Choosing a Professional to Solve Property Issues

Posted by Laura Kocum on Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 2:27pm.

You’ve done your homework, worked with the stager, and made the improvements necessary to make your home attract buyers. You kept it perfect for showings, and generated great interest. Finally, you accept an offer, and believe you will soon move on to a new adventure. But then it happens. The buyer's home inspection report includes mold. What do you do?

We’ve walked many sellers through this predicament, and have found some excellent solutions. One of our favorite mold experts is Rapid Response Remediation. This company has effectively cleaned up several of our clients' properties, and has done it in a timely and affordable manner. Rob Mozgawa, managing partner of the company, says that people are more afraid of mold than they need to be.

“It's an emotional issue, but very rarely does mold create a serious health hazard," he said. "Our crews are skilled at separating the mold-exposed areas from the rest of the house. Once they’ve set up a good perimeter, they use the best products available to eliminate the mold, and prevent it from returning.” 

Customers can expect most remediation to be completed within 1 day. Crews arrive and first set up a perimeter to prevent mold spores from spreading. They remove anything that has been compromised by the mold. Then they treat all surfaces with biocidal cleaning agents designed to kill mold and stop it in its tracks. In cases where drywall, windows, insulation or other areas need to be replaced, they can partner with contractors who will complete the repairs, returning them to a pre-loss condition.

In addition to treating mold, Rapid Response Remediation also serves clients with water issues, fire damage or property damage due to traumatic situations. They offer on-call services 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and can be on location within an hour of a request for service in Dane County. The Milwaukee Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ ranking for their consistently excellent work.

So when your inspection shows a surprising issue, don’t fear. Rapid Response Remediation can repair the damage and prevent it from returning. They will do it properly and for a fair price. Once the work is complete, a Certificate of Completion is issued that will help ensure your sale will be successful, easing both your mind, and the mind of your buyer. 

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