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Did you know that many of the listing photos we see online are actually produced overseas? Sure, the pictures are taken by a local photographer. But what many people don’t know is that in many cases the photo editing is outsourced overseas before the final images are published online.  

The same goes for virtual staging. Many of the virtually staged images that we see online are actually produced by people who live halfway around the world. 

From an economic perspective, this approach to photography is beneficial to the consumer. It leverages cheap, overseas labor to efficiently deliver an affordable product. 

But in the bigger picture it comes at a cost -- because it bypasses an opportunity to create meaningful work and support our economy right

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Here's our snapshot of the latest Dane County condo trends, as well as some guidance for buyers and sellers on how to navigate this year's unique market. If you are planning to buy or sell a condo in 2021, please reach out to us for a helpful conversation. As always, we're never too busy to learn about your goals and share our guidance and advice. 

New Dane County condo listings

Excluding last April's numbers -- which were the result of the pandemic shutdown -- new MLS condo listings were at the lowest level since 2002. 

Madison WI New MLS Condo Listings April 2021

Condo supply and percent of listings with accepted offers

As of May 5th, only half a month of condo supply was available for sale in the Madison area -- which is the lowest level we have seen in our market. Overall, 71% of

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Our home selling clients continue to experience tremendous results in 2021. Here are four examples from this spring that show how skilled staging, pricing, marketing, negotiation -- and great teamwork -- are helping our clients attract some very clean offers and some amazing prices.

231 S Musket Ridge Drive

Listed for $250,000 and sold for $270,000 -- $20,000 above the list. 

Mad City Dream Homes Seller Success Story

3130 Dorchester Way #3

Listed for $250,000 and sold for $275,750 -- $25,750 above the list. 

10 Chelsea Ct

Listed for $285,000 and sold for $315,100 -- $30,100 above the list. 

5930 Mayhill Drive

Listed for $295,000 and sold for $330,000 -- $35,000 above the list. 

What do sellers want most in this year's market?

They want a great price,

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Home building is proving to be a good option for some Madison area home buyers who are opting for a new construction home in one of the area's emerging neighborhoods. The appeal is two-fold. Buyers get to choose their own customizations and finishes. Plus it can be easier to purchase a brand new home due to less competition in the new construction market.

If you've been challenged by our low inventory market, evaluate your options and check out the properties available in some of the area's newest subdivisions. Who knows, you might find just what you're looking for in a new construction home.

Thinking of buying or building a new construction home? Here's our overview of over 50 emerging neighborhoods in the greater Madison area. Contact us to

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Low inventory and rising prices continue to be the dominant themes in the Madison area real estate market. Here's our latest snapshot covering the month of April, 2021.

New MLS listings

Outside of last April's numbers (which were the result of the COVID shutdown), new MLS listings entered the market at the slowest pace since the year 2000. On a year-to-date basis, Dane County listings are down 10% from the year before. 

Madison WI New MLS Listings April 2021 

Inventory and percent of listings with accepted offers

As of May 5th, only half a month of single family home inventory was available for sale in Dane County -- which is the lowest level we have ever seen in our market. Overall, 67% of all listings are under contract with an accepted offer. The market for homes priced

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What began in 2006 as a couple’s dream to feed 100 families a week on Madison’s north side has grown tenfold as the need to provide healthy food access has also increased over the last 15 years. With a vision to achieve a fully nourished community, The River Food Pantry is now South Central Wisconsin’s busiest food pantry and serves more than 1,000 families each week.  

Much like the body of water, The River is no stranger to adapting to change and charting a new course when faced with obstacles, especially those intensified by the pandemic. The River distributed 2.4 million pounds of food to less than 5,000 households in 2019, compared to a record 3.7 million pounds of food to over 6,000 households in 2020. Communications Manager Becca Carpenter

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Home and condo prices surged once again in the month of March. Here's our quick snapshot of the latest real estate trends in Dane County. 

Single family homes

  • As of April 6th, 65% of all Dane County single family home listings are under contract with an accepted offer and only .5 months of supply are available for sale. Both of these numbers are off the charts for our market. 
  • New listings decreased 15% in March from the previous March. 
  • Accepted offers decreased by 4%. 
  • Home prices increased by 9% year-over-year. 

Madison Single Family Home Snapshot - March 2021


  • As of April 6th, 69% of all Madison area condo listings are under contract with an accepted offer and only .6 months of supply are available for sale. 
  • New listings in March were even with the new
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Spring is in the air, and that has golfers eager to hit the links! Golf course communities have long been attractive places to buy or build a home due to the on-site amenities and sweeping views. Below we round up 15 neighborhoods that are within a short distance of a golf course in the Madison area. Click on the community name to read our full neighborhood profile and see current listings.

Neighborhoods near Madison area golf courses

Bergamont - Located in Oregon, this community surrounds the Legend at Bergamont 18-hole golf course. In addition to great views, the community has many amenities including a restaurant, fitness center, and a swimming pool. Homes in this neighborhood are upscale and many have unique features like home theaters and chef-quality kitchens.

Bishops Bay - Along the

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At Mad City Dream Homes, we're always sharing our knowledge and learning from each other. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our weekly meetings where we share our "learning moments" from the week before. Our learning moments offer a way for all of us to share our challenges and successes with each other so we're always enhancing our collective knowledge and furthering our professional development. 

Mad City Dream Homes Professional Growth

Each week is full of new learning opportunities 

Our team meetings are resulting in some incredibly productive conversations that help all of us better serve our clients. For example, in one recent meeting Shelley Lazzareschi shared how she successfully negotiated a $7,000 credit for her buyer after a last-minute surprise popped up at the

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Wonderful things happen when preparation and opportunity meet, which is certainly true for our home-selling clients who are focusing on the fundamentals during this year's favorable market. Here are three quick examples that show how our clients are experiencing some amazing results in early 2021. All three of these examples show how skilled staging, pricing, marketing, and negotiation always lead to the best results.

6 Shiloh Ct

Sold for $60,000 above the list. 

Real Estate Sold by Mad City Dream Homes

2205 Town Hall Rd

Sold for $25,000 above the list. 

805 Swallowtail Drive

Sold for $15,000 above the list. 

Skilled marketing, multiple offers, and effective negotiation

For each of these listings we worked closely with our clients to create a beautiful listing

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