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mad city dream homes selling resultsWe just updated our home and condo selling statistics for the 2016 sales year and compared our results to the MLS average in Dane County.

On average our listings sell for the full list price within 15 days of being on the market. 

The results validate a few of our key philosophies:

  • Focus on communication. The home-selling process goes smoothly with regular and open communication. 
  • Focus on improvements. We identify low-cost, high-impact projects that help you sell quickly and for top dollar. Then we refer you to reliable contractors who complete your projects at a fair price. 
  • Focus on preparation by connecting you with the best stager in Madison, Debbie Lea. We pay for all of your staging costs and give you all the time you need with
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Our vacant home listing at 8127 Broadmoor St is selling today, thanks in large part to the staging professionals at The Cozy Home. The Cozy Home offers turnkey staging services which transform the "bland" empty home into a "grand" MLS listing that motivates buyers to act quickly. Below are a few "before" and "after" shots which demonstrate the positive impact of staging provided by a professional. 

Living Room Before Staging

living room before professional home staging 

Living Room After Staging

 Living Room after Professional Home Staging

Dinette Before Staging

vacant dinette before professional home staging 

Dinette After Staging

 Dinette After Professional Home Staging

Bathroom Before Staging

bathroom before professional home staging 

Bathroom After Staging

Bathroom with Professional Home Staging 

Looking for a full-service, customized marketing plan that goes the extra mile? Contact us for a complimentary consultation. We'll work with you to develop an

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Madison home prices started the year off strong in 2017. The price per square foot reached a record high of $139, up 8% from $129 in January of 2016. 

Madison Home Price per Square Foot 

Measuring prices in another way (the average price), home prices increased by 10%. The average price of $271,485 was a record high for the month of January. 

Madison WI Average Sales Price Jan 2017 

Get Used to Rising Prices in 2017

We expect prices to rise by at least 5 to 6 percent this year due to persistently low levels of inventory.  If you're buying, you'll need to adjust your tactics in order to compete in this year's seller's market. Check out our blog for our 2017 home-buying tips. 

If you're selling, your home may be worth a lot more than you think, especially during this year's Spring selling season. Contact us for

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Madison area home buyers are experiencing a competitive market right now. It will become even more competitive in the months of April, May and June. Take a look at the graph below from the 2016 calendar year. It shows the percent of Madison single family home listings that received competing offers month-by-month. 

Most Competitive Months for Madison Home Buyers

As the numbers above show, April, May and June are the most competitive months for home buyers in the Madison market. These are the months when buyers are most likely to experience bidding wars, escalation clauses, and missed opportunities. 

"Go Against the Grain and Avoid the Pain"

Conventional wisdom says you should buy your home in the spring or summer when listings are most plentiful. The numbers suggest going against the grain

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Madison Listings with Accepted OffersWe track a lot of stats each month to stay in touch with the latest real estate trends in Madison. If we were to choose the most meaningful statistic it would be the percent of listings with accepted offers. Knowing this number provides some great insight into the momentum and direction of the market. 

Right now an amazing 51% of all Madison single family home listings have an accepted offer. This is a high percentage for any time of year, especially the month of February. It tells us the Spring market has already arrived in Madison.  

This Year's Market is Hotter

Last year at this time only 35% of all Madison single family home listings had an accepted offer. This year more than half of all listings are under contract and scheduled to close

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Don't let the unusually warm weather fool you- it's still winter in Wisconsin. This weekend the Madison Winter Festival will celebrate all things winter at its new location in Elver Park. Festival planners say the new location offers many perks for the festival, which was previously held downtown. 

"Not only does Elver Park entertain great resources for outdoor activities, the venue also accommodates participants and spectators with indoor facilities equipped with bathrooms, concessions and a warm shelter. Elver Park also maintains the easiest access to artificial snow in Madison to ensure that the events listed in the program can be held despite lack of natural snow coverage," says Irina Komarova, festival director.

Events include a "Fat Bike" race

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When homes are prepared to list, it's always important to consider the condition of the walls. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for the overall look and feel of your property. Doing this is easy, and quick to complete. While it's true that most people can grab a brush and paint a wall, sometimes hiring a professional can pay off in big ways. Phil McClarey of Integrity Painting Services offers several reasons to consider hiring a professional team:

1. They can spot correct: Have you ever tried to brush over just one spot, only to find that the wall is splotchy once it dries? A professional painter is experienced with problem spots, and often can cover them without repainting the whole room. McClarey's team can also repair blemished woodwork,

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In this competitive market the lender you choose can actually impact whether or not your offer gets accepted. How is this possible? Well, let's suppose you've found the perfect home, and as your buyer agent is getting ready to draft your offer she learns one competing offer is in and 4 more offers are expected to arrive soon. You want to do everything you can to get your offer accepted, so your agent calls your local lender and asks her a favor. 

Next, your lender immediately emails the listing agent to explain that you're a rock solid buyer with verified income, assets, and credit. Then your lender calls the listing agent to relay the same message.

In the end, your offer is the one that gets accepted. The listing agent confides it was the

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These days finding the right property is about much more than putting a search in place on the MLS. In this low inventory environment, it pays to have a hard-working team of buyer agents in your corner. Here are 10 different ways your buyer agent team can go the extra mile to help you find and buy your dream home. 

10 Creative Property Search Strategies

  1. Contact households of previously expired MLS listings in your target location. 
  2. Identify "coming soon" listings that are in withheld/delayed status on the MLS. 
  3. Monitor listings on Zillow, FSBO websites, and craigslist. 
  4. Contact real estate agents who are active in your preferred location. 
  5. Call property owners in select neighborhoods and condo communities in order to find the right 
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The groundhog predicted another 6 weeks of winter in Wisconsin, but don't let the cold and snow keep you from living life to the fullest. Sara Ifert, wellness coach at Go Simple Wellness, offers several suggestions for healthy living this winter:

Enjoy Madison Parks: Get vitamin D, fresh air, exercise, and FUN at local parks. From sledding at Elver park, to the many free skating rinks (rentals available at some parks) there are plenty of ways to stay active and enjoy the outdoors in winter. Getting outside is a great way to beat winter blues and have fun!

Browse Willy St. Co-op: With a few locations in town, you can find a friendly co-op nearby with plenty of natural foods, organic fruits and vegetables, green juices, and an excellent hot food

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