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Capitalism is constantly trending toward automation. And with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the trend toward automation now includes virtually all forms of content. Content like articles, social media posts, online videos, and online ads -- and even music and art. More and more, the content we are being asked to consume is being produced by AI, not people. 

One of the challenges that we see with this trend is that it's really hard to share stories, insights and observations in a genuine and impactful way when the content is auto-generated. From a practical and an ethical perspective, we can't offer you sound advice if that advice doesn't come from our own experience.

Which is just one more reason why we're committed to publishing our

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Condominium prices continue to rise throughout Dane County, and by all measures. Here's our latest Dane County condo market update covering the latest price trends, and much more. 

Dane County condo prices

The price per square foot increased to $210, which was a 3 percent increase from last April. The median price jumped to $301,500, an increase of 10 percent. While the average moved to $338,991, an increase of 7 percent.

Madison WI Condo Prices April 2023

New condominium listings

One of the biggest reasons for high prices is a low influx of new listings. Only 148 condominiums were listed for sale on the MLS in April, which was a 22 percent decrease from last year. Overall, condominium listings were down by 23% through the first 4 months of the year.

Madison WI condo listings April 2023


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We'd like to offer our enthusiastic endorsement for Stephen Meyer from Phenomenal Carpet Care. For many years now, Stephen has been serving our clients with impeccable service and amazing results. To learn more about Stephen, and to schedule your own service, visit phenomenalcarpetcare.com. We're confident you will love Stephen's work! 

phenomenal carpet cleaning

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Spring market conditions continue to be very favorable for sellers as prices continue to rise throughout the Madison area. Here's our latest single family home update, covering the month of April, 2023. 

Dane County home prices

The price per square foot increased to $227, up 6 percent from the year before. The median price grew to $440,000, an increase of 4 percent. While the average price jumped to $508,022, an increase of 9 percent. 

Madison WI Home Prices April 2023 

New MLS listings

A limited supply of new listings is the biggest reason why prices keep rising in the Madison area. New MLS listings were down 30% in April and by 25% year-to-date. 

Madison WI new mls listings April 2023

Active listings

Although active listings (those without an accepted offer) have risen slightly year-over-year, they

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It's safe to say that no one expected competing offers to increase when interest rates more than doubled, but that's exactly what's happening in our spring market. According to our preliminary data for the month of March, competing offers for single family homes are at an all-time high here in Dane County. 

Madison WI competing offers March 2023

While the competition for condominiums is at an all-time high, too. 

Madison WI Condo competing offers March 2023

Why is the real estate market so competitive in the Madison area?

This short article shares 9 reasons why competition remains strong and why we expect prices to continue to rise for the foreseeable future. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming home and condo market updates, which will offer a lot more insight into our spring market. In the meantime, you can always reach out

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Even with so much technology at our fingertips, there's still no substitute for face-to-face and voice-to-voice communication. Especially when it comes to questions about real estate.

That's because the most helpful answers are rarely all black and white. Usually, they involve some shades of gray that can only be uncovered through conversation. 

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Planning for your futureRecently we heard from a young family who asked us if we would be willing to visit with them and help them plan for their future. Emily, the mom, explained that although they are still 2 years away from moving, they'd love to start working on the simple cosmetic projects that will improve their home's value and maximize their return on investment.  

Our answer, of course, was yes. We'd love to help. And as it turns out we had a very productive meeting with Emily and her husband Nick. Now Emily and Nick have a good grasp of their home's current market value, along with a few ideas for how they can improve their home's value over the next couple of years. 

The truth is we enjoy helping people plan for their future. It's one of the most rewarding

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Single family home listings are entering the market at the slowest pace on record, and are down by 26% through the first 4 months of the year. 

Madison WI Single Family Home Listings April 2023

While condo listings are down by 23% through the first four months.

Madison WI Condo Listings April 2023

Low listing activity is one of the big reasons why Madison area home and condo prices continue to move higher in 2023, and why we expect prices to continue to rise for the foreseeable future. 

How does the market impact you and your real estate goals? You can always reach out to our realtor team for a helpful conversation. We'd love to help. 

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Now that most of the transactions are in the books for the month of April, it's time for a quick look at Madison area home and condo prices. 

Dane County homes

  • The median price in April increased to $450,000, up 7% from the year before. 
  • The average price increased to $511,806, which was up 10%. 

Dane County condos

  • The median price increased to $301,500, up 10% from last April. 
  • The average price increased to $338,991, which was up 7%. 

Why do Dane County home and condo prices keep rising? Here are 9 reasons why prices continue to rise and why we expect prices to keep moving higher for the foreseeable future. Of course, we're always available to chat about the market and how the market impacts you and your goals. You know

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Here are 5 great reflection questions for any real estate professional: 

1) Who are the real estate professionals who you've grown to admire and respect? And what are the traits that describe them? And what do your answers to these two questions reveal about you? 

2) What are the aspects of your current approach to real estate that "don't feel right" to you and are not a good fit for your unique personality?  

3) If you were to practice real estate in a manner that inspires you and motivates you (in a way that "feels right"), what would that look like? 

4) We can't possibly appeal to everyone, so given this, how would you describe your ideal client in terms of their values and their aspirations? 

5) How does knowing your ideal client inform

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