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Our coming soon marketing maximizes your home's online exposure - resulting in more showings, more offers, and a higher price. Check out our results for an objective view of our listing performance.

Coming Soon Listing Program

Sell your home for more money and in less time with our Coming Soon Listing Program. Our coming soon program jump-starts your advertising well before any buyer walks through your door. Enroll in our program and we'll get your home noticed by buyers and buyer agents even before your listing is active on the MLS. In fact, it's very likely we'll find your buyer during your "coming soon" period. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our program and how it works. 

Coming Soon Listings Mad City Dream Homes

Benefits of a Coming Soon Listing

A seller's most precious commodity is time. It takes time to prepare a home for sale. In some cases it takes weeks or even months before a home is ready for showings. In a traditional sale none of this time is used to market the home. Our Coming Soon Listing Program makes use of this time by aggressively marketing your home to buyers and buyer agents. We work hard to get your home sold while you work hard to prepare your home for sale. 

Contact us to discuss a coming soon marketing plan for your home.

How our Coming Soon Advertising Works

Below are 6 steps for a great coming soon listing. Every sale is different. We'll tailor your plan according to your needs. 

  • Step 1: Professionally stage one or two rooms in your home and obtain a few high-quality professional photos of each room. Typically we select a high-profile room such as the living room, great room, or kitchen as the subject for your photos. Once we have these initial photos, we have what we need to begin your coming soon marketing. 
  • Step 2: Use your initial photos to create a "withheld/delayed" listing on the MLS. "Withheld/delayed" properties can't be viewed by the general public, but buyer agents review them regularly to alert their clients to upcoming listings. Creating a "withheld/delayed" listing is a great way to promote your listing to buyer agents and their clients. 
  • Step 3: Create a second coming soon listing on Zillow, one of the most popular real estate websites in the country. Our Zillow Premier Agent status allows us to create a coming soon listing for all of our home-selling clients. 
  • Step 4: Create a third coming soon listing on Mad City Dream Homes which we use to market your home to the general public. It looks a lot like an MLS listing, but it's actually a customized template that we use for coming soon properties. 
  • Step 5: Aggressively promote your Mad City Dream Homes listing to the general public. We use direct mail, social media, and online classified ads to promote your listing during the "coming soon" period. We also encourage you to share your Mad City Dream Homes listing with your friends and family and your social media network. 
  • Step 6: Post a "coming soon" for sale sign in your yard to promote word of mouth advertising in your neighborhood. 

When you staging plan is completed, we shoot the video and the remaining photos of your home. Then we add the new photos and video to your marketing, make your MLS listing "active", and allow your showings to begin. Get ready. Buyers and their agents will be lined up at your door waiting to get in!

Examples of Coming Soon Marketing

Below are a few examples of some great coming soon marketing. 

Coming Soon Postcard


Coming Soon Listing on Zillow

Zillow Coming Soon Mad City Dream Homes

Coming Soon Listing on Mad City Dream Homes

 Mad City Dream Homes Coming Soon Listing

Coming Soon Ad on Facebook

Coming Soon Listing Ad

Minimize your Marketing Time and Maximize your Price

Our coming soon marketing gets motivated buyers in your home as soon as you're ready for showings. We provide this service at no extra cost to you! Contact us online or by phone at 608-852-7071 to discuss a marketing strategy for your home.

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