Dane County Foreclosure Trends:

October, 2018

This report summarizes the latest foreclosure trends in Dane County, Wisconsin. All data is sourced from the Wisconsin Circuit Court and is current through the month of October, 2018. 

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Dane County Foreclosures - October, 2018

A total of 41 Dane County foreclosures were filed in the month of October, which was the highest October total in the last 5 years.  

A total of 300 Dane County foreclosures were filed year-to-date through the month of October, an increase of 14% from the 264 filings during the same time period in 2017. 

A total of 313 Dane County foreclosures were filed in 2017, a decrease of 19% from the 385 filings in 2016. This represents the lowest annual total since the year 2000, when 306 foreclosures were filed. Filings in 2017 were down 82% from the peak year of 2010, when a total of 1,768 foreclosures were filed in Dane County. 

Dane County Foreclosure Statistics: January, 2000 - October, 2018

This table shows the monthly, year-to-date and annual Dane County foreclosure totals for each time period dating back to January, 2000. As the table below shows, Dane County foreclosures had been on a downward trend since 2011 before beginning to increase in 2018. 

The table below shows the monthly, year-to-date and annual change in foreclosures for each time period dating back to January, 2000. 

The table below shows the monthly, year-to-date and annual percent change in foreclosures for each time period dating back to January, 2000. Dane County foreclosures decreased each of the last 7 years before starting to increase again in 2018. 

Data Source - Wisconsin Circuit Court Database

All of our foreclosure statistics come from the Wisconsin Circuit Court public records database. Searching the database is easy to do. Below, we show you how to search the database using a simple example.

Example: How to Search for Wisconsin Foreclosures

Below are the steps for identifying all Wisconsin foreclosure filings for the month of April, 2015:

  1. Go to the Circuit Court website
  2. Click I agree.
  3. Select Advanced from the Search menu in the upper left corner of the website. 
  4. Select Statewide from the County filter. 
  5. Select Civil as the Case Type.
  6. Enter 04/01/2015 as the first day in the Filing Date range. 
  7. Select a Period of 30 Days
  8. Enter 30404 as the Class Code
  9. Verify your search criteria match the selections circled in the screen shot below. Then click Search.

How To Search For Wisconsin Foreclosures

Once you've completed your search, the database will present you with the total number of foreclosures for the month. The database will also allow you to view the details of each foreclosure case. 

How to Search for Foreclosure Listings

You can use our website to search for bank-owned and short sale properties listed on the South Central Wisconsin MLS. This blog post offers a few tips. Note all listings on our site are updated every 15 minutes. The listings on our website also provide a transparent view of each property's accepted offer status.

About the Author

Dan Miller has been a licensed Wisconsin real estate agent since 2007. Dan enjoys tracking various aspects of the real estate market and sharing his reports with the public. More reports on our local real estate market will be published to this website very soon. 

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