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Who Not How by Dan SullivanAnn Raschein and I recently read the book "Who Not How" based upon the recommendation of a real estate colleague -- and it was an inspiring read! This book illustrates how we are all capable of leading more rewarding lives and accomplishing so much more through collaboration and teamwork.

The author, Dan Sullivan, points out that we all possess our own unique abilities. When we lean into our unique gifts in collaboration (rather than competing) with others, we maximize our potential and positively impact the world around us.

Is this a philosophy that resonates with you? We are always looking to hire our next team member who is inspired by collaboration and by practicing real estate in ways that make the most of their unique abilities. 

More than

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Madison area single family home listings started the year roughly 25% lower than the listing totals from the last several years. But now that our June numbers are in, we're beginning to see signs that more homeowners are deciding to sell as our society opens up with the vaccine roll-out. 

A total of 779 Dane County single family homes were listed for sale in June, which was consistent with the June totals over the last 10 years. We believe this may be a sign of more homes hitting the market in the months ahead. In the last few weeks we've heard from several homeowners who are deciding to sell really soon in order to take advantage of this year's hot market. 

Madison WI New MLS Listings June 2021 

Real estate is now a 12 month season in Dane County

Traditionally, the spring and

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At Mad City Dream Homes, we don't have a budget for our real estate listings because customized marketing always helps our clients achieve the best results. Chris Venden's newest listing at 7538 Fallen Oak Drive is a great example. Here are just a few of the marketing pieces from Chris's latest luxury listing. 

Over 160 professional photos

For this nearly 10,000 square foot home we captured over 160 interior, exterior, and aerial photos. 

Mad City Dream Homes Photos

A video tour and doll house tour

Our marketing partner, Shutterzone Media, also produced a 4-minute video tour and a self-guided doll house tour for the home. You can click on the images below to view each tour. 

Floor plans for each level of the home

Tracy Kapela from our marketing

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Most people find it difficult to enter the field of real estate and build a rewarding career that is sustainable for the long-term. After all, close to 90% of all people who obtain their real estate license are out of the business within 5 years. But it doesn't need to be that way. Over time our team has developed our own simple formula for building a career that is financially and personally rewarding. Here are the "four R's" that have helped all of us on the team enjoy a successful career in real estate.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

Our "4 R's" for a rewarding career in real estate

#1: Nurture positive relationships by generously serving others.

By serving others we mean being a person who consistently ads value to the people in our lives  -- our clients, friends,

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Connecting you with trusted local business owners is one of the ways we strive to always be of service to you, your friends, and family. And one person we never hesitate to refer is Cody Helmer, owner of Helmer Construction. 

Cody and his team are the type of people you can do business with on a handshake. They specialize in roofing, siding, home additions (including 3-season porches), and a variety of large home renovation projects. When you hire Cody and his crew you can count on them to perform their work with skill, follow through on all of their commitments, and identify creative solutions when problems pop up. 

If you try googling Helmer Construction you won't find much information online, because Cody doesn't have a sales team or a website.

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Low appraisals have become more common in the Madison area due to home and condo prices rising at an accelerated pace. If you're planning to sell your home soon, you should know this year's market can be tricky, because a low appraisal can potentially sidetrack your transaction, resulting in either a negotiated price reduction or even a canceled offer. 

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to protect your listing from appraisal issues. Below we share 7 ways you and your real estate agent can work together to prevent a bad appraisal from derailing your listing. 

how to avoid a low property appraisal

7 ways to protect your listing from a low appraisal

  1. Choose a listing plan that's designed to attract multiple offers. Your odds of receiving an offer with no appraisal
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While every real estate situation is unique, our team has noticed that sellers often view offers from buyers more favorably if they’re working with a local lender -- especially someone who takes the time to vouch for them. Even if your offer isn’t the highest or it includes financing or has other contingencies, having a local lender as part of the transaction can help distinguish your offer in a competitive market. Online or out-of-state lenders can cause listing agents to worry about appraisers, communication, and accountability. Sellers want a smooth closing, and a local, knowledgeable, and service-minded mortgage lender can help pave that path early on. 

For example, the determining factor in Mad City Dream Homes REALTOR Jake Johnson’s clients

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Do rising prices have you on the fence about buying a home this year? Reflecting on these 3 questions will help you evaluate whether or not it's the right time for you to pursue your dream home. 

Record High Madison WI Home Prices

Three key questions for home and condo buyers in 2021

#1: Would you have peace of mind if you found the right home in 2021? In other words, would moving to a new home eliminate a worry in your life and put your mind at ease? 

#2: Would you have financial peace of mind? Put another way, could you comfortably handle your monthly payment at this year's prices? 

#3: Would you be excited? Would your heart sing with joy even though you're paying more for your home than you hoped for? 

If you can answer "yes" to all three of these questions then

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Madisonians looking for relief from the hustle and bustle of city life don’t have to travel far to become immersed in nature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, spanning a whopping 1,200 acres from the southern shores of Lake Wingra to beyond the Beltline.  

This beautiful oasis, which occupies ancestral Ho-Chunk land, offers an unparalleled visitor experience for users of all ages. Whether you enjoy learning about restored ecosystems (the Arboretum manages the oldest restored prairie and offers family nature programs and children’s day camps), hiking the network of trails (more than 17 miles wind through restored prairies, savannas, woodlands, and wetlands), biking or running the 3-mile scenic paved drive, or watching the birds and

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The numbers are in, and Dane County condo prices continue to rise at the fastest pace we've ever seen. Here's our inside scoop on the Madison area condo market, covering the month of May, 2021. 

Price per square foot

The price per square foot jumped from $159 in May of 2020 to $190 in May of 2021. That's a 19% increase year-over-year and a 14% jump year-to-date. 

Madison WI condo prices May 2021

New condo listings

One of the reasons prices are rising is a scarcity of new supply. Only 186 Dane County condo listings entered the market in the month of May, which was the lowest level since May of 2010. 

Condo inventory and percent of listings with accepted offers

As of June 9th, only .6 months of condo supply were available for sale in Dane County. Overall, 70% of

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