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As we return to a more balanced market, the art of negotiation is making its return, too. And it has been a long time coming. For the last three years, so many buyers have felt like they were at the mercy of sellers, where virtually every aspect of the offer to purchase was about buyers giving and sellers taking. But now, with the market mellowing, many buyers and sellers are realizing that they are on a much more level playing field in our more balanced market. 

the art of real estate negotiation

Now all of these terms are open for negotiation once again:

The price.

The inspection.

The appraisal. 

The home sale contingency.

And a host of other contingencies, too.  

Do you need help with your real estate dreams in our changing market? 

Reach out to your

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Do you need help with cosmetic updates and work around your yard and house? Here are 5 contractors who are crushing it for our clients in 2022.

Rios Home and Lawn Care Madison WI

Luis Rios Yard Care (262-844-1768)

Luis does any type of yardwork you need in the spring, summer, and fall. This includes lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, leaf raking, mulch spreading, weeding, brush removal, and the removal of fallen tree limbs. Luis is also available for light home repair and painting projects. 

Hellenbrand Painting (608-220-8222)

We're receiving excellent feedback from our clients about Dennis and his crew. They've taken on some challenging projects this year and have completed all of them with skill and care. 

Wendy Broadhead, Color Consultant (608-235-8623)

We highly

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How do buyers benefit in a more balanced market? Here are 5 big reasons why many buyers will enjoy shopping for their dream home in the summer of 2022.

Buying a Home in a Balanced Market

Five ways buyers benefit in a more balanced market 

1) More selection

The selection of homes and condos is rising in Madison and across all of Dane County. So, if you're someone who hasn't been able to find your dream home yet, there is still hope for you this summer. You'll have more properties to choose from if you hang in there and stay committed to your search.  

2) Less competition

Fewer buyers are searching for homes and condos right now, which means we'll experience fewer bidding wars in the weeks ahead.  

3) Better terms

More selection and less competition will lead to

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Interest rates have been rising, but for those buyers who stay in the market, there will be many more opportunities to purchase for the remainder of the year. Inventory is steadily moving higher, and it's just a matter of time before Dane County breaks the 500 listing mark for the first time in 2022. 

Dane County Available Listings June 2022

At the same time inventory is rising, showing activity is decreasing. This means buyers will have fewer competing offers to contend with in the weeks and months ahead. 

Madison WI Showing Activity June of 2022

The market is becoming more balanced.

And buyers will benefit by having more properties to choose from, more time to search, and more room to negotiate.

So, what questions do you have about buying a home in the Madison area? We would love to be a resource for you as more

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Lately, many realtors in the area have been noting how the market appears to be a little less intense these last few weeks, and the numbers tend to agree. Here's some fresh insight into the Madison area real estate market with a quick look at listings, showings, and mortgage rates. 

First, the number of available listings is increasing.

In fact, inventory levels right now are the highest they've been all year. Buyers have more properties to choose from right now than in any other point in 2022. 

Madison WI Active Listings May 21 2022

Competition is decreasing. 

As inventory has been increasing, the number of scheduled showings has been moderating. These two trends point to fewer competing offers in the weeks and months ahead. 

Madison WI Property Showings May 2022

Interest rates have been rising. 


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Congrats to our client Tricia, who just closed on her bright and beautiful home on Madison’s west side! With plenty of room to live, entertain, and work from home, Tricia’s new abode is a perfect fit for her lifestyle. And the low-maintenance yard suits Tricia’s tastes just fine, too!

Tricia's new dream home

Tricia was referred to us last year by a friend of our team. When we first met Tricia, Dan learned more about her wants and needs and provided guidance on the market. Then Dan and Shelley worked together to begin the search for Tricia’s new dream home. 

When it was time to tour properties, Tricia quickly zeroed in on the one she loved, and Shelley and Dan collaborated on the negotiation strategy that eventually resulted in Tricia’s offer being accepted over 7 other

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There's no doubt this can be a challenging time for first-time buyers. So, if you're an aspiring buyer who has been struggling with the market, it may be beneficial to evaluate the foundation that you're working from. Once you've had a chance to evaluate and strengthen your financial foundation, then your odds for buying your home should improve dramatically. 

Below we share 4 pieces of advice that can help you strengthen your financial position and help you achieve your dream of homeownership. At Mad City Dream Homes, we've integrated all 4 of these philosophies into our own lives. Each philosophy has stood the test of time by helping us improve our own financial foundations and by helping us achieve our homeownership goals, too. 

Advice for First Time Home Buyers

Four tips

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So many buyers are feeling frustrated by this year’s competitive real estate market. But this doesn’t need to be your experience. You can buy your dream home by partnering with our team as we help you overcome two big challenges during your home-buying journey.

How to buy your dream home

Challenge #1: You can’t compete because you have a home sale contingency.

You may be struggling right now because you need to make your offer contingent upon the sale of your current home. If this has been your challenge up to now, we want you to know we now have access to a program that can help you write your offer without a home sale contingency -- even when you have a home to sell.

Challenge #2: You can’t compete with cash offers.

You might also be struggling because you’re

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Maureen Moran Realtor Madison WIAt a time when so many realtors are blending in with the crowd, there are still a few professionals in the world of real estate who remain priceless to their clients. And Maureen Moran is certainly one of them. How is it that so many clients have come to love and appreciate Maureen?

It’s because Maureen is a consummate professional who also genuinely cares about the needs and concerns of her clients.

That’s the only conclusion we come to as we peruse the dozens of online reviews that have been submitted by Maureen’s clientele. Professionalism and personal care are the two constant themes that run throughout her clients’ commentary, the two main ingredients in Maureen's secret sauce.

Are professionalism and personal attention important to you as

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You're serious about buying your dream home, but you know inventory is tight. So how do you achieve your homeownership goals in 2022? 

buying your dream home in 2022

The answer is: by adjusting your perspective. By realizing that finding your dream home isn’t about finding the perfect home at the perfect price. It’s about finding the home that will help you build a better life. 

Or, put another way, it’s not about finding the home that checks all of your boxes. It’s about finding the home that checks most of them. 

So, even if the home you buy isn't the perfect home at the perfect price, it can be reassuring to know that your new home can help you create a better life. And it can help you create a better financial future, too. 

By paying down the principal on your

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