The Value of a Professional Home Staging Consultation

Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Friday, March 13th, 2015 at 8:49pm.

professional home stagingDo you want to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price? Be sure you consult with a professional home stager who has the expertise to make your home look its very best. Ronna Nyman, from Sugar Maple Home Staging, provides every one of our home selling clients with an in depth consultation. As you can see from the sample staging report below, Ronna guides you through your home preparations in a step-by-step fashion. In fact, the report below offers over 100 specific staging recommendations.

Ronna's invaluable advice is one of the most important elements in our marketing plan. With Ronna's help our clients are able to sell their homes more quickly and for thousands of dollars more than would otherwise be possible. Even better, Ronna's expertise comes free of charge when you hire our real estate team to sell your home.

How does a staging consultation work? At the very beginning of your listing Ronna will pay you a visit at your home. She'll tour every room of your home with you and share her recommendations room-by-room. In some cases you will actually implement some of Ronna's recommendations while she is at your home. Once Ronna's visit is complete, she'll prepare a detailed list of recommendations very similar to the report below. The report below is an actual report that Ronna prepared for one of our recent home-selling clients.

A Sample Home Staging Report

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for introducing me to your home. It’s a great house in an awesome area. I believe it will show very well once the staging is complete. The following are suggestions which will make your home marketable to the largest audience possible.

Your Staging Report Roadmap

During our time together we talked about many of my suggestions for furniture placement, art/mirrors, decorative vignettes, small repairs, etc. This report is meant to be a roadmap to help you follow through with those suggestions. Much of this report will be new information and you may not be able to complete every detail. The more you can achieve the better. Please call me any time to discuss any of the items listed in this report.

Living Room Staging Recommendations

This space is dual purpose; entryway and main living area. It’s the first impression guests will see as they walk in so we really want it to say ‘home’. Remember that fabrics and organic shapes are going to be your best tools. The walls are a steel gray and the lamp is blue. Let's work with that and make the decorative elements such as pillows, throws, vignettes, etc. in that color scheme.

  • Remove the roller shades
  • Re-stretch the carpet.
  • Remove the pit couch and tables and replace with the futon Lisa has offered. Situate it at aslight angle between the windows as we discussed.
  • The tables will be repurposed downstairs.
  • Place a throw blanket and throw pillows on the futon to add more fabrics and soften up the space. The blanket should be placed at an angle as well hanging from the back and falling onto the seat. Work to ‘hide’ the metal arms of the futon as much as possible but don’t knock yourself out about it.
  • Repurpose the two wooden tables from the basement and place them in this space.
  • Place the side table to the left and the coffee table in front of the futon.
  • Place the blue lamp on the side table.
  • Purchase a new lampshade – make it cheap but presentable.
  • Add a decorative element to the side table next to the lamp.
  • Place the fichus tree against the wall to the left of the side table.
  • Hang a piece of art between the tree and the lamp. It should be hung so that the middle of the image is ‘nose high’ to a 5’6” person. Most people tend to hang their art too high which pulls the ceilings down. Be sure to use landscapes or flowers/plants in the art. No people or animals of any type.
  • Place a small centerpiece on the coffee table. Make it low with organic shapes. It can be a small plant, candles or a bowl of decorative balls.

home staging accessories

  • Remove the organ and repurpose the side table you removed from next to the pit couch and place it into the corner where we discussed the ‘placeholder’ for the TV should be.
  • Place a tall vase with a full, flowing arrangement on top of the table. Remember, organic shapes such as these below.

home staging flower arrangements

Dining Room Staging Recommendations

This is a very functional space. We’ll soften it up a bit and it will be great.

  • Remove the roller shades.
  • Remove the leaves from the table to make it smaller.
  • Place only four chairs around the table.
  • Place the dining table centered under the light and cover it with a light green colored table cloth. Again, the fabrics soften the space.
  • Place a centerpiece on the table consisting of a lovely, flowing flowering plant or a candle scape. Don’t make it too tall as we want the eye to continue to travel through and out the windows.

dining room accessories for staging

Kitchen Staging Recommendations

Galley kitchens are extremely functional. Your cabinets are in great condition. Very nice.

  • Add several vignettes, plants, candles around the countertops as discussed. We talked about the four areas in which to place items. Because the counters and walls are light these vignettes can be just about anything you already have.
  • Add one vignette to the left of the window
  • And one to the right.
  • One to the left of the stove.
  • Add a larger, longish one on the peninsula.

kitchen staging centerpieces

  • Place a rug in front of the sink.
  • Hang a single, clean dish towel from the handle of the oven door.
  • Remove all other items from all other surfaces – counter tops, top of refrigerator, etc.
  • Clean the oven, oven drawers, stove top, refrigerator and dishwasher until squeaky clean.
  • Check the insides of all the cabinet doors for fingerprints or dirt.
  • Place a floor vase with some foliage in the corner adjacent to the peninsula as discussed.

Home Staging Vases

Office Staging Recommendations

  • Remove all of the shelving from the walls and repair the walls.
  • Clean the desk top.
  • Place a small desk lamp on top along with a small stack of books.
  • Remove the cash register.
  • Place the book case in the corner to the right of the window, at an angle.
  • Remove half of the books and add some decorative elements. You don’t have to go crazy like these images depict – they are only a guide.

book cases for staging

  • This room could use some warming up so if you have a rug it would be nice to use it here.
  • Hang a piece of art above the desk and another one on the right wall where the book case was.
  • Be sure to pull the doors out slightly on both sides so the guests can see that they are pocket.

Bathroom Staging Recommendations

This bathroom is big and clean but we need to really warm it up. We can’t use a shower curtain so we will use flowers/plants/candles and towels.

  • Remove all personal items such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, cups, etc.
  • Place a rug, a 4-5 ft. runner, in front of the sinks and one in front of the shower.
  • In the center of the vanity place a vase of flowers or candles.

staging accessories for bathroom

  • Place a ‘spa basket’ on the left side of the shower on the floor as discussed. Just a few towels and a few candles and/or soaps are fine.

Bathroom Spa Blankets

  • Hang towels which match the rugs and other decorative elements on the towel bars.

Bathroom Towels

Master Bedroom Staging Recommendations

This is a good-sized room with great closet space.

  • Remove the tall dresser and mirror. They will be repurposed to the small room in the basement.
  • Remove all of the art pieces.
  • Remove the small lamp – it will be repurposed in another room.
  • Repurpose the head board from the downstairs bedroom and hang in on the left wall where the large dresser now sits. Place it in the center of the wall.
  • Move the bed to the headboard.
  • Repurpose the bedside table from the same downstairs bedroom, the one which matches the table now in the room.
  • Place the two bedside tables on each side of the bed.
  • Repurpose both of the orange lamps to each of the bedside tables.
  • Repurpose the dresser and mirror from the same room downstairs and place it, centered, under the window near the closets.
  • Hang a medium sized piece of art to the left of the dresser, centered on the wall.
  • Place a couple decorative elements on the dresser; candles, vase with flowers, etc.
  • Add bed pillows to the bedding.

Bedroom #2 Staging Recommendations

The floors in this room are beautiful. If you have an extra rug to set next to the bed it would warm this space up very well.

  • Move the desk to underneath the window.
  • Place the bed along the wall where the desk was.
  • Place the bedside table to the far side of the bed. Keep the lamp on it.
  • Add a decorative element or two to the top of the desk.
  • Hang a larger piece of art above the bed.
  • Add a throw blanket and lay it across the bed to add color and warmth.

Bedroom #3 Staging Recommendations

We moved most of the furniture to the master bedroom.

  • Remove the ‘faux’ bed.
  • Repurpose the twin bed from the back, downstairs room and place it where you have the ‘faux’ bed now.
  • Repurpose the bedside table from the back room and place it on the far side of the bed.
  • Repurpose the lamp from the master bedroom and place it on the bedside table.
  • Repurpose the organ and place it just off center of the wall opposite the bed. Pull it towards the doorway so it doesn’t crowd the end of the bed.
  • Add decorative elements to the top of the organ.
  • Add bed pillows to the bedding as well as a throw blanket to warm it up.

Bedroom #4 Staging Recommendations

We are going to keep this one slim on furniture and place for perspective only.

  • Repurpose the large dresser and mirror from the master bedroom and place it along the wall adjacent to the window. Center it on the wall.
  • Hang the mirror – it will double the light and the space.
  • Place a couple of elements such as candles, a lamp, flowers, etc. on the dresser.

Bathroom #2 Staging Recommendations

A full bath in the basement – what a perk! Just as we did in the upper bath you will be adding towels and decorative elements.

  • Place a rug in front of the shower and one in front of the sink.Hang towels from the towel racks.
  • Place a couple folded washcloths on the tank.
  • Place a small decorative element to the right on the sink.

Bathroom Decorative Elements

Family Room Staging Recommendations

This is a great bonus space.

  • We talked about Lisa bringing in an electric fireplace to place against the brick wall to give it purpose. Don’t plug it in as we don’t want the chord hanging out over to the outlet.
  • Add some decorative elements to the mantel of the fireplace.
  • Repurpose the tables from the upstairs living room to this space.
  • As we did upstairs, add throw pillows, blanket and center piece to the table.
  • Add a few wall hangings to the walls, hang them low so we don’t pull the ceiling down.

Storage Space Staging Recommendations

This is a storage space, which it’s meant to be so it’s ok to allow it to be that.

  • Do a general clean up/shape up of the entire area to enhance the amount of storage space.
  • Clean the floors and ceilings really well! Storage areas tend to feel dirty regardless as to how clean they are so being extra clean and having that clean smell is important.

Miscellaneous Recommendations

  • All lights should be on regardless of time of day.
  • Make sure all light bulbs are in working order.
  • Clean all vents thoroughly.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.
  • Clean all door and window jambs.
  • All ripped or stretched screens should be replaced.
  • Fresh flowers are always a great choice for adding a splash of color in any room.
  • Any evidence of pets should be removed before each showing.
  • Laundry baskets should be removed.
  • Oil all door/cabinet hinges to prevent squeaking.
  • Put away family photos, figurines, collections, awards and certificates as well as most art work; people find these things interesting and will take the attention away from your home.
  • Buy new switch and outlet plates.
  • Keep garbage cans completely empty and clean.
  • Keep toilet seats down and toilet paper rolls full.
  • Have windows in the back of the house cracked open if weather permits.
  • Avoid allowing noise from the road in front of the home in by keeping the front windows closed.
  • Clean and organize all closets. Each shelf has its own purpose.

Professional Staging for Unoccupied Homes

Ronna Nyman's staging services also include comprehensive staging for vacant homes. Ronna has her own inventory of furniture and accessories that she uses to stage unoccupied homes. The results of these services are truly transformational and provide an excellent return on investment. If you are the owner of an empty home, and your goal is to sell at the highest possible market price, we highly recommend you give Ronna a call. Please feel free to contact Ronna Nyman directly. She can be reached at or 608-347-9785. Ronna is one of the best stagers in Madison. Her services are worth every penny of investment and much, much more.

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