Why Do We Have a Real Estate Team?

It comes down to 3 simple reasons:

  1. To take great great care of our clients. 
  2. Make a great living. 
  3. Live the lives we choose outside of work. 

8 Daily Values

These are the values that guide us every day.

  • Fairness: At the center of everything we do. 
  • Effort: Give it our best shot everyday. 
  • Service: Good things happen when we take great care of our clients. 
  • Teamwork: Better service and better lives by working together.
  • Trust: Earn it every day from our clients and our peers. 
  • Relationships: Say no to buying & spamming leads. Say yes to attracting future clients & nurturing relationships. 
  • Growth: Always learning. Always improving. 
  • Credit: You do the work. You get the credit. 

Visit our blog to learn how we help each agent get off to a great start, enjoy a successful career, and fund retirement. Then check out our top top 10 reasons why you should consider joining our real estate team. 

Our business model is simple: Provide excellent customer service and then stay in touch with our clients. When we do these 2 things our business grows. The key is we need the right team players to make it happen. If you're a motivated individual who seeks to earn a successful career, we may be the right team for you.

Contact us online to learn more about the career opportunities at Mad City Dream Homes. 

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