Can't Find Your Dream Home?

Have you been searching for the right home in your target neighborhood? Or the perfect condo in your favorite development? We specialize in helping you locate and buy your dream home before it ever hits the open market. How do we do it? Read on for more details.

Buying an unlisted/off-market home in Madison:

It all begins with a needs analysis. We sit down with you and learn more about your real estate goals, including your ideal property, your preferred location, and your target timeline for your move. Then we get to work on finding your dream home before it ever hits the open market. Our strategies for finding unlisted/off-market properties include:

  • calling home owners and condo owners on your behalf
  • calling/emailing condo association and neighborhood association contacts in your preferred location
  • sending letters or post cards to property owners
  • door-knocking in your target neighborhood or condo development
  • contacting owners of previously expired listings

Find your dream home before anyone else knows it's available for sale. Contact us for a short consultation. We can help you locate and buy an unlisted property without any competition from other buyers in our crowded real estate market. 

Advantages of buying an unlisted home:

There are several advantages to buying a home which isn't listed on the open market.

  • First, if you have a home to sell, buying an off-market home gives us some time to sell your home while we work to find your future home. Typically we locate properties whose sellers are planning to transition several months in the future. This allows us to arrange a timeframe that is agreeable to both buyer and seller.
  • Second, buyers of unlisted homes are afforded the rare opportunity of purchasing a home in a non-competitive environment. Because you are not competing with any other buyers, you have plenty of time to make your offer and negotiate your offer to purchase.
  • Last, sellers of unlisted homes tend to be very appreciative of the buyers who have literally fallen into their laps. Many sellers will accommodate your price and your terms because you've made the process of selling easy on them. The end result is a friendly sale where both buyer and seller feel good about the transaction.

It's a lot of work, but the results are amazing. With a little creativity and some focused effort, we can find your dream home before it ever hits the open market.

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