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A great perk of living the condo lifestyle is that you can swap outdoor chores like snow removal and yard work for getting outside for fun. There are many great conservancies and parks with endless opportunities to hike in the Madison area, and some condo communities are lucky enough to have them right outside their door. For some buyers, having easy access to beautiful outdoor spaces is a must-have item on their wish list. Below is a roundup of some of our favorite condo communities that happen to be a short walk to a conservancy or hiking spot.

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Harbor Village - Explore the oak savanna and wetland prairies at Pheasant Branch Conservancy,

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New Condos in the Madison WI AreaThe condo lifestyle is in high demand. From millennials making their first purchase to baby boomers down-sizing into a new setting, people of all ages are embracing condominium living.

The market has changed a lot over the last few years, and today's buyers are learning it's highly competitive. One outlet for buyers is the new construction condo market. As a general rule it's easier to purchase a new construction condo because this segment of the market has fewer competing buyers.

If you've been having a hard time finding the right condo in our low inventory market, check out the new construction options below. You might find the perfect fit in one of these growing condo communities.

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Madison condo prices are rising rapidly. As we recently reported in our latest market update, prices are up 13% through the month of October. That's a huge year-over-year increase - and one that's not sustainable. Although we don't expect prices to increase another 13% in 2018,  a 10% increase is entirely possible. Below we've outlined 5 reasons why local condo prices will continue to escalate in 2018. 

5 reasons why Madison condo prices will rise again in 2018

#1: Historically low supply 

Right now the Madison condo market has only 1.5 months of supply. This is about as low as it gets in our market. Historically low inventory will push prices higher in 2018. 

#2: An empty pipeline

Very few new construction condos are being built to

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The Madison condo market has been hot all year and prices are on the rise. Prices rose 15% in May based on our price per square foot statistic. The May price per square foot was $143, compared to $125 in May of 2016. 


Year-to-date through May, the price per square foot is up 12% - from $134 in 2016 to $151 in 2017. This year's market is approaching the 2006 market peak - when the price per square foot was $152. 

Madison condominiums are selling at the fastest pace on record. 

Condos are selling at the fastest pace ever. The May average days on market was only 41 days. 

 The year-to-date average is 52 days - also a record low.  

What's driving the hot market? 

Low inventory. As of June 9th, only 1.5 months of supply were

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Thinking of selling your condominium? Your condo may be worth much more than you think. Right now there are more condo buyers than there are condo sellers, and prices are on the rise. Here's a quick rundown of the condo market in the greater Madison area. 

Verona Condo Market

Verona condos have become a relatively rare quantity. As of this post there are only seven Verona condos on the open market, and six of those condos have an accepted offer. The average condo price in Verona rose by more $20,000 in 2016. 


Middleton Condo Market

The average price for a Middleton condo rose by an even greater amount. In 2016 the average jumped by more than $36,000. 


Fitchburg Condo Market

In Fitchburg, the average increased by more than

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Condo Search Tools Mad City Dream HomesAt Mad City Dream Homes we offer several handy tools which help you focus your condominium search. We cover a few of our most popular condo search features below. Of course, you can contact us anytime and we'll do the searching for you. We're out pounding the pavement everyday in search of both listed and unlisted condominiums. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll get to work for you. In the meantime, check out these features which are designed to make your search easier. 

Check out all of our property search tips here

Condo Guide Quick Search

Go to the upper left corner of our website and you'll find our multi-purpose search bar that helps you quickly locate the guide for your preferred condo community. For example, let's suppose

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What's the hottest condo market in Madison? When we look at two key statistics, there is one clear winner, and the answer is likely to surprise you.

Madison WI Condo Market

The Southwest Side of Madison

The hottest condo market in Madison is the southwest side of the city. The southwest side is roughly bounded by the Beltline to the north and Cross Country Rd to the south, and Verona Rd to the east and High Pt Rd to the west.

southwest side condo market madison wi 

The Madison Condo Market by the Numbers

The table below shows the percent of listings with accepted offers and the months of supply for every part of town. The numbers for the southwest side are truly remarkable. 

As of this post, 75% of the condo listings on the southwest side of Madison have an accepted offer. Viewed another way,

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It's only February, but the hot Spring market has already arrived in Madison. This year's single family home and condo markets are already chaotic with buyers fighting over a limited supply of properties.

Sellers will enjoy 2016. Buyers will need a solid game plan for finding the right home at the right price. Below are a few quick real estate stats which show why 2016 is already proving to be a hot seller's market. We also offer some tips for making your real estate goals happen in 2016. 

Current Trends: The Madison Condo Market

The $250,000 and under price category is the hottest segment in the Madison condo market. As of this post there are only 1.6 months of supply available for sale in this price range. An amazing 46% of the listings in this

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Our short slideshow below provides a concise overview of the latest trends in the Madison, Wisconsin condo market. Our inventory data is up-to-date as of October 17th. All other data is up-to-date through the month of September. Here's a quick narrative on the latest trends in our local condo market. 

Madison Condo Trends - 9/2015

  • Inventory remains very low - 2.2 months of supply and less - for condos priced below $250,000. The market dynamics at the lower price points generally favor sellers over buyers. At higher price points the months of supply are much higher. However, there is more than meets the eye with the inventory data. We'll dig deeper into the inventory data in a future blog post. 
  • New condo listings are entering the market at a
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popular condos madison wiWe recently wrote about 10 of the hottest condo communities in Madison. In this post we build upon our list by highlighting 15 "exclusive" condominium developments in the greater Madison area. What makes these communities exclusive? It's not about the price. It's all about availability. All of the condo developments below are extremely popular with local buyers, and the competition for listings is fierce. 

Many of the communities to make our list are smaller, "boutique" associations with a low number of condominiums. In addition, the owners within these developments tend to stay for a long time, so listings are few and far between. If you're planning to buy within one of these popular condo communities, recognize you're not the only one. We recommend

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