January 2024

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A few tried and true tips from our team: 

#1) Be a good friend. 

#2) With the spirt of friendship in mind, host coffees, lunches, and gatherings that give us time and space to enjoy each other's company. 

#3) Connect our friends and clients with reputable contractors. Solid, reputable contractors are in such short supply. So let's find out what type of help our friends need, and then help them make the right connections. 

#4) Send our friends a neighborhood market update. We all want to know what's going on in our neighborhood. We're providing a real service to our friends when we share information that is meaningful and hyperlocal. 

#5) Publish a monthly newsletter. Yes, it can include a few real estate topics and tips. It can also include

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At Mad City Dream Homes, we'd like to share our enthusiastic endorsement for Dave Friedman and his technology tutoring services. Dave makes house calls to provide personal tutoring in all aspects of technology. He clearly explains technical topics in terms that make sense to non-techies.

Dave's clients typically jot down questions as they use their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Then, when the list gets to a reasonable size, they'll schedule a time to go through it all at a pace they're comfortable with. 

Dave is easy to reach and he returns phone calls, too. For more information, we encourage you to visit davetutors.com.  You can also email Dave at dave@davetutors.com, or give him a call at 608-301-5602

Madison WI Technology Tutoring

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What are the keys to a successful negotiation? Here are our tried and true philosophies for negotiating a great price and great terms on the sale of your home. 

Offer Negotiation - Mad City Dream Homes 

Our six negotiation tips for sellers

1) Create a beautiful real estate listing. 

One of our first goals early on in the listing process is to create a solid partnership between you, our stager, our photographers, and our creative team. Working together, we create a beautiful real estate listing with eye-popping photos and plenty of marketing materials which highlight the benefits of your home. Beautiful listings receive more online interest, more showings, and more offers - all of which give you more leverage when it's time to negotiate. 

2) Ensure your listing receives full

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