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As mortgage rates have risen in recent months, many buyers are now turning to the Adjustable Rate Mortgage (or ARM) in order to lock in a low interest rate over a five, seven or ten year period. As many as 40% to 50% of all buyers are now choosing an ARM over a fixed-rate mortgage, based on our recent conversations with local lenders.

adjustable rate mortgage

Why would you choose an adjustable rate mortgage?

An ARM allows you to lock in a lower monthly payment during the initial period of your loan. For example, with a 7-year ARM, during the first 7 years of your loan you would lower your interest rate by a full percentage point compared to the traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage. After the initial 7 years is up, your rate would adjust subject to market conditions

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School’s out for summer! While that can be a welcome break for some kids, others who rely upon school lunches may feel differently. That means it’s the busiest time of year for The River Food Pantry’s mobile meals program, Munch. 

“The River Food Pantry launched Munch in 2016 to bridge the gap that exists when school lunch is not available,” said Helen Osborn-Senatus, The River’s Director of Operations. 

The program initially began with a focus on serving school-aged children eligible for free or reduced school lunch, and since then has expanded to anyone facing food insecurity. This year another stop was even added at a southside apartment to serve seniors and individuals with disabilities who aren’t physically able to visit a food pantry. Still,

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No doubt, there is some fear in the world of real estate right now: Fear about world events. Fear about inflation. And fear about higher interest rates, to name a few.

And because we're human, that fear can cause us to hesitate and put our dreams on hold. But on the flip side of fear, is opportunity. And the market does offer some real opportunities for those of us who are are able to hold onto our aspirations and keep working on our real estate goals.

crisis vs opportunity in real estate

For example

If you've been frustrated by a lack of supply, selection is improving...And you have opportunity.

If you haven't been able to compete, competition is decreasing...And you have opportunity.

If you need to sell in order to buy, home sale contingencies are back...And you have

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Congratulations to our clients Beckie and Eli, who recently closed on a beautiful property so they can expand their Montessori school and childcare offerings starting this fall! This is the second time that agent Chris Venden has helped the couple secure additional real estate for their growing business on Madison’s far east side. 

The stars seemed to align over the last 7 years for all of these adjacent properties near Milwaukee St and Sprecher Rd, in part because each of the neighbors wanted their 5-acre parcels to remain wild, natural spaces as opposed to being developed when they decided to sell. Beckie and Eli share that philosophy when it comes to their educational programs, which “focus on a natural environment and the natural growth and

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At Mad City Dream Homes, we're now offering an annual Home Equity Checkup to all of our friends who have owned their home, condo or investment property for a year or more. You can think of this as similar to the annual meeting that you would have with your financial advisor.

Annual Home Equity Review - Mad City Dream Homes

During our meeting we'll cover all of the following:

  • Your home's current market value and your current equity position.
  • Where we see the market going in the year ahead.
  • Low-cost home improvement projects that will substantially increase your home's value.
  • Reputable contractors who can help you with your projects around your home and yard.
  • And any questions that you have about the world of real estate.

We're not trying to sell you anything, just offer

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Condo sellers continued to cash in on historically high prices in the month of June. At the same time, we're seeing clear signs of a mellowing market. Here's our latest Dane County condo market report -- covering the month of June, 2022.

June Dane County condo prices

The price per square foot increased by 7% in the month of June and by 8% year-to-date. Compared to June of 2020, the June price per square foot was up by a whopping 30 percent. To put this in perspective: if you purchased a condo for $200,000 just two years ago, you same condo is now worth approximately $260,000. 

Madison WI Condo Prices June 2022

Condo inventory as of July 22nd

As of July 22nd, 156 condominiums were available for sale -- without an accepted offer -- in Dane County. Although inventory is still

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It's pretty remarkable how much inventory levels have grown from rock-bottom lows in the span of 5 short months. Here's a quick look at the latest inventory trends in the Madison area. 

Home supply has more than doubled since February.

As of July 22nd, a total of 566 Dane County homes were available for sale, a new high for the year.

Madison WI Single Family Home Inventory July 22 2022

And condo supply is up by more than 80 percent.

A total of 156 Dane County condos were available for sale on July 22nd, also a new high.

Madison WI Condo Inventory July 22 2022

As inventory is increasing, so is opportunity.

What real estate opportunities are you hoping to explore in the coming year? Please reach out to your Mad City Dream Homes realtor for a helpful conversation. We're always up for talking real estate, and never with any

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Lately we've been noticing a lot of 12-month listing contracts in the Madison area, but we would generally advise you not to sign such a long listing agreement. If your listing agent is pushing you to sign a year-long contract, then that's a sign that they're not feeling confident in their ability to sell your home. And the last thing you want is to be locked into a long contract while your home sits on the market. 

A much more reasonable time period is 2 to 6 months. Assuming you and your agent have a solid plan and a good working relationship, a few weeks to a few months should give you all the time you need to experience a successful sale.

We're always available to meet with you and help you plan for your future. Just reach out to your favorite

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Here's a recent case study that shows how two different philosophies (investing versus cost-cutting) can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

The scenario

Two homes, in the same location, with virtually the same assessed value, listed at the exact same time. The home on the left was listed by Mad City Dream Homes. The home on the right was listed by a limited service brokerage.

Mad City Dream Homes vs Limited Service - The Scenario

The process

Our clients chose to invest in their sale by focusing on the fundamentals of proper pricing, comprehensive marketing, and professional staging. We also helped our clients implement a few light cosmetic touches (fresh paint and new light fixtures) which offered a significant return on investment. 

MCDH vs Limited Service - The Process

The results

The sellers who hired the limited

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We all have our own ideas about our ideal home, location, and setting. And for many of us, it has a lot to do with a new stage of life. Have you been dreaming about a home for your next season of life? How many of these features are on your dream home bucket list?

Your Dream Home Bucket List

Your dream location and setting

  • A home near your friends and loved ones

  • A home in your preferred school district

  • A community that reflects your personal values

  • A home near parks, green space, trails, and nature

  • A home that’s walkable to restaurants, cafes, entertainment

  • A fenced in yard with plenty of space for your kids or dog to play

  • A condo with inspiring, panoramic views

  • A home with acreage and plenty of peace and

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