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Buyer Agency Basics

Real estate agents in the state of Wisconsin are bound by law to be fair, honest, and skilled in the delivery of real estate services. In addition to these and other basic standards, the buyer agency/tenant representation agreement outlines the specific duties that are owed to buyer clients. When you enter into a buyer agency agreement, you create a client relationship with our real estate brokerage. As our client, you receive some very important benefits.

You can learn much more about the buying process by visiting our buyer's guide here

3 Important Buyer Agency Benefits

    1. We provide you with the advice that is important to your transaction. For example, when you are our buyer client, we can provide you with our professional opinion of a property's true market value.
    2. We work for you and carry out the duties that are important to you. Because you are our client (and the seller is not), it is our duty and obligation to advance your goals over the goals of any other party in your transaction.
    3. At your direction, we negotiate on your behalf. For example, not only do we help you negotiate your purchase price, we also help you formulate the earnest money, financing, inspection, testing, and other contingencies that you put forward in your offer. We negotiate all of these contingencies on your behalf as we advance the goals that matter most to you.

Buyer Agent Reviews from our Clients

"Alan Feder was amazing to work with. He took so much time to help us discover our needs and find our new home. He made the process super easy and was quick to respond to any of our needs. Alan truly cares about his clients." -- Mike 

"Our "bid" for our new home was accepted within two weeks of our first contact with Shelley! She skillfully guided us through the negotiation process, with an outcome that was pleasing to both buyer and seller. An added bonus: Shelley’s joyful personality made the stressful situation downright fun." -- Marlene and Paul 

"Max and Ann were fantastic to work with. We bought a house and the seller’s real estate agent explicitly said a key determining factor was how responsive our realtors were during the negotiation process (the sellers felt the closing process would go smoothly since we had responsive realtors)." -- Savannah 

"Chris was always professional and personable. This was a complex transition and I had so many questions. Chris always took the time I needed to clearly understand everything and never made me feel rushed. I truly loved working with her and recommend her to everyone." -- Ruth 

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Learn More About Buyer Representation from one of our Clients

Joel discusses how Alan went to bat for him during his inspection negotiation. 


Madison Buyer Representation: FAQs 

Note: buyer agency rules will be changing soon. We will be updating our FAQs as we learn more about the new practices that emerge from the proposed NAR settlement. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. 

  1. How long does a buyer agency agreement last? There is no standard timetable. The agreement lasts for as long or as short as you want it to last. You can select a timeframe that works best for you and your individual situation.
  2. Do I need a signed buyer agency agreement in order to schedule a property showing? No, you don't need an agreement in place in order to tour a property. At Mad City Dream Homes, we believe strongly in "service-first". We work to understand your real estate goals and earn your trust. Before you sign your agreement, we want you to feel comfortable with the real estate team that's helping you. Once we've established that trust, you can sign the agreement and formally select our team as your buyer representative.
  3. I've just met my Mad City Dream Homes agent for the first time at a property showing. Can the agent give me her professional opinion of the home's true market value? Per Wisconsin state law, the agent's default client relationship is with the seller. Technically speaking, the agent represents the seller even when the agent is not the listing agent for the home! She cannot provide you with a professional price opinion or help you formulate a negotiation strategy without first entering into a client relationship via the buyer agency agreement.
  4. I'm working with an agent, but we haven't signed a buyer agency agreement yet. Can the agent provide me with market data that will help me evaluate a home's true market value? Yes, the agent can provide you with sold listing and market data, but she cannot advise you on how to interpret the data until a buyer agency agreement is in place.
  5. I like a home and I want to submit an offer. Should I work with the listing agent to draft my offer? Remember the listing agent works for the seller and is contractually obligated to serve the seller's best interests. Although you could choose to submit your offer through the listing agent, we recommend you submit your offer by working with a buyer agent whose job is to serve and advance your best interests. 
  6. Do I need to sign a buyer agency agreement in order to submit an offer? There is no requirement to enter into a buyer agency agreement: however, 100% of our clients do end up signing the agreement. All of our buyer clients sign the agreement because they want the advocacy and advice that comes with buyer representation. 

Our Buyer Representation Guarantee

We focus our time and expertise on finding you the right home at the right price while protecting your best interests every step of the way. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will cancel your buyer agency agreement upon your request. When you work with Mad City Dream Homes, you don't need to worry about being locked into a long buyer agency agreement.  

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