Seller Negotiation

Ensure a successful sale by taking control of the process

You don't want to leave money on the table, and you don't want to leave the sale of your home up to chance. We recommend working with an agent who understands the importance of these 3 critical steps during the sales process: 

  • smart marketing and pricing that attract a large number of offers to your home 
  • effective negotiation that secures the best price and the cleanest offer from a strong and committed buyer
  • negotiation during the home inspection process that protects your financial interests and keeps your sale moving forward

How your listing agent navigates these critical moments can either make or break your sale, so hire an agent who has the negotiations skills you need to protect your best interests. You'll appreciate the peace of mind you feel when you partner with a professional. 

You can learn about our negotiation skills and commitment to service by reading our online reviews. Learn more on our Zillow, Google, and Better Business Bureau pages. 


Six negotiation tips for home sellers

Looking for some sound advice on how to negotiate a successful sale of your home? Check out these 6 practical tips from our blog.


Home seller negotiation - frequently asked questions

  1. When does the negotiation process begin? Setting the stage for a successful negotiation begins with the pricing and marketing plan that you choose for your home. When your listing agent creates a beautiful listing for your property, and prices your home right, you will have the negotiation advantage you need when the offers start rolling in. 
  2. How will you help me choose the best buyer for my home? Certainly, we help you choose a buyer with a strong offer. Just as important, we help you select a buyer who is emotionally attached to your home and committed to closing. We do this by taking time to learn about each interested party and their motivations for buying your property.  
  3. How can I avoid unpleasant surprises during the home inspection? We're big believers in being proactive and eliminating issues that might cause problems down the road. Before we list your home for sale, we'll tour your home with you and recommend repairs and improvements. If you are proactive with your repairs, you'll eliminate unnecessary surprises during the home inspection process. 
  4. How will you help me negotiate the home inspection contingency when defects are found? Sometimes surprises pop up during the home inspection. That happens. When a legitimate defect is found, we'll help you negotiate a credit, price adjustment, or repair that is reasonable and fair to you. We're your advocate and voice of reason if a buyer tries to make unreasonable inspection-related requests.  


Learn how we helped a recent client with her negotiation options:

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