Real Estate Photographer/Photo Blogger

We're looking for a creative individual who'd love the opportunity to make a positive contribution to one of the best real estate websites in the country. As a real estate photographer for our team, you'll contribute your photos of Madison area cities, neighborhoods, and condo developments. Your photos will convey the character and identify that make each area unique. Below are some examples of how your photos will be used on our website. 

Photos of Madison Area Cities

For example, consider the Village of Shorewood Hills. You'll use your photographic skills to capture images of community parks, the community pool, Shorewood Hills Elementary, the Lake Mendota shoreline, and local architecture. Your pictures will be integrated into our Shorewood Hills community page, and can even be used as content in a photo blog. 

Photos of Madison Area Neighborhoods

Consider the Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood on Madison's near west side. You'll take photographs of Lake Wingra and Wingra Park, the local bike path, homes with interesting architecture, and some of the iconic businesses that line Monroe Street. Your images will be used in our Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood page, as well as our blog. 

Photos of Madison Area Condo Communities

Many local condo communities also offer plenty of opportunities for great photo content. For example, consider the 100 Wisconsin Avenue Condos in Downtown Madison. Your photos will include images of the building facade, the state capitol building, as well as some of the local restaurants that line the capitol square. Once again, you'll have the opportunity to show off your photos as part of our real estate blog. 

Real Estate Photographer Job Requirements

Our real estate photographer position will help you build your portfolio as you make meaningful contributions to our website. In the process you'll learn a lot about the many great neighborhoods and communities in the Madison area. We can tailor your role to your specific interests and skill set. Your time commitment and pay will depend on the specific role that we develop for you. We offer good pay, growth opportunities, and a supportive environment. Job requirements are outlined below. 

  • Strong artistic ability and engaging photos which capture the character and identity of local cities, neighborhoods and condo developments. 
  • Openness to constructive feedback.
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently.
  • Ability to travel by car. 
  • A dependable work ethic.
  • A minimum of 3 references. 
  • High school diploma. 

Photographer Regular Work Activities

The activities below are listed from basic to advanced functions. Your role can be tailored to your skills, interests, and availability. Over time you may take on more advanced activities as you grow into the role. 

  • Produce engaging photos of Madison area cities, neighborhoods and condo developments. 
  • Promote real estate photos through social media channels and our blog. 
  • Provide engaging video of local cities, neighborhoods, and condo developments.
  • Share your videos through social media channels and our blog. 

To Apply for our Real Estate Photographer Position:

Contact us using the form below, and state your interest in our photographer/photo blogger opportunity. Then we'll follow up with more information on how to apply for this position. 

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