Twelve occasions for a handwritten note

Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Saturday, February 13th, 2021 at 9:04am.

Technology makes it so easy to connect with friends and family. But there’s something really special about receiving a handwritten note. When we receive a personal note, we feel supported, appreciated, and cared for. The words mean a lot to us when someone takes time to put pen to paper and share their good wishes with us.    

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Try a 30-day personal note challenge.

If receiving a handwritten note is something you really appreciate, then why not get in the habit of sending personal notes yourself? For the next month, try this daily challenge: Send one personal note each day to a friend, a client, or a loved one. Be genuine and generous with your words. Then take time to notice how this habit impacts you and your relationships. If you immerse yourself in this routine, don’t be surprised when you begin noticing positive changes in your mindset, in your relationships, and as a result in your business, too.

Here are 12 occasions for sending a personal note to get you started with your routine:

  1. As gratitude for the presence that a friend or loved one has brought to your life. 

  2. For the birth of a child. 

  3. For the loss of a loved one. 

  4. To celebrate a birthday. 

  5. To celebrate an engagement, wedding, or anniversary. 

  6. As congratulations for a new job. 

  7. To celebrate a graduation. 

  8. To show empathy when a friend is sick or in a time of sorrow.  

  9. For the purchase of a new home. 

  10. To say you’re sorry. 

  11. To show your appreciation for a friend’s work in the community. 

  12. To celebrate a friend’s success. 

How social media can help you with your personal notes

Following your friends' lives on social media is a great way to get started with your note-writing routine. For example, if you notice on Facebook that one friend just lost their job and another friend just got engaged, then write each friend a thoughtful note. Then keep sending your notes day after day and month after month. Your friends will appreciate your support, and you’ll appreciate how writing each note makes you feel. 

Chris Venden from our team is someone who has been writing personal notes for years. By extending herself to others in genuine and thoughtful ways, Chris has been creating goodwill and enriching the lives of others throughout her whole career. Her focus on others has enriched her own life -- and helped her cultivate many positive relationships. 

Are you a real estate agent who loves serving others and nurturing positive relationships? If so, we'd love to talk to you. Please reach out to either Ann Raschein or Dan Miller for a confidential conversation. To learn more about our real estate team and philosophies, check out our careers blog

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