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Remember the "good old days" when kids got up on a summer morning, played outdoors, and returned home at night?  Parents didn't fear danger, and kids were free to roam the neighborhood. People assume that this is a throwback to another time, but in Madison, it's still happening at the neighborhood pools. The city is home to at least 13 neighborhood pools. Many are membership driven, but a few offer paid admission to the public. In either case, they are typically centrally located within neighborhoods, and offer a place where neighbors gather, children are known by name, and the staff keep a close eye. Between the neighborly atmosphere and the schedule of daily swim lessons, swim team, water ballet, and other events, kids can stay busy from morning to

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The market this year is playing out as expected. Inventories are historically low. Properties are selling quickly. And prices are rising rapidly throughout Dane County. Here's a quick market snapshot covering a few of the county's largest communities. 

Home Prices

Dane County Home Prices by CommunityWe use the price per square foot to track the change in local home prices. Property values are rising rapidly and setting new highs in Fitchburg, Madison, Sun Prairie, Verona and Waunakee. We expect Middleton home prices to reach new highs within a few months.

Low inventories and strong demand are driving prices higher. Bidding wars and "escalation clauses" have become very common this spring, especially for listings priced under $350,000. 

Condo Prices

Dane County Condo Prices March 2017The condo market used to be

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You’ve done your homework, worked with the stager, and made the improvements necessary to make your home attract buyers. You kept it perfect for showings, and generated great interest. Finally, you accept an offer, and believe you will soon move on to a new adventure. But then it happens. The buyer's home inspection report includes mold. What do you do?

We’ve walked many sellers through this predicament, and have found some excellent solutions. One of our favorite mold experts is Rapid Response Remediation. This company has effectively cleaned up several of our clients' properties, and has done it in a timely and affordable manner. Rob Mozgawa, managing partner of the company, says that people are more afraid of mold than they need to be.

“It's an

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When is the best time to start your estate planning? Age 18. The reality for most people is that this planning doesn’t happen until much later, but Bob Nennig of Nennig Law Offices, LLC can help clients of all ages prepare for the future. Nennig knows that most clients aren’t experts on estate planning. He prides himself in walking them through the process, explaining the options, and making sure that they are both pleased and protected by the final results. You don’t have to be exceptionally wealthy to make plans. If you own a home and have a retirement plan, you're ready to make an estate plan.

Estate planning is different from financial advice. It is designed to look at your assets and then create the best possible way to share them with your loved

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How often do Madison area real estate listings receive multiple offers? The South Central Wisconsin MLS actually started tracking this statistic in 2016. We like following this stat because it gives us some great insight into the market and the performance of our team.

Competing Offers Give us Insight into the Market

As we posted a few weeks ago, competing offers are most common during the springtime. If you're looking to time your sale just right, then right now is the perfect time to sell. Your odds of attracting multiple offers and getting a fantastic price are highest in the Spring. 


Competing Offers Help us Measure our Team's Performance

We design our marketing to attract multiple offers, because competing offers allow us to

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