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We live in an anxious world where the future often feels uncertain. So it's only natural that you will feel some anxiety, too, when you make the decision to buy or sell. After all, you are bound to have some high stakes questions. 

On the buying side

Will interest rates go up or down from here? 

Will you find the type of home that you're looking for? 

If you do find the right home, how much will it cost you? 

On the selling side 

How much work will you need to put into your sale? 

And what will be your return on investment? 

At Mad City Dream Homes, we understand the prospect of buying or selling a home can feel overwhelming. Which is why we're always focused on giving you all of the time and attention you need throughout your real

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The fall season is fast approaching, which means it's time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance. Two companies that we enthusiastically recommend are Brothers HVAC and Hillestad Heating & Cooling.

Both companies have support staff who make scheduling easy. And based on our experience, the technicians are professional, reliable, and effective communicators. As always, we recommend calling ahead and scheduling your service proactively. The best contractors are often booked several weeks out. 

Brothers HVAC: 608-291-0252 

Hillestad Heating & Cooling: 608-231-3888

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We have a tendency to assume that the real estate market will act as it always has according to predictable patterns and cycles. But, we're in a new era for real estate. And what we're learning right now is that some of the old rules no longer apply. Here are 3 examples.

new rules for Dane County real estate

Old rule #1:

Prices go through regular boom and bust cycles based on having either too little or too much supply.

  • New rule #1: Many systemic factors are at play which will limit supply indefinitely and keep prices high.

Old rule #2:

The springtime and the summertime tend to be the best times to buy a home in Dane County.

  • New rule #2: In a perpetually low supply market like ours, buying a home is now a year-round endeavor. Your best opportunity could present
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Here's our latest insight into the Dane County condominium market, covering the month of July, 2023.

July Dane County condo prices

Madison area condo prices continued to rise in July, and by all measures:

  • The price per square foot of $226 rose by 8 percent from $210 in July of 2022.
  • The median price of $322,500 jumped by 17 percent.
  • And the average price of $359,203 soared by 23 percent.

Madison WI Condo Prices July 2023

Note: Because the number of condos sold each month is relatively small, the monthly numbers can experience dramatic swings. However, these numbers for the month of July are consistent with how the condo market has been performing throughout the year.

New MLS listings

Only 122 condos were listed for sale in July, which was a decrease of

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Buying your dream home in this market isn't easy, but it's possible. It becomes probable when you have a good plan and a caring and committed team supporting you. And it all begins with a conversation. 

buying a home with Mad City Dream Homes

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Here's our latest insight into the Dane County single family home market, covering the month of July, 2023. 

July Dane County home prices

Madison area home prices continued to rise in July, and by all measures:

  • The price per square foot of $225 rose by 6 percent from the $213 in July of 2022.
  • The median price of $446,154 also grew by 6 percent.
  • And the average price of $505,915 increased by 5 percent. 

We're expecting prices to continue to rise for the foreseeable future based on all of our current supply and demand trends -- keep reading for more insight.

Madison WI home prices July 2023

July MLS listings

As the chart below shows, MLS listing activity decreased significantly last summer when interest rates moved sharply higher. And listings have been

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Being on a supportive team gives us the luxury to ask for help when we need it. It also assumes that we give generously when a team member, or a team member's client, needs our support. 

Ultimately, being on a team empowers each of us to take better care of our clients, our families, and ourselves. We all lead better lives when we choose to work in community, not competition, with each other. 

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We've entered the heart of the summer season, when showing activity subsides from the peak market of the spring. And showings will continue to slow throughout the second half of the year, as they do every year, here in Dane County. 

Dane County Property Showings July 2023

At the same time it's important to know that prices keep rising in the Madison area, even though buyer activity is slowing. We'll have a lot more to share on this topic, coming to our blog real soon. 

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Take a stroll or a bike ride around town and you're likely to notice more and more homeowners opting for the beauty and simplicity of native landscapes.

native landscapes

The benefits of native landscapes

Natural landscapes can be low maintenance and very easy to maintain, but they offer a number of other environmental benefits, too. For starters, they require little or no, fertilizers and chemicals. Native plants have extensive root structures that conserve water and prevent erosion and run-off from our yards. And vitally important, native plants provide food and shelter for the insects, pollinators, birds, and other wildlife that share the earth with us. 

How to get started with your own natural yard

Keep in mind you don't need to transform your entire

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