Creative Real Estate Marketing

As the listing agents at Mad City Dream Homes, we get to exercise our creativity every day. It's one of the many reasons we love selling homes. We're always implementing new ways to better serve our selling clients and take our real estate marketing to the next level. Read on for a few examples.

Custom Facebook Ads

An effective modern marketing plan requires using modern tools and getting attention on the channels that are most popular. Whether you're a personal fan or not, Facebook is one of the most widely used media channels today. We create targeted ads that show up on the News Feeds of people looking for homes in your area.


Multi-purpose post cards

In the right neighborhood, multi-purpose post cards offer a great way to attract home buyers at the beginning of a listing. This listing post card was sent out to 350 households and achieved each of the following objectives:

  1. Promoted the new listing to the entire neighborhood
  2. Announced the first open house, creating anticipation and ensuring a tremendous turnout for the open
  3. Directed the audience to this home's web site, so neighbors could view the details, photos and video for this listing

This home had over 30 attendees at its open house and received 3 simultaneous offers, selling for the full list price in less than 2 weeks!

Open houses with a twist

Post cards and internet marketing offer two great ways to generate a large open house audience. Another great method is a coordinated, neighborhood-wide open house event. Our real estate agents frequently organize coordinated neighborhood events, with many different agents holding their homes open at the same time. The collective marketing from all participating listings leads to a great day of traffic and more exposure for every home on the tour. 

Open Houses Madison WI 

Looking for a creative marketing plan?

Mad City Dream Homes can help you customize a creative marketing plan for your listing. Contact us online or by phone at 608-852-7071 for a hassle-free consultation.

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