The top 10 reasons why people move to Madison

Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 at 5:43am.

Why do so many people choose to buy a home in the Madison area? Below we share some of the big themes that we keep hearing from our clients year-after-year. Some of these reasons are due to the attractions and reputation of our region, while others are more personal and matters of the heart. 

Relocating to Madison WI

Top 10 reasons for buying a home in Madison

#1) Quality of life 

The city of Madison has established a national reputation for being a great place to live, and for a host of reasons. Our lakes, parks, bike trails, festivals, restaurants, entertainment venues, the arts, and the many educational opportunities that are available through the University -- all of these are big draws to the Madison area.

#2) Alignment of values

Our local culture is known across the country for valuing education, healthcare, philanthropy, the arts, the environment, and sustainable living. These and other community-oriented values attract people from all over the country to Dane County. 

#3) Career and economic opportunity

Madison and Dane County are home to some major employers with great-paying jobs. Epic Systems, Promega, Exact Sciences, American Family Insurance, and the University of Wisconsin, to name just a few. Job opportunities and economic advancement are two huge reasons why many choose to relocate to Madison

#4) School

Apartment rents continue to rise, which makes buying a home or condo an appealing option for both graduate and undergraduate students at the University. 

#5) Friends and family

Over the years we've worked with dozens of clients who have moved to Madison in order to be near friends and loved ones. It seems grandparents, in particular, will do nearly anything in order to be close to their grandchildren.  

#6) A new version of family

Marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, the blending of families, and the formation of the multigenerational household -- all of these are common events that often precipitate a move.  

#7) A new season of life

Entering the working world, advancing in a career, and easing into retirement -- a change in seasons very often leads to a change in address, too. 

#8) The dream of homeownership

The American Dream runs deep within our culture, as we continue to assist dozens of first-time home buyers each year. We're acutely aware of how challenging it can be to become a homeowner, and we're dedicated to helping as many people as we can experience the gift of homeownership. 

#9) Building wealth

Owning real estate is a time-tested way for building wealth and passing it on to our future generations. And for many systemic reasons, we believe Dane County real estate will prove to be an excellent long-term investment for decades to come.  

#10) Climate change

More and more we're hearing from buyers who are choosing to move to Madison due to the impact of climate change in the west and southwestern parts of the country. Unfortunately, we're expecting climate-related moves to be a growing trend. 

Do you know someone who's looking for a home in the Madison area? 

We love going the extra mile for our clients and helping them overcome their challenges -- especially first-time home buyers. So please let us know if you know of anyone who needs our assistance. We'd love to be a trusted resource for you, your friends, and your family -- and it all begins with a conversation

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