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Real Estate Agent CollaborationIt's been a very competitive market this year involving a lot of long hours and a lot of hard work, so the timing seemed right for a get together with some of our industry peers at the Memorial Union Terrace. When we casually pitched this idea over Facebook, we were amazed by the response. 

In all a couple dozen agents from a few different brokerages gathered for an afternoon of relaxation and collaboration, and it was a great event. We all got to know each other a little better as we openly shared our ideas and philosophies. Many people who attended the event (as well as those who couldn't make it), have said they would love to make this a regular meeting.

Even though we're technically "competitors", we all have a need for connection and

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Most business owners would not choose to go through the trouble of creating and mailing over 1,700 newsletters each month when the world went digital a long time ago. After all, newsletters are time-consuming and costly. And unlike an online ad, they don't provide any measurable boost to the bottom line. 

All of this is true. But over time we have learned that producing a monthly newsletter has become fundamental to the way we do business. Here are three reasons why we're committed to creating an 8-page newsletter month-after-month.

Mad City Dream Homes Newsletter from March, 2021

Real Estate Newsletters

Why we publish a monthly newsletter

For starters, creating a monthly newsletter requires collaboration, commitment, and consistency by all of our team members.

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