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Real Estate Agent Alan FederWe're excited to announce that Alan Feder has joined our real estate team! Alan brings with him six years of full-time real estate experience and a strong belief system that is centered on customer service. We're confident Alan will be a great fit for our clients and our team.

On a more personal level, Alan is passionate about the environment, health and wellness, and nutrition. Like others on our team, Alan is leaning in to social justice issues and is seeking to use his business as a platform to influence positive change in the Madison area. 

One unique thing about Alan is that he is joining us as the first "level 2 agent" on our team (if you're interested in real estate as a career, you can learn more about our level 2 role in this article). In

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We’re excited to announce we’re hiring! Here’s a little more background on what we’re looking for in the next person to join our agent team... 

Mad City Dream Homes Realtors

If you know members of our team, you likely know that they share similar talents of being generous, hard-working, and humble people. If you have similar traits and a passion for serving others we’d love to hear from you. 

We are looking to diversify our team, so it doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started in real estate, whether you’re midway through your career, or in the later stages. We are looking for someone that has a positive influence on all of us and adds strength to our team.   

We’d love to speak with you if this background about our team resonates with you. Please reach out to

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A recent listing in Middleton was located on a quiet cul de sac on a large lot that backed up to a wooded conservancy. It was a perfect backdrop for a cozy and inviting home. However, the home was somewhat sparsely furnished. It needed additional furniture and decor to help it show to its full potential. This is a scenario where staging can make a huge difference.

REALTOR Shelley Lazzareschi worked with the seller to develop a staging plan that worked best for them and their budget. The seller decided to hire Brook Furniture Rental to provide furniture and decor while the home was on the market. Brook Furniture delivered and set up the furniture - they even hung the artwork! Debbie Lea of Showcase Home Stagers worked alongside with Shelley to finish

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This year's real estate market is unlike any we've ever experienced. It's been a year of uncertainty, anxiety, and surprises. It's been a year that has tested our resilience and challenged our assumptions about how property is bought and sold. We've learned a lot over these last few months, and we know we'll learn a lot more as we adjust to the world around us. With this spirit in mind, we'd like to share a few home-selling tips that are based on our lessons learned in 2020. 

5 Lessons Learned by Madison Home Sellers

5 lessons learned for Madison area sellers in 2020

#1) Read beyond the headlines. 

Although recent world events may be discouraging, there are reasons to be encouraged by the world of real estate. The Madison area real estate market has been very active in 2020. More

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Making your way around the Lake Edge neighborhood, you’ll find businesses adorned with beautiful murals, homes being renovated, and new businesses opening their doors. The community is close to everything on the east side of Madison, plus Lake Monona. Lake Edge is a community with a lot to offer for homeowners and visitors alike. 

The Lake Edge neighborhood has a surprisingly natural feel for being located right within the city. Mature trees provide a peaceful canopy over the community, and large lots give homeowners room to spread out. Most of the homes in this community are ranch or bungalow style, built between 1940 and 1960. Mad City Dream Homes Realtor Ann Raschein lives in the neighborhood. “I love so much about the Lake Edge

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"If we could give Shelley 10 stars we would...Shelley was always ready to show us houses at a minute's notice, was professional and knowledgeable, and was always upbeat and positive. We found a home that makes us happy every day and for that we thank Shelley!"

Shelley Lazzareschi Realtor Mad City Dream HomesShelley Lazzareschi routinely receives client feedback like this. She has a knack for making real estate appear easy, which for those of us who work in the field, we know is far from the truth. Here's a little more background on Shelley as a person and as a professional -- which helps to explain why Shelley receives so many referrals from her many loyal clients. 

#1: Shelley is a positive person. 

One of Shelley's unique gifts is that she is a consistently positive person. She shows up with

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The Madison area real estate market continues to be very active at a time of year when listings and sales are typically slowing down. Here's a quick overview of the latest home and condo trends in Dane County. 

Madison WI Real Estate Trends August 2020

Dane County condo trends

New condo listings increased by 15% in the month of July, and buyers have responded by gobbling up the new supply. Accepted offers increased by 17% in July and 43% in August. As you can see from the graph below, AOs are trending much higher as we enter the month of September.  

Madison WI Condo Accepted Offers Sept 1 2020 

Dane County single family home trends

The Madison area single family home market has also been very active. New single family home listings increased by 10% in July, and a record number of homes were placed under contract in July

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It's been a crazy year to the say the least. A global pandemic. Political chaos. And economic uncertainty. Despite all of the chaos, the competition for Madison area real estate is at an all-time high in 2020. According to our latest review of MLS data, 34% of all Dane County home listings received multiple offers through the month of June. This is up from the previous high of 33% in 2018, and up from 26% in 2016, when we first started tracking this statistic. 

How competitive is the market by price range? 

Here's how the numbers shake out:

 Multiple Offers Madison WI June 2020

The very high number of competing offers this year shows there's a lot of pent-up demand for real estate in the Madison area. A lot of buyers are writing offers this year, and a lot of those buyers

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The month of July is almost in the books, and our latest market snapshot shows Madison area home and condo prices keep on rising. As of July 26th, Dane County home prices were up 6% year-over-year and condo prices were up 3%. 

how much is your Dane County home worth

How much is your home worth right now?

We can help you understand your home or condo's current market value and recommend a few simple cosmetic updates that buyers will love, too. Just reach out to your preferred Mad City Dream Homes agent to schedule a short consultation. We'll help you prepare for a successful sale and eliminate much of the stress that so many sellers are experiencing in this year's COVID-19 market. 

For more information on local real estate prices, here's our July 26th snapshot

Madison area home

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If you take some time to browse a few local realtor websites you might come away with the impression that buying a home in this market is easy. For example, one local real estate website says they make buying "easy and comfortable". And another says "we make real estate easy". 

While every good realtor should work to simplify and streamline the real estate experience, we believe you should know that buying a home in this market can be a lot like embarking on a journey, too. And sometimes the journey is filled with a few twists and turns, obstacles, and challenges. 

Madison Home Buyers Overcoming Adversity

Common buyer challenges in 2020

Many buyers this year are facing a hyper-competitive real estate market, inspection surprises, and logistical and safety concerns created by the

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