Make Your CPA a Member of Your Team

Posted by Laura Kocum on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 at 11:07am.

Tax strategies and tax preparation may not be the most exciting part of your business, but doing it well is crucial to your success. Meicher CPAs know this, and enjoy partnering with clients that have more complicated tax matters, like small businesses, real estate clients, and clients with larger investment profiles. Their CPAs specialize in a wide range of business models, so business owners can be confident that the CPA they work with will have some inside knowledge into what they do.

Every business, and even every owner can require different strategies. For example, some clients like to publicize their charitable giving. Others like to give generously, but keep their donations a secret. Both types can benefit from specific (and likely different) tax strategies, and a qualified CPA can help identify the best solutions. "I can learn a lot more from looking at a clients' last 2-3 years of taxes.  In fact, this approach is more efficient, and costs less than a lengthy discussion about their business," says David Meicher, a CPA. Meicher encourages clients to bring their recent returns to their first meeting. From there a typical client can expect two meetings each year. The first is to plan the tax strategies for the year. The second is to use those strategies for tax preparation. And a bonus? The tax benefits of working with a CPA nearly always exceed the cost of hiring one. "You can't really afford not to work with a good CPA," he said.

Meicher CPAs is a locally owned CPA firm, and they work hard to be a valuable part of each client's business. "We care a lot. We don't want to be a third party client. We want to be part of the team, and we want our clients to succeed year after year," Meicher says. To begin the process, simply contact the Meicher CPA offices at 826-1900 and ask to speak to a tax professional. From there, Meicher CPA's will connect you with a CPA that specializes in your industry.

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