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Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 9:42am.

At Mad City Dream Homes, we create an individualized marketing plan for every home and condo we sell. Each property has its unique selling points, and our marketing plans reflect that. We design our marketing plans to maximize each client's return on investment.

Real Estate Marketing Plan

Customized marketing solutions

Every successful listing begins with a good plan and a great team of professionals to carry it out. Below we share a few examples of how our team customizes our marketing according to the unique needs of each client. 

Staging an occupied home

The most effective way to increase a property's value is to stage it under the guidance of a qualified professional. This is why we connect you with Debbie Lea, the best professional home stager in the Madison area. Staging is the most important part of the home-selling process, so we give you as much time as you need with Debbie.

Through our collaboration with Debbie, we help you obtain a set of amazing, showcase listing photos. Here are just a few examples from some of our recent listings priced under $250,000. Even with a modest home, you can have a luxury listing with our real estate marketing. 

Professional Real Estate Listing Photos

Example of Professionally Staged Home

 A Modest Home with Luxury Staging

Click here to view staging examples from some of our recent luxury listings.  

Staging a vacant home

We also work with outside professionals to stage vacant properties with rented furniture. Over the years, we've learned this is the best strategy for clients whose goal is to sell their vacant listing quickly and for the highest possible price. As an example, here are some photos from one recent listing that we staged entirely with rented furniture. These photos look like they come from a luxury listing, but they actually come from a modestly-priced home. It's no surprise this listing received several quick offers and sold for an amazing price. 

Vacant Home Staging with Rented Furniture

Bedroom Professionally Staged with Rented Furniture

Kitchen Professionally Staged with Rented Furniture

Virtual staging for a vacant home

Yet another option is "virtual staging". This photo comes from one of our recent vacant property listings. The photo of this vacant room has been digitally modified to show the room's full potential. All of the furniture, artwork and accessories were superimposed on top of the photo by our marketing team.  

Virtual Staging a Real Estate Listing

 You can learn more about the home staging process by viewing articles from our blog. Click here for more info

Increasing your home's market value with cosmetic updates

Staging is one proven way to increase your property's market value. Another excellent strategy is to focus on low-cost, high-impact cosmetic updates which improve your home's marketability and mass appeal. Paint, flooring, and lighting projects typically offer a great return on investment. We specialize in helping you identify these and other low-cost projects that will positively impact your sale. We also connect you with reliable contractors who will help you complete your cosmetic updates for a fair price. Check out our blog for a list of specific painting and cosmetic projects which offer a great return on investment.

Increasing Your Home's Value

Professional listing photos

We hire professional photographers to produce all of our listing photos, and we schedule as many photo shoots as needed in order to get your listing photos just right. 

Real Estate Listing Photo - Kitchen 

 Kitchen Listing Photo

Living Room Real Estate Listing Photo

Exterior photos and outdoor settings

We also work with our professional photographers to capture each property's unique setting. 

Exterior Real Estate Listing Photo

Professional Exterior Real Estate Listing Photo

Madison Exterior Real Estate Listing Photos

Aerial photography

Another way to capture a property's unique setting is through aerial photography. Aerial photography is an excellent marketing tool for properties located near water and conservancy space.  

Real Estate Listing Aerial Photography

aerial listing photography

aerial photo of madison condo listing

Neighborhood photos

Yet another way to sell a property's location is to include neighborhood photos in the marketing plan. Photos of local amenities and landmarks help buyers learn about the many benefits of living in your location, and they're especially helpful for out-of-town buyers. Our neighborhood collection includes hundreds of professional photos covering dozens of neighborhoods and is growing all the time.   

Madison Neighborhood Photos

Willy St Neighborhood Photo

Williamson St Neighborhood Photo

Neighborhood slide shows

Very often we add our neighborhood photos to a 15" high-resolution display and create a slide show for buyers. We place the slide show at your home so buyers can learn more about the surrounding area during their visit to your property.

neighborhood real estate photos

360 degree dollhouse tours

If you've knocked your staging out of the park, a 360 degree dollhouse tour is the most effective way to show off your home's interior. Our self-guided tours help your home sell itself! Click this link for an example

Feature sheets

A feature sheet documents the many amenities and upgrades built into your home. We make it available to buyers both online and at your property. It's one of several marketing tools we use to justify the list price of your home.    

Real Estate Features Sheet

Home books

Our home book takes your documentation to the next level by providing a more comprehensive list of features and sharing the benefits of living in your community. Like the feature sheet, we make it available to buyers both online and at your home. 

real estate home book

More marketing ideas

Soon we'll be sharing more marketing examples, including our listing floor plans, social media ads, feature articles, "coming soon" marketing, text message marketing, open house strategies, and strategies for attracting multiple offers. We'll also share our thoughts on how to negotiate the best possible price and terms when you start receiving offers. 

Are you interested in receiving a customized marketing plan for your Madison area real estate listing? Contact Mad City Dream Homes for a complimentary consultation. 

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