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Debbie Lea

Dear Debbie,

Thank you so much very for all your help staging our home. We really enjoyed working with you again! I really appreciate the time you spent Facetiming and replying to all my texts. (Especially the 0615 AM one :)) You are such a wonderful asset to the Mad City Dream Homes team :) Thanks again!!


Amber, Sun Prairie

Debbie Lea at Showcase Home Stagers works with each of our sellers (free of charge), as part of our complete marketing plan. Debbie is skilled at using the resources already found in your home to transform it, and add value to your listing. Her unique design sense can transform any room. She also helps our clients identify paint colors, light fixtures, flooring or other details that can upgrade a home's overall appearance.

Debbie believes that homes need to be photograph-ready first, because the photographs online are always the first showing. She has an eye for capturing a room's possibilities, and can help you move furniture, adjust lighting and add details that warm up a space. Clients typically work with her for 2-3 hours, and then are left with a list of projects to complete before their home officially lists.

All our clients work with Debbie as part of our complete marketing plan. Her services add value to each home we list, and homeowners are always amazed at how she can improve their living space. With Debbie's help, we're able to help our clients sell their homes quickly and for the highest possible price.

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