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Dane County home prices continued to move higher in the month of August, and by all measures. Here's our latest single family home update for the Greater Madison area. 

Home prices

The price per square foot increased from $210 in August of 2022 to $220 in August of 2023, an increase of 5 percent. The median price increased by 1 percent, while the average price increased by 4 percent. 

Madison WI Home Prices August 2023

Through the first 8 months of the year, prices were also up by every measure:

  • The price per square foot was up by 5 percent. 
  • The median was up by 5 percent. 
  • And the average was up by 7 percent. 

Stay tuned for the rest of our market update, coming real soon...

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Did you know that September is both National Healthy Aging Month and National Fall Prevention Awareness Month? A local nonprofit that we’ve featured in the past, Sharing Active Independent Lives (SAIL), does a tremendous job of educating and empowering older adults as well as equipping them with resources on how to age well, prevent falls, and much more. 

For example, Dr. Alexis Eastman, a faculty member in the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology in the Department of Medicine at University of Wisconsin-Madison, often presents a SAILing Into The Future workshop on Aging 101: 10 Things to Know About Aging. Here are a few key takeaways as a clinical geriatrician that she would like people to remember about aging:


"I want everybody to

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Are you someone who enjoys helping others? Or perhaps you work in a helping profession like teaching, nursing or social work and you're seeking new challenges and new opportunities with your career. 

If you're a helper at heart then a career in real estate could end up being a great fit for you. That's because people who are wired to serve tend to thrive in the world of real estate (at least this has been our experience). Contact us if you're curious and ready for a conversation. We'd love to hear from you. 

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Cash offers became much more prevalent during the pandemic, and that trend has continued in 2023. Note from the chart below that the percentage of home sales without financing contingencies is trending much higher this year than in pre-pandemic 2019.

Madison WI Cash Offers Aug 2023

A high percentage of cash offers is a clear sign of a competitive market. It's also an indicator of pent-up demand, where the number of buyers far exceeds the number of homes for sale in Dane County. Stay tuned for more insight into this topic. We'll have much more to share real soon. 

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Here's our latest look at the Madison area condo market, without any hyperbole or spin. 

Dane County condo prices

The price per square foot increased from $214 in August of 2022 to $217 in August of 2023. 

Madison WI condo prices Aug 2023

Here's how condo prices are trending through the first 8 months of the year:

  • the price per square foot is up 6 percent
  • the median is up 13 percent 
  • and the average is up 12 percent

We fully expect Madison area condo prices to keep rising based on all of the supply and demand trends that we're observing in the market right now. 

Also note: Because the number of condos sold each month is relatively small, the monthly prices can experience dramatic swings. That's why it's important to focus on the overall trend and not

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Our industry has a tendency to obsess about more. 

As in we should always be pumping out more marketing. We should always be generating more leads. And of course, we should always be pushing for more sales. 

But there is another way to go about our work and that is to stop obsessing about more and start focusing on better. For example, we can dedicate our work to serving a better purpose. We can invest our time into nurturing better relationships. And we can invest our creativity into offering a better experience for those we serve. 

When we choose better over more, we give ourselves the freedom to pursue more meaningful work. But this freedom also comes at a cost. That's because freedom requires intentionality, discipline and effort on our

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Each new client we meet is an opportunity to serve, and our recent sale in Middleton was the perfect example. 

Elbow Grease Condo Sale

Our clients, who lived two hours away, needed guidance and support as they prepared their condo for the market. So Mad City Dream Homes stepped in as project managers and oversaw the entire process.

Our list of projects included plumbing work, painting, flooring, lighting, carpet cleaning, HVAC replacement, window repair, and various small repairs throughout the condo. And in the end, all of the preparation and attention to detail was worth it. Our clients were elated to accept an offer for $11,000 above the list. 

We're glad we were there to serve our clients in their time of need, and we're here to serve you and yours when you need

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We recently posted about scarcity in the Madison area real estate market, and right now there is no better example of this than the number of homes and condos being sold. To put it plainly, home sales are at their lowest levels since the Great Recession. 

Aug 2023 Madison WI home sales

And the same goes for condos.

Aug 2023 Dane County condo sales

And yet, prices are off the charts.

The implications

In a complex market like ours, buyers and sellers will want to hire an agent they can count on when the stakes are high. And the realtor who hopes to thrive in this market will want to stand out as a trusted and caring professional.

That trust, in our opinion, will be earned through a daily dedication to craft. It won't be earned through social media and promotion. Customers will want more and need

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Single family home listings increased year-over-year in August, but in the big picture the number of new listings entering the Madison area real estate market remained very low. This was only the second August this century with fewer than 500 homes being listed for sale in Dane County.

Madison WI MLS listings Aug 2023

Condo listings continued to enter the market at a slow pace, too. Only 126 Dane County condos were listed for sale in August, which was the lowest August total in 21 years.

Madison WI MLS Condo Listings

What's next for the Madison area areal estate market? 

We're expecting high prices and low supply for the foreseeable future. Stay tuned for our August Dane County home and condo market updates, which we'll be publishing to our blog real soon. 

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Nina Woods Home OrganizerKeeping your living space organized can be a challenging task but once you decide to meet the challenge and get organized you will reap the benefits of doing so. Some of those benefits include quality of life, peace of mind and financial savings.

Quality of life and peace of mind

Improve your quality of life and gain peace of mind by spending less time trying to locate items and more time doing the things you enjoy. You may desire an inviting space in which to visit with your family and friends. Visiting in a cluttered space can be unpleasant and stressful for you and your visitors.

Financial savings

Having an organized pantry or storage closet will help you see immediately how many of each item you have before you head to the store. You may

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