Marketing Books for Your Listing

Home Marketing Book

At Mad City Dream Homes, we provide your listing with its own marketing book. The marketing booklet allows us to tell the full story about your home. It incorporates your professional photos and includes a description of every room. It also includes information about the local schools and the advantages of living in your neighborhood. 

If you've made some nice improvements to your home, your marketing book offers a great way to highlight those upgrades. We can create an itemized list of improvements you've made to your home, along with estimated costs, to demonstrate to prospective buyers the care and attention you've invested into your home.

We place bound copies of your marketing booklet at your home, so buyers have it as a resource during their showings. We also make an electronic copy of the book and attach it to your online listing. This allows buyers and buyer agents to learn more about your home in advance of scheduled showings.

Marketing Book Examples

Below we offer a few marketing book examples from some of our recent listings. Note how each book thoroughly conveys the many benefits of each home and each neighborhood.

  •  534 Westmorland Blvd - This book does a nice job of documenting the many selling points of this home and the advantages that come with living in the Westmorland neighborhood.
  • 21 S Yellowstone Drive - This book sells the benefits of this well-updated home and the many amenities of the surrounding Parkwood Hills neighborhood.
  • 3014 Stamford Place - Dozens of features are highlighted for this home. This book also includes an introduction to the Highlands of Seminole subdivision.

Do you have a special home?

Use our comprehensive marketing solutions to tell the full story of your home. Our professional staging and professional photos create a clean and polished presentation for your listing, while our professionally-narrated videos add many more visual and narrative details about your property. Last but not least, our marketing book documents the many features and upgrades located throughout your home. Contact us online or by phone at 608-852-7071 for a complimentary home-selling consultation.

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