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Our team members are thriving, and it's time to add the next real estate agent to our team! If you are relatively new to the field, here are three proven ways we can help you grow your business and enjoy a rewarding career in real estate.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

Our top 3 sources of business for new agents on our team

#1: Referrals from other team members

Many of us on the team have been working by referral for years, and we need help serving the clients that know us, trust us, and want to work with us. As a new agent on our team, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with new clients as you receive mentoring, training, and support from your team members.

#2: Referrals from your own sphere of influence

When you join our team we will teach you how to

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It's been a crazy year for real estate, especially for buyers who entered the fray this spring. So many buyers were forced to endure bidding wars earlier this year, with sometimes as many as 20 or more other buyers competing for the same home. A lot of buyers ended up feeling discouraged and burnt out, and some put their homeownership plans on hold. This was especially true for buyers who needed to sell their current home in order to buy a new one. They felt that they just couldn't compete with a home sale contingency. 

Moving Up to Your Dream Home in 2021

Reasons for optimism this fall

If you are one of those discouraged buyers we want you to know that there is hope for you this fall. That's because the market has cooled since this spring, and were are seeing more balance as we

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We recently shared with you our recommendations for Kristi Bertelson and Cody Helmer -- two local business owners we know and trust. Luis Rios is another local contractor we've grown to appreciate over the last few years. He's helped many of us on the team -- and many of our clients -- with valuable work that many other contractors aren't interested in providing. For example, Luis has helped us with lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, leaf raking, mulch spreading, weeding, brush removal, and the removal of fallen tree limbs.

Rios Home and Lawn Care Madison WI

In addition to his yard care services, Luis also helps his customers with painting and light handyman projects inside the home, too. 

We've learned over time that Luis is a friendly, hard-working and reliable person. In many cases

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Are you a new or newer real estate agent seeking a successful career that is sustainable for the long-term? Here are five great reasons to explore a career with Mad City Dream Homes.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

5 reasons to work with Mad City Dream Homes

#1: You receive ongoing mentoring, training and support.

At Mad City Dream Homes, we pair you with a mentor who helps you make a successful transition to real estate and to our team. We also offer weekly coaching sessions, regular team meetings, and training opportunities that help you stay on track with your business plan and your professional growth. 

#2: You build a career that grows from your relationships and reputation.

Throughout your whole career we help you nurture positive relationships with people who

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The Dane County Farmers’ Market has gained notoriety for being the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the United States. Each Saturday, nearly 100 vendors line Capitol Square to sell their goods -- from cauliflower to cheese curds -- all of which are grown, raised, and produced in Wisconsin by the person behind the stand. 

Since its inception nearly 50 years ago in 1972, the market’s mission has been to unite urban and rural cultures and allow people to connect with their food on a different level than they could by purchasing it from anywhere else.  

“The market supports small farmers who grow food in an environmentally-thoughtful way and also supports our local community,” said Market Manager Jamie Bugel. “The market is an incredible

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A few years ago we asked to join the Foundation for Dane County Parks based on a hunch. A hunch that we could donate our business skills to a cause and help that cause enhance its impact on the community. We chose the Foundation because parks and nature are vital to a healthy community. We're almost 4 years into this now, and we've learned so much from our experience. Mainly, great things happen when people come together to support a higher cause. 

Indian Lake Park Photo by Samantha Haas

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who are donating your time, your skills, and your money to the causes that are important to you. You may not realize this, but you are role models who inspire others to follow your example. We're committed to following your lead and serving the Foundation and many

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Madison area condo prices continued to reach new highs in the month of July. Here's our latest Dane County condo report covering prices, inventory, days on market, and more. 

Dane County condo prices

Dane County condo prices set a new record last month, increasing by 7% from July of 2020. Year-to-date prices were up 14% compared to prices through the first seven months of last year.

Madison WI Condo Prices July 2021

Accepted offers

Condo buyers were extremely active in July of 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic on the market. Condo buyers were very active in July of 2021 as well, but accepted offers were lower compared to last year's unusually strong numbers.

Madison WI Condo Accepted Offers July 2021

New MLS listings

New condo listings continued to enter the market at a subdued pace. A lack of supply

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Dane County home prices increased by double-digits for the 5th straight month in July, but we're seeing signs that price growth may be moderating soon. Here's our latest update on the Madison area single family home market. 

Dane County home prices

Dane County home prices increased by 10% year-over-year and by 12% year-to-date. The average July home price was a whopping $419,402, and July was the fifth straight month that the average home price landed above $400,000. However, we do believe price growth will moderate in the months ahead based on some of the trends that we are observing right now. 

Dane County Home Prices July 2021

Percent of sales with competing offers

Our preliminary data through the month of June suggests that the percent of home sales with multiple

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Over the years we've had the pleasure of photographing some amazing kitchens! Here are a few of our favorite kitchen shots from the last few years. Thanks to our stager, Debbie Lea, and to our marketing team for making these photos possible. And of course, thank you to our wonderful clients!

350 S Hamilton St #204

Luxury Condo Kitchen

350 S Hamilton St #901

Luxury Downtown Madison Condo

927 Rumley Run

Luxury DeForest WI Kitchen

1110 Red Tail Drive

Luxury Verona WI Kitchen

1880 Deer Haven Trail

Luxury Verona WI Condo

3080 Yarmouth Greenway

Luxury Fitchburg WI Kitchen

2205 Town Hall Rd

Luxury Mount Horeb WI Kitchen

4322 Rolla Lane

Luxury Madison WI Kitchen

5035 Enchanted Valley Rd

Cross Plains WI Luxury Kitchen

Are you in search of your dream kitchen? 

We can help you find and buy your next home that comes with your dream kitchen already built. Give us a call and tell us about your dream home. We'll work closely with you and

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Inventory is increasing across the country and it's rising locally, too. As of this writing, there are almost 600 Dane County single family homes listed for sale on the MLS without an accepted offer. Earlier this spring, during the height of the home buying frenzy, there were only 300 homes available.

Buying a Home in Madison WI

With more homes available for sale, the market is becoming more hospitable for Madison area home buyers. Generally speaking, there are fewer competing offers and fewer bidding wars right now compared to the height of the spring buying season. More opportunities are opening up for buyers who are staying in the game and who are staying committed to their search. 

Are you still searching for your dream home? 

We are here to help you with all of

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