunities for those of us who are are able to hold onto our aspirations and keep working on our real estate goals.

crisis vs opportunity in real estate

For example

If you've been frustrated by a lack of supply, selection is improving...And you have opportunity.

If you haven't been able to compete, competition is decreasing...And you have opportunity.

If you need to sell in order to buy, home sale contingencies are back...And you have

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At Mad City Dream Homes, we're now offering an annual Home Equity Checkup to all of our friends who have owned their home, condo or investment property for a year or more. You can think of this as similar to the annual meeting that you would have with your financial advisor.

Annual Home Equity Review - Mad City Dream Homes

During our meeting we'll cover all of the following:

  • Your home's current market value and your current equity position.
  • Where we see the market going in the year ahead.
  • Low-cost home improvement projects that will substantially increase your home's value.
  • Reputable contractors who can help you with your projects around your home and yard.
  • And any questions that you have about the world of real estate.

We're not trying to sell you anything, just offer

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Lately we've been noticing a lot of 12-month listing contracts in the Madison area, but we would generally advise you not to sign such a long listing agreement. If your listing agent is pushing you to sign a year-long contract, then that's a sign that they're not feeling confident in their ability to sell your home. And the last thing you want is to be locked into a long contract while your home sits on the market. 

A much more reasonable time period is 2 to 6 months. Assuming you and your agent have a solid plan and a good working relationship, a few weeks to a few months should give you all the time you need to experience a successful sale.

We're always available to meet with you and help you plan for a successful sale. Just reach out to your

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Here's a recent case study that shows how two different philosophies (investing versus cost-cutting) can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

The scenario

Two homes, in the same location, with virtually the same assessed value, listed at the exact same time. The home on the left was listed by Mad City Dream Homes. The home on the right was listed by a limited service brokerage.

Mad City Dream Homes vs Limited Service - The Scenario

The process

Our clients chose to invest in their sale by focusing on the fundamentals of proper pricing, comprehensive marketing, and professional staging. We also helped our clients implement a few light cosmetic touches (fresh paint and new light fixtures) which offered a significant return on investment. 

MCDH vs Limited Service - The Process

The results

The sellers who hired the limited

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As we return to a more balanced market, the art of negotiation is making its return, too. And it has been a long time coming. For the last three years, so many buyers have felt like they were at the mercy of sellers, where virtually every aspect of the offer to purchase was about buyers giving and sellers taking. But now, with the market mellowing, many buyers and sellers are realizing that they are on a much more level playing field when it comes time to negotiate. 

the art of real estate negotiation

Now all of these terms are open for negotiation once again:

The price.

The inspection.

The appraisal. 

The home sale contingency.

And a host of other contingencies, too.  

Do you need help negotiating our changing market? 

Reach out to your preferred Mad City Dream

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Do you need help with cosmetic updates and work around your yard and house? Here are 5 contractors who are serving our clients with excellence in 2022.

Rios Home and Lawn Care Madison WI

Luis Rios Yard Care (262-844-1768)

Luis does any type of yardwork you need in the spring, summer, and fall. This includes lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, leaf raking, mulch spreading, weeding, brush removal, and the removal of fallen tree limbs. Luis is also available for light home repair and painting projects. 

Hellenbrand Painting (608-220-8222)

We're receiving excellent feedback from our clients about Dennis and his crew. They've taken on some challenging projects this year and have completed all of them with skill and care. 

Wendy Broadhead, Color Consultant (608-235-8623)


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It is absolutely still a seller's market when we consider the prices our listings are attracting in the month of June. So far this month we have multiple clients receiving full-price offers and other clients receiving offers for more than $30,000, $50,000, and even $65,000 above the list.

Prices are still rising in Dane County, but at a slower pace compared to the first few months of the year. If you're hoping to sell your home, condo, or investment property this year, please reach out to us for a planning session and an insightful view of the market. We're here to help you make good decisions in 2022, and over the long run, too. 

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Many of our friends have questions about cosmetic updates and which ones offer the best return on investment. Right now we're helping a lot of people choose which updates to make and which professionals to hire (like color consultants, design consultants, painters, handymen, flooring companies, yard care companies, and the like). For other clients we're actually coordinating their cosmetic work for them as they prepare to sell. 

Preparing your home for sale - Mad City Dream Homes

What questions do you have about real estate and what work do you need to get done? 

We would love to be a resource for you whenever you need guidance and support. Just reach out to your favorite Mad City Dream Homes realtor whenever you have any real estate questions or need any real estate help. We're always available

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Our friends Lynn and Paul were excited for their next stage in life. They had just put in an offer on their new dream home, and they were eager to enjoy lake living and the warmer temps down south. But they had 25 years of family possessions to sort through, and they needed guidance on how to make their home sale and their move to this beautiful new setting happen.

Moving to Your Dream Home

How it all came together

So Dan paid Lynn and Paul a visit, and together they created a plan and quickly sprang into action. First, Dan completed his market analysis and customized his marketing plan for the home. Then he connected Paul and Lynn with Debbie Lea and Shelley Lazzareschi to begin the staging process. Grant Priehs was called upon to address a few cosmetic updates, and A1

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We often talk about the power of staging and the value that we put on making homes picture-ready! But sometimes it just isn’t possible to leave furniture and other decor in a property for the sale. In these situations we often utilize virtual staging, which involves adding these items into a digital photograph using a computer program. 

Our very own photographer and graphic designer, Tracy Kapela, uses her expertise and keen eye for detail to help prospective buyers visualize what a home could look like if it was occupied, in a very stylish way. 

Check out the difference in this before and after photo -- from stark to spectacular!

We upload the vacant photos next to the virtually staged images to give buyers both perspectives when

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