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Our numbers from the South Central Wisconsin MLS database show 24% of all Dane County home and condo listings closed with cash offers in 2023, while our team's performance was 44%.

Mad City Dream Homes Cash Offers

This is more clear evidence that hiring a professional matters. How your agent prices, stages, markets and negotiates -- all of these fundamentals matter. For more information, check out our 2023 home-selling results. 

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We've run the numbers, and the answer might be a little surprising to you. Our data from the South Central Wisconsin MLS shows 39 percent of all Dane County home and condo listings received multiple offers in 2023, while our team's performance was 59 percent. 

Mad City Dream Homes Multiple Offers

Why do our clients receive more competing offers? 

It's because we place a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of proper pricing, staging, marketing, and negotiation. We don't skip any steps in the home-selling process. We don't take any of these 4 fundamentals for granted. 

For the typical $450,000 listing, this means our clients receive more than $8,500 more toward their bottom line. For more information, check out our 2023 home-selling results.

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At Mad City Dream Homes we work with all kinds of clients, including people who have lived in their home for 30, 40 and sometimes even 50 years. For these clients, getting ready to sell can be an emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience. They have so many possessions and memories to sift through, and they need so much support.  

You may have someone in your life who needs special care as they get ready to sell. We want you to know we are well-prepared to serve them. We can flex our resources within our team to give them the support they need, including plenty of personal attention and hands-on help. 

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According to color consultant, Wendy Broadhead, trends are shifting right now. Here are some of Wendy's favorite splashes from the Benjamin Moore product line. 

Main wall colors

"Main wall colors are stepping further away from the cool grays and the bright whites. Warmer colors like OC-24 Winds Breath, OC-20 Pale Oak, 1548 Classic Gray, 1549 Balboa Mist are being selected." 

2024 Popular Color Balboa Mist

(Balboa Mist from Benjamin Moore -- photo from Benjamin Moore)

Bedrooms, offices and family rooms

"Slightly deeper shades are being used in spaces like bedrooms, offices and family rooms: AF-100 Pashmina, HC-81 Manchester Tan, HC-80 Bleeker Beige and 984 Stone Hearth." 

Benjamin Moore Pashmina

(Pashmina from Benjamin Moore -- photo from Benjamin Moore)

Accents, cabinets, and

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You don't need to substantially remodel your home in order to prepare for a successful sale. But you can create instant value by addressing the simple projects that eliminate common buyer objections. 

home improvement goals 

Here are a few common buyer objections that all come with simple fixes:

1) Dated wallpaper and paint colors

2) Dated light fixtures

3) Dated cabinet hardware 

4) Old bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets

5) Soiled, worn, or dated flooring 

6) Old curtains and blinds 

7) Soiled and dirty siding 

8) Weeds and overgrown shrubs in the yard

Whether you plan to move in the near future or stay in your home for years to come, we'd love to help you with any type of home improvement project -- and refer you to reputable contractors,

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Recently we had the pleasure of visiting a new client for a staging and cosmetics consultation. Our visit included a color consultant, a home stager, a handyman, and two agents from our team. And it was a wonderfully productive meeting. We identified painting projects, chose paint colors, picked out light fixtures, and prioritized a few home repairs. And of course, we scoped out our staging plan. 

We're excited to help our client carry out her plan and transform her home in the weeks ahead. This one is gonna be a lot of fun...

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Done the right way, the best home improvement projects offer a 300 to 500 percent return on investment, and with relatively little up-front cost. This has been our experience, over and over again, with dozens and dozens of clients. 

simple home improvement projects

Which projects offer the biggest impact?

Usually it's the simple, low-cost projects like painting, flooring, lighting, window treatments, and cabinet hardware. Then add in a little staging and a little art, and you'll feel like you live in a brand new home. 

Would you like a complimentary cosmetics consultation for your own home? We'd love to be a resource for you and help you make the most of your investment. Contact your preferred Mad City Dream Homes realtor to schedule your own consultation. 

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Are you looking to add instant value to your home and without breaking the bank? A fresh coat of paint applied by a skilled contractor always offers a great return on investment. Call us for a referral to a reputable painter. We'd love to help you make the right connection.  

10 high value painting projects

Our top 10 ways to improve your home's value with paint

Here are 10 ways a skilled painter can help you prepare for a successful sale and maximize your return on investment. 

  1. Replace wallpaper with a fresh coat of neutral paint.
  2. Replace bold colors with neutral colors for more mass appeal. 
  3. Repair surface cracks and holes in plaster and drywall.  
  4. Touch-up walls with matching paint. 
  5. Refresh moisture-stained windows and window sills. 
  6. Touch-up doors,
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What are the keys to a successful negotiation? Here are our tried and true philosophies for negotiating a great price and great terms on the sale of your home. 

Offer Negotiation - Mad City Dream Homes 

Our six negotiation tips for sellers

1) Create a beautiful real estate listing. 

One of our first goals early on in the listing process is to create a solid partnership between you, our stager, our photographers, and our creative team. Working together, we create a beautiful real estate listing with eye-popping photos and plenty of marketing materials which highlight the benefits of your home. Beautiful listings receive more online interest, more showings, and more offers - all of which give you more leverage when it's time to negotiate. 

2) Ensure your listing receives full

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For many of us the holiday season is a time for reflection and resolutions. It's also the season when we start making our homeownership plans for the coming year.

2022 real estate dream home

What are your real estate goals for 2024?

Do any of these goals speak to you? 

#1) You have some home improvement projects in mind and you need recommendations for reputable contractors. You'd also like some insight into which home improvement projects offer the best return on investment.

#2) You've been dreaming of a new home and you need some guidance on how to make it happen. Inventory is tight right now, and you need help finding the home that's the right fit for your lifestyle and your stage of life.

#3) You'd like to meet with an expert about your home's current market

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