How we help you grow and prosper throughout your real estate career

Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 at 5:38am.

At Mad City Dream Homes, we're dedicated to creating an environment where every agent and every employee is growing and prospering throughout their real estate career. When this happens, everyone wins. Our agents and employees win, because they're thriving in a supportive environment where everyone values collaboration and teamwork. Our clients win, because our team cannot prosper unless we're consistently providing exceptional customer service. And the larger community wins, because we're demonstrating a business can thrive and make a positive impact by always having a servant mindset.

Mad City Dream Homes Real Estate Team

Creating a positive environment for our agents

If you're a relatively new real estate agent who is just joining Mad City Dream Homes, you can expect to progress through three different stages on our real estate team, all of which we've outlined below. If you're someone who is further along in your career, you could join our team in either stage 2 or stage 3, depending on your situation.

Stage 1: Nurturing and growing your database

Your database of friends, family, clients and other key relationships is the foundation of your business. During this stage you'll nurture and grow your database on a daily basis. Our team will also give you a ton of support and help you stay top of mind with your database in a number of different ways (see the list toward the end of this article).  

During this stage our team will also help you grow your business by sharing a steady stream of new customers with you. You'll nurture these new customers until they become clients who choose to buy and sell with you. These new clients then become a part of your database and a source of business for the rest of your career. During this stage, the size of your database and the size of your income will grow consistently over time. 

Stage 2: Nurturing a mature and productive database

As your database and business grow each year, there will become a time when you no longer need to receive new customers from our team. That's because all of your hard work has paid off and you now have a very healthy repeat and referral business from a large group of people who know and trust you. During this stage you'll continue to nurture and serve your database, and our team will continue to help you stay top of mind with all of your key relationships. Although you won't receive new customers from our team, you will receive a higher percentage commission for each closing. In this stage you'll earn a great living by receiving a bigger paycheck for each client you serve. 

While you are at this level we will selectively refer a few customers to you each year, because we feel you are the best agent on the team to serve those customers. At this stage we are also happy to invest in an outside coaching program with you, and client appreciation events for your raving fans, which will help you grow your repeat and referral business to higher and higher levels. 

Stage 3: Receiving referral income as an ambassador to our team

As you sunset your real estate career and move into retirement, you'll become an ambassador to our team. We'll continue to help you stay top of mind with all of your key relationships, and you'll receive referral income for all of the repeat and referral business that comes from your database.  You can think of this as a form of retirement income. This is your reward for all of your excellent work throughout your real estate career. 

How we help you nurture your database

Here are just a few of the ways we help you stay in touch with your network of friends, family, clients, and other key relationships. 

  • We give you credit for all of your closings on Zillow,, and the MLS. 
  • We create an 8-page monthly newsletter (branded to you) that is mailed to your network of clients, friends, family and other key people in your database.
  • We create an e-newsletter (branded to you) that is emailed to your database each month.
  • We host 4 to 5 events each year that allow you to mingle and stay in touch with your clients.
  • We coordinate large-scale client gift drop-offs (approximately 4 per year).
  • We send out a calendar (branded to you) that is mailed to your database annually.
  • We provide free closing gifts for your current clients. 
  • We offer a free client gifting program that helps you show appreciation for your clients and maintain your relationship after closing (10 gifts per month). 
  • We help you obtain online reviews from your recent clients.
  • We provide a web and social media presence that helps you stay top of mind with your database online.
  • We provide you with buyer and seller educational materials (branded to you) that are second to none in the real estate industry.
  • We provide you with customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

More team benefits

As a member of our team, you'll also receive all of these benefits: 

  • A creative, positive and supportive team environment without any egos and where everyone is dedicated to customer service and personal improvement
  • Collaboration with an amazing in-house marketing and photography team
  • Free professional staging, professional photography, graphic design, and marketing for all of your listings
  • Branding that positions you as the competent real estate professional that you are
  • Regular team meetings for growth, education, collaboration, and inspiration
  • Regular education opportunities with top-notch training programs
  • Back-up from other team members so you have support during busy periods and during vacations
  • Contract-to-close (transaction management) support for every client
  • Office space and client meeting space
  • An opportunity to grow into new positions and leadership roles as our team continues to diversify and evolve
  • An opportunity to work alongside people who are committed to making our community a better place

Are you interested in learning more about the career opportunities at Mad City Dream Homes? Give Ann (608-575-7614) or Dan (608-852-7071) a call. We'll keep our conversation confidential and help you explore the possibilities on our real estate team. 

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