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Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 4:16am.

In this low inventory market a little creativity and elbow grease can make all the difference in your home search. One very effective way to find and buy a home is to send letters to property owners in your preferred location. If you're targeting a specific neighborhood or condo community, mailing letters is an excellent way to find properties before they get listed for sale. By being proactive, you gain the advantage over other buyers who rely on more traditional search strategies. 

buying a home through direct mail

Why personal letters work

Upon receiving your letter many property owners will be pleasantly surprised by the prospects of a quiet sale. It's like pressing the easy button. Suddenly, all of the stress and anxiety that come with the traditional listing could be eliminated by selling directly to you. This is why personal letters work. A private sale is a win-win scenario for both you and the seller. 

Why this fall is an excellent time for a letter campaign

Right now there are hundreds of property owners in the Madison area who are getting ready to sell in early 2018. They're consulting with their stager, de-cluttering their home, and implementing cosmetic improvements. This is your target audience.

Your letter will generate emails and call-backs when your target audience receives it. As soon as the responses start rolling in you'll have the unique opportunity to view properties before anyone else knows they're available for sale. Once you find the right home, you'll have the luxury of writing an offer without any competition. 

Tips for an effective letter campaign

Here are 3 practical tips for an effective letter campaign. 

  1. Hand address and stamp each envelope. Every letter you send will get read when you hand-write the address and your return address on the envelope. Adding a unique postage stamp is another nice touch. 
  2. Make your letter personal, short, and sweet. In your letter, explain why you're looking for a home in the area. Including a little information about yourself (and your family) makes you credible and helps your cause.   
  3. Include your phone number and email address in the letter. Make it easy for each recipient to contact you. More people will reach out to you when you share all of your contact information. 

An example of a good letter

Here's a template you can use as a starting point for your own letter. 

letter to property owners

Getting started with your letter campaign

Our real estate team has helped several clients find and buy a home in this manner. On a more personal level, I've also used this approach to buy investment properties and a family home.

We can help you get your letter campaign up and running while taking much of the work off your plate. Contact us for a short consultation, and we'll get your home search moving in the right direction.  

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