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Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Sunday, January 10th, 2016 at 5:31am.

Our most successful listings are those with a great spirit of teamwork. Our upcoming listing at Nichols Station Condominiums is a great example. Yesterday our real estate team met with Mr Seller's family and Debbie Lea from Showcase Home Stagers to prepare the condo for sale. We started at 9:00 AM and before we hit 11:00 AM the condo was 80% staged. Today, Mr Seller will purchase a few accessories, remove a few furniture pieces, and do a little touch-up cleaning before we arrange for our professional photographer to shoot the listing photos and video. 

Home Stager Debbie Lea Madison WI"Hands On Staging" by Debbie Lea

Yesterday's 2-hour session was extremely productive as we worked together to implement Debbie's recommendations. During our time together I documented all of the improvements we completed as a group. I also itemized the remaining steps so Mr Seller would have a list to work from as he completes his staging over the next two days.  As you can see from my notes below, we got a ton done! This sense of teamwork and collaboration bodes very well for this sale. Thanks to the staging effort, the listing photos will be superb, and the photos will motivate buyers to visit this condo.

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64 Condo Staging Recommendations

Below are my room-by-room notes from our 2 hour session with Debbie Lea. 


  • Remove towel rod from side of refrigerator (done).
  • Remove cutlery above sink (done). 
  • Replace with small art piece from master bedroom (done). 
  • Remove mat in front of sink (done). 
  • Put cookbook on a stand to left of stove (done). 
  • Keep spice rack (done).
  • Store paper towel holder (done). 
  • Remove stainless receptacles (done).
  • Remove utensil holder (done). 

Dining Room

  • Re-purpose and remove items from hutch (done).
  • Place plate on dining room table as center piece (done).
  • Place 3 green pears/3 wicker balls from Hobby Lobby on plate in dining room. 
  • Remove picture in dining room (done). 
  • Remove cabinets in hallway next to guest bathroom. 
  • Remove extra chair by dining room table. 
  • Remove 2 bar stools. 
  • Make sure there are 3 incandescent style light bulbs in light fixture. 

Guest Bathroom

  • Remove bath towels above toilet (done). 
  • 1 more beige hand towel above toilet (done). 
  • Remove green towels (done).
  • Remove green shower curtain and replace with white waffle weave curtain (Target or Walmart). 
  • Remove pieces from vanity (done). 
  • Remove personal care pieces.
  • Replace clip mirror with framed mirror from Kirkland's for $29.99 (30x36 or 24x36).

Guest Bedroom

  • Place throw along left side of futon (done). 
  • Buy 2-pack of pillows from Kirkland's (blue or burgundy or gray). 
  • Remove exercise equipment underneath futon. 
  • Remove bucket of coins. 
  • Remove everything from overhead closet shelving. 
  • Remove personal files from closet. 
  • Keep the New England artwork. Remove other 2 art pieces (done). 

Entry Closet

  • Place basket or tote on top shelf. 
  • Add 5 suit/coat style hangers. 
  • Remove extra items. 
  • Make sure there are 2 working bulbs in light fixture next to closet.

Living Room

  • Reposition recliner (done). 
  • Place magazines on coffee table (done). 
  • Place platter/wine bottle/wine glasses on coffee table (done).
  • Remove audio equipment & replace with art piece (done) and 2 to 3 hard cover books. 
  • Reposition remaining art pieces (done). 
  • Place greenery from Hobby Lobby on end table next to sofa. 
  • Remove rug in front of sliding door (done). 
  • Duct tape wires to left of fireplace so they are out of view. 
  • Hide wires under end table with basket. 
  • 3 white birch logs for fireplace (optional) - Home Depot or Menards.
  • Reposition curtains (done). 

Master Bedroom

  • Remove art piece with family history (done). 
  • Remove dart board (done).
  • Remove decorative candle holders (done).
  • Remove art pieces (done).
  • Remove trash receptacle next to bed (done).
  • Remake bed (done)
  • Place hard cover book on night stand underneath art piece.
  • Reposition curtains and rod (done).
  • Place soft white incandescent bulb in small light fixture.

Master Bathroom

  • Thin out towels (done). 
  • Remove personal items (done). 
  • Use framed mirror in bathroom (Kirkland's). 

Master Bathroom Closet

  • Remove tubs.
  • Remove pillows.
  • Remove suitcase.
  • Place clothes all on the left hand side (done). 
  • Use all white hangers.
  • Remove tennis shoes.
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