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In a hot real estate market having the right focus can make all the difference between buying or missing out on your dream home. One good way to focus your search is to target properties which don't yet have an accepted offer. At Mad City Dream Homes our search tools make it easy to exclude listings with accepted offers from your search results. 

Download our free property search app to see which listings have accepted offers and which ones are still available for sale. 

Excluding Accepted Offers from Search Results

As an example, let's suppose you'd like to search for all Monona condos which don't yet have an accepted offer. Here are the settings for your search:

  • Enter "Monona" in the location field.
  • Select "Condo" as the property
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Download our free mobile search app to view which listings have accepted offers and which ones are scheduled to close soon. 

Have you ever come across a listing online and wondered if it already has an accepted offer? This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive from buyers who have been searching for homes on the internet. At Mad City Dream Homes, we make it easy to identify which listings have an accepted offer.

Mad City Dream Homes Listing Status

Identifying Listings with Accepted Offers

When you search for properties on Mad City Dream Homes, you'll see one of three different statuses that appear by each listing.

Some listings will display a status of "active". 

Mad City Dream Homes Active Listings

Other listings will display a status of "offer-show". 

Mad City Dream Homes Offer Show Listings

Still others will display a

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If there is one thing that’s always appealed to me about the summer, it's fireworks. Maybe it started as a little kid with an affinity for loud noises, bright lights, and surprises. Or growing up in the metro Detroit area where we take the yearly firework celebration, launched from barges in the Detroit River, pretty seriously. I’d like to think that my tastes have matured as I’ve aged but truly, with Shake the Lake this Saturday and the prospect of watching colorful explosions reflect off of beautiful Lake Monona, I’m feeling just as novel as I was the first time I headed to the roof of a parking structure in downtown Detroit.

Madison’s summers were something that were talked up to me since I began considering my move here. So far, although not

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Killer listing photos motivate buyers to act quickly and schedule immediate showings. That's why our number one priority for every listing is to capture beautiful photos. Sometimes that means a second or even a third photo shoot is necessary to get the listing photos just right. This was the case with our new listing at 148 Inverness Circle in Bergamont. 

This home has some wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, but the weather during our first two photo shoots didn't cooperate. So we scheduled a third photo shoot and captured these beautiful balcony views. 

148 Inverness Circle Balcony Views

All of these panoramic views were captured from the back deck of the property.




148 Inverness Circle - More Exterior Photos


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You've lost your passport, and don't remember the previous night. Or, you suspect your boss is a spy, and you only have an hour to find their hidden files before they return. A mad scientist needs to be stopped- but you need to steal the evidence first. Each of these scenarios are possible to live out in Madison- as part of an escape room experience.  At least four escape-themed businesses have opened in Madison. All are offering a one-hour challenge, where participants attempt to use clues, unlock codes, and escape the room before the time runs out. A typical room hosts 6-8 people comfortably, and participants are watched, via camera, by staff. If participants get stuck on a clue, they can ask for help, and the employee can send a clue, through a closed

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