Our Team Values

When you hire Mad City Dream Homes, you choose a group of real estate agents with a clear set of customer service values. Our team values are outlined below.

Mad City Dream Homes - 13 Team Values

  1. We're in business to be your real estate consultants for life. 

  2. Our #1 priority is to take great care of you, our client.

  3. We communicate with you proactively and do our best to anticipate your questions and concerns.

  4. When you do have questions, we answer them promptly.

  5. We're big believers in planning and preparation. We're here to consult with you several months or even several years before you need to buy or sell. 

  6. It's our job to stay educated on the local real estate market. You can call us at any time for a helpful conversation about the market in your neighborhood or condo community.

  7. We stay on top of emerging technologies, and we adopt the tools that help you with your buying and selling needs. 

  8. We identify creative solutions that help you achieve your real estate goals. 

  9. Our website is here to help you. You don't need to give us your personal information in order to use it. 

  10. We partner with professional and reputable service providers who help you achieve your buying and selling goals. 

  11. We follow through on all of the commitments we make to you. 

  12. We work as a team to support each other and to serve you better.

  13. We support our clients' charitable causes and businesses by donating our time, money, and marketing support. 

Call Us for More Information

  • Alan Feder: 608-338-1826
  • Amanda Verbrick: 608-852-2234
  • Chris Venden: 608-279-7852
  • Dan Miller: 608-852-7071
  • Lane Manning: 608-535-5131
  • Max Woods: 608-498-1314
  • Shelley Lazzareschi: 608-215-3873

We're here to help you. Contact us 24/7 to schedule a short meeting with one of our real estate consultants. 

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