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Posted by Samantha Haas on Monday, November 5th, 2018 at 12:27pm.

Unlike many 12 year olds who spent their summers watching cartoons and playing sports, Stephen Meyer helped his dad clean carpets. In the years since then, he's worked for other companies and started his own, picking up tons of tricks and techniques -- not to mention stains -- along the way.

Stephen's enthusiasm for his craft and care for his clients is embedded into every fiber of his being. When his father was in the hospital and realized he could no longer continue Affordable Carpet Care in Sun Prairie, it was the relationships he built with customers that came to mind. Stephen recalls him saying, "It's not the carpet -- it's always the people."

To ensure clients received the very best service, Stephen launched his own business six years ago, Meyer Steam Cleaning. Two years later, he changed the name to Phenomenal Carpet Care to encompass the new, low-moisture pad system he also uses, which boosted his referral rate by 50 percent.

His partner in business and life, Johanna Meyer, said he can scan any room (occasionally with a black light) and identify spots left by coffee or cola, Fido or Fluffy, dirt or oil. Then, he'll educate the clients about what the best cleaning methods are to remedy the issue.

"It's oddly satisfying to take something that's beyond repair and bring it back to life," Stephen said.

In addition to cleaning carpets, the Madison area company also tackles tile, upholstery, mattresses, rugs, and pet odors. Included in the 12-step detailed cleaning, with no hidden charges, are pre-spotting, cleaning areas multiple times if needed, carpet protector, and edge cleaning.

"I love educating people," he said.

That starts with the differences between traditional steam cleaning and the new pad system. He said the majority of companies do steam cleaning because it's about 20 percent faster, so they can fit more clients in per day. But by softening and rinsing the carpet it also uses more water. Using a machine with coarse and fine pads removes more bacteria and soil, including sand- and oil-based soil and what's left by pets, from all four sides of the carpet fiber and it only takes 1-3 hours to dry.

Stephen said all of the cleaning and pet odor removal products he uses are eco-safe and sea-salt based, they do not attract soil, and there are no heavy solvents, toxic soaps, or sticky residue. When their oldest son was 3 he was diagnosed with leukemia, so that experience gave them a better understanding for skin and chemical sensitivities. Rest assured that the clean carpet your kids and pets are playing on is safe.

Part of the education process is gauging his clients' expectations about dirt, wear, and discoloring and contrasting them with the reality of their situation and the limitations of cleaning. For example, even though the pad system helps carpets stay cleaner longer and spots don't come back as easily, stains from drinks can still resurface because the process only cleans the fibers, not the backing.

"We want you as a client forever, so if something's not right, call me and I'll fix it -- 100% satisfaction guarantee," he said.

Phenomenal Carpet Care comes highly recommended from professionals and clients in the real estate industry, including our sphere at Mad City Dream Homes.

Debbie Lea, owner of Showcase Home Stagers, had Stephen clean her carpets about a year ago because he could get her into his schedule faster than the company she previously used.

"I can't say enough about Phenomenal," Debbie said. "His pride in his company and work shines through. He stands behind his work and is very conscientious."

His responsiveness led her to recommend Stephen to some of our clients who were getting their home ready to sell. "We were really pleased with him," said Mary Shanahan, who hired Phenomenal Carpet Care to clean nearly ten areas of her home at 110 Quarterdeck Dr. "He was very friendly, very diligent, had a good sense of humor, and seemed to have his heart in it."

Our own real estate agent, Mark Hewitt, had been considering getting rid of the carpet in his home because it was so dirty, but he decided to get Stephen's opinion first, which changed their entire outlook on the situation and saved them a bunch of money. "He made the carpet look like new -- even the worn out carpet in a heavily-trafficked room," Mark said.

All three of these clients indicated that Stephen's prices are fair, his customer service is outstanding, and his work is nothing short of phenomenal. Johanna is often who you'll speak to on the phone, and she'll return messages promptly after communicating with Stephen, but he will always be the one to do the cleaning.

"This means you don't have to worry about young inexperienced technicians in your home as Stephen has over 17 years of experience, and to date, has cleaned more than 4,500 homes," Johanna said.

Stephen will also go above and beyond to accommodate your scheduling needs, which is especially helpful in the competitive real estate market.

"I'm bold with my promise: No one will take care of your clients better," he said.

You can reach Stephen and Johanna Meyer of Phenomenal Carpet Care at or (608) 520-3085.

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