Seller negotiation

This is the biggest financial transaction of your life. You don't want to leave money on the table, and you don't want to leave your negotiation up to chance. Hire a trusted agent who knows how to negotiate a great price and secure terms from a committed buyer. Hire a listing agent who is committed to all of the following:

  • skillful marketing and pricing that attracts a large audience of buyers
  • effective communication with all interested buyers and buyer agents
  • negotiating with the best buyers who offer you the price and security you desire from your sale 

Six negotiation tips for home sellers

Looking for some sound advice on how to negotiate a successful sale of your home, condo, or investment property? Check out these 6 practical tips from our blog.

Key parts of the negotiation process

Here are the pivotal moments in your home sale:

  • creating an effective pricing and marketing plan that attracts a large number of motivated buyers
  • negotiating the offer to purchase
  • negotiating the home inspection


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