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Here's our take on 2023:

Demand will remain strong relative to most other markets across the country -- due to Dane County’s growing population and reputation as a wonderful place to live, work, and play. 

Supply will gradually grow and will provide more options for buyers in 2023.  

Prices will remain strong. 

Dane County will continue to be an excellent place to build wealth through real estate -- for those who have the means and make the decision to buy in. 

You can learn much more about our predictions by contacting our team or by reading the full article on our blog. 

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If you could imagine a better future for you and your loved ones, 

If you could envision peace of mind, 

And if you could afford it right now,

What would you do?

Would you buy your dream home today? Or would you delay your purchase and wait for a different kind of market?

We're always available to talk about your future and the future of real estate, too. So please reach out to our team whenever you're in need of a real estate conversation. We'll share our honest insights and opinions with you, and help you choose the path that's the right one for you. 

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We recently shared 5 simple cosmetic updates that add instant value to your home and help it sell for a tremendous price. Another simple and very effective update is to deep clean your home. Specifically, these four things:

Clean all of the hard surfaces inside your home. 

Your home will shine when you clean your countertops, your cabinets, your appliances, and your hardwood and tile flooring.

staging tip - clean all hard surfaces

Clean your windows

Spotless windows let the light pour and make each room feel bigger and brighter. 

staging tip - clean all windows 

Clean your carpets

Clean carpets help buyers see your home as one that has been properly cared for and well-maintained.

staging tip - clean your carpets 

Clean your siding

A good painting company will wash your siding for an affordable price and add instant curb

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Are you getting ready to sell your home in 2023? There are so many simple and affordable ways to improve your home's value. For starters, here are 5 quick updates, which when done in the right way, always provide a great return on investment:

#1) Brighten your space with a fresh coat of paint. 

#2) Replace dated flooring with a modern and inexpensive flooring product.

#3) Jazz up your kitchen with new cabinet hardware. 

#4) Swap out old light fixtures with new and affordable light fixtures. 

#5) Remove dated curtains and blinds and let the natural light pour in. 

We're always available for a complimentary cosmetics consultation. And we're here to help you select finishes, choose colors, and connect you with quality contractors, too. Just

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What's trending in the Madison area condo market? Our latest Dane County condo update offers a nice summary of all of the latest trends, and without any exaggeration or spin. 

Madison area condo prices

The median price for a Dane County condo increased by 12 percent year-over-year while the price per square foot increased by 20 percent. Why do Dane County condo prices continue to rise? One big reason is the recent slowdown in new MLS listings (covered in the next section below). 

Madison WI Condo Prices November 2022 

New condo listings

Only 78 Dane County condos were listed for sale in November, which was the second lowest total on record for the month, and a decrease of 24% from the number of new listings in November of 2021. Mortgage rates have increased in 2022, which has

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Two years ago, our team made a commitment to become more intentional about the ways in which we spend our money and time on a local level. As we reflect on another year of investing in the communities we serve, we wanted to share a few updates from some of the organizations that we’ve volunteered for, collaborated with, donated to, sponsored, or highlighted in our monthly nonprofit articles in 2022. 

Several of the nonprofits that we partner with focus on promoting social and racial justice, providing affordable housing, and protecting the environment. This year, the impacts of the pandemic and inflation led us to spotlight even more organizations that address ending hunger, homelessness, and social isolation. 

Foundation for Dane County Parks:

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With so many confusing headlines in the world of real estate, it can be hard to know who and what to believe. Our latest market update offers plenty of insight into the Madison area real estate market -- and without any of the spin. Here's our single family home report for the month of November, 2022. 

Madison area home prices

The price per square foot increased 13 percent year-over-year, while the median price increased 10 percent. Why do prices continue to post double-digit increases? One big reason is fewer homes are being listed for sale, which we cover in the next section below. 

Madison WI Home Prices Nov 2022 

New MLS listings

Only 235 single family homes were listed for sale in the month of November, a decrease of 33% from last November, and the lowest total on

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Are you getting ready to begin the home-buying process? Realtor Max Woods has a weekly video series that simplifies the home-buying process for you. In one recent video, Max covers three great tips for anyone who's just getting started with their search.

3 showing tips from realtor Max Woods

Tip #1: Treat your showing as an opportunity to learn more about the surrounding area by going for a short walk or a short drive around the neighborhood. Who knows, you might even meet a few friendly neighbors?

Tip #2: Use your showings as a time to refine and clarify what you're looking for -- as you and your realtor discuss the features and finishes of each property you tour. 

Tip #3: Be mindful of home surveillance systems. Many homes are

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How are home and condo prices trending in the Madison area? Here are a few observations which offer some good insight into the Dane County real estate market. 

For starters, home prices are trending higher at all points along the price spectrum.

Based on our review of the November numbers, home prices are up significantly at every point along the spectrum. At the lower end, the mid-range, and the high-end -- all price points are trending higher. 

Madison WI Home Prices Nov 2022

Condo prices are trending higher, too. 

The median condo price in November was up 12 percent year-over-year, and prices were higher at every other point along the spectrum, too. 

Madison WI Condo Prices Nov 2022

What the numbers don't show.

What these numbers don't show is that some home and condo sellers are struggling

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In a market like ours, it's whenever the perfect opportunity presents itself. It could be in the heart of the spring selling season, during the cooler fall season, or in the quiet of winter. You just never know when. 

Our clients Roger and Jennifer just learned this lesson when their perfect home became available right before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Their home search took a few weeks longer than they were planning for, but they're so glad that they remained patient and focused and had Chris Venden guiding them along their journey.

Buying a Home in Madison WI

As Jennifer told us the other day, "Our new home is absolutely perfect for us. We're so glad that we didn't settle, this home is so worth the wait."

So, if you're planning to buy your dream home in 2023, here are

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