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We’re excited to announce we’ve launched a new platform for our website, which makes the new Mad City Dream Homes easier to use and navigate. Here are a few of the new search features that are now available at


Property search from any page

Now you can launch your Madison area property search from any page on our website. This search bar allows you to quickly launch a search based on the city, neighborhood, address, street, zip code, and MLS number.

MLS Search at Mad City Dream Homes

The “more options” features gives you full access to all of our MLS search criteria.

more options property search feature


Content search on a desktop computer

searching for content at Mad City Dream HomesOur new “content search” feature makes it easy to locate the real estate guides, articles and blog posts that you’re looking for. If

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Mad City Dream Homes Property Search AppThe Mad City Dream Homes mobile search app is the best app around for searching Madison area listings on the go. We've put a lot of thought into the design, which includes some great features you won't find anywhere else. Download our free app using the links below, and read on for a list of handy features. 

Mobile App Search Features

  • Search Nearby Listings
  • Search Polygon
  • Search Radius
  • Exclude Accepted Offers
  • Search School District
  • Search Open Houses
  • Search by Days on Market
  • Search Garage and Parking Spots
  • Search by Location
  • All Purpose Search Tools

Discover Which Nearby Listings Have Accepted Offers

Which listings are selling in your neighborhood? Our "nearby" feature provides answers by automatically

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We've added a lot of features to our website which make it easy to focus your search on the properties that are still available for sale - in other words, the listings which don't yet have an accepted offer. Now all of our community, neighborhood, and condo association pages show these listings at the top of each guide. 

"Active, Newest 1st" Sort Order

Now all of the listings without accepted offers are shown at the top of the list with the newest listings shown first. Take a look at this example below from our Wexford Village real estate guide. The first two listings shown have a status of "active" (no accepted offer) with the listings sorted from lowest to highest days on market. The third listing shown is a listing with the status of "offer-show"

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Have you tried the Mad City Dream Homes app yet? It's available for both iPhone and Android, and can be downloaded at no cost. The app simplifies your property search and comes with some key functions to make targeting the right properties simple.

In this case, we're looking at how to search for homes by school district. You start by hitting the search button on the home screen (lower left). This takes you to a map (lower right). Click on the magnifying glass at the top to define your search.


Since school district boundaries don't always match the home address, it is convenient to search for the specific school district you are targeting in your search.  The app allows you to enter your preferred district, along with other information that is

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The Mad City Dream Homes app is designed to make property searching easy. You can find the app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching "Mad City Dream Homes."  


There is no charge for this app, and it takes up very little memory on your phone or device. Once downloaded, we think you'll be pleased with its features and capabilities. For now, let's look at the "nearby" search option. This is especially helpful if you are:

1. Trying to get current sales information for your neighborhood:

The app allows you to view all listings within a short radius of your home. These listings will appear on the map, with their asking price. This is useful if you're trying to determine your own home's value. 

2. Targeting a specific part of

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Condo Search Tools Mad City Dream HomesAt Mad City Dream Homes we offer several handy tools which help you focus your condominium search. We cover a few of our most popular condo search features below. Of course, you can contact us anytime and we'll do the searching for you. We're out pounding the pavement everyday in search of both listed and unlisted condominiums. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get to work for you. In the meantime, check out these features which are designed to make your search easier. 

Check out all of our property search tips here

Condo Guide Quick Search

Go to the upper left corner of our website and you'll find our multi-purpose search bar that helps you quickly locate the guide for your preferred condo community. For example, let's suppose

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In a hot real estate market having the right focus can make all the difference between buying or missing out on your dream home. One good way to focus your search is to target properties which don't yet have an accepted offer. At Mad City Dream Homes our search tools make it easy to exclude listings with accepted offers from your search results. 

Download our free property search app to see which listings have accepted offers and which ones are still available for sale. 

Excluding Accepted Offers from Search Results

As an example, let's suppose you'd like to search for all Monona condos which don't yet have an accepted offer. Here are the settings for your search:

  • Enter "Monona" in the location field.
  • Select "Condo" as the property
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Download our free mobile search app to view which listings have accepted offers and which ones are scheduled to close soon. 

Have you ever come across a listing online and wondered if it already has an accepted offer? This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive from buyers who have been searching for homes on the internet. At Mad City Dream Homes, we make it easy to identify which listings have an accepted offer.

Mad City Dream Homes Listing Status

Identifying Listings with Accepted Offers

When you search for properties on Mad City Dream Homes, you'll see one of three different statuses that appear by each listing.

Some listings will display a status of "active". 

Mad City Dream Homes Active Listings

Other listings will display a status of "offer-show". 

Mad City Dream Homes Offer Show Listings

Still others will display a

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MLS Search Mad City Dream HomesAt Mad City Dream Homes we're pleased to share a number of powerful tools which give you many of the same search capabilities as a licensed real estate agent. All of these tools are available on our real estate search page. Below are a few tips for using some of the most popular features on our site. Of course you can always contact us 24/7 with any property search question. We'll get back to you ASAP with an answer.

Search Open House Listings

This is one of our most popular search features. See this post for an example of how to use this tool.

Open House Property Search


Search By Location

This tool offers several different search options. You can search by one of more MLS numbers as in the example below. 

Search Madison MLS

Search one or multiple cities. 

You can

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Interested in buying a distressed property in Madison or the surrounding Dane County area? Mad City Dream Homes has all the tools you need to quickly identify foreclosures and short sale properties. Read on to learn how you can use our search tools to locate short sales and REO/bank-owned homes in the Madison area. 


Example: Searching for Madison Foreclosures 

  1. Go to our property search page.
  2. Type Madison into the Location filter.
  3. Go to the Foreclosures filter and select REO/Bank Owned.
  4. Click Refine Search.

Our search page will then display a list of REO/bank-owned foreclosures in the city of Madison. Note "REO" stands for "real estate owned" by a lending institution.  


Example: Searching for Madison Short Sales 

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