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The Madison area real estate market continues to be very active at a time of year when listings and sales are typically slowing down. Here's a quick overview of the latest home and condo trends in Dane County. 

Madison WI Real Estate Trends August 2020

Dane County condo trends

New condo listings increased by 15% in the month of July, and buyers have responded by gobbling up the new supply. Accepted offers increased by 17% in July and 43% in August. As you can see from the graph below, AOs are trending much higher as we enter the month of September.  

Madison WI Condo Accepted Offers Sept 1 2020 

Dane County single family home trends

The Madison area single family home market has also been very active. New single family home listings increased by 10% in July, and a record number of homes were placed under contract in July

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It's been a crazy year to the say the least. A global pandemic. Political chaos. And economic uncertainty. Despite all of the chaos, the competition for Madison area real estate is at an all-time high in 2020. According to our latest review of MLS data, 34% of all Dane County home listings received multiple offers through the month of June. This is up from the previous high of 33% in 2018, and up from 26% in 2016, when we first started tracking this statistic. 

How competitive is the market by price range? 

Here's how the numbers shake out:

 Multiple Offers Madison WI June 2020

The very high number of competing offers this year shows there's a lot of pent-up demand for real estate in the Madison area. A lot of buyers are writing offers this year, and a lot of those buyers

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The month of July is almost in the books, and our latest market snapshot shows Madison area home and condo prices keep on rising. As of July 26th, Dane County home prices were up 6% year-over-year and condo prices were up 3%. 

how much is your Dane County home worth

How much is your home worth right now?

We can help you understand your home or condo's current market value and recommend a few simple cosmetic updates that buyers will love, too. Just reach out to your preferred Mad City Dream Homes agent to schedule a short consultation. We'll help you prepare for a successful sale and eliminate much of the stress that so many sellers are experiencing in this year's COVID-19 market. 

For more information on local real estate prices, here's our July 26th snapshot

Madison area home

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Dane County condo buyers were very active in the month of June as local condo prices continued to rise. Here's our latest snapshot of the Madison area condo market:

Accepted offers were up big-time in the month of June.

A total of 205 condo contracts were written in June, which was up 23% from last year. On a year-to-date basis, accepted offers are down by 1% from the first 6 months of 2019. 

Madison WI Condo Accepted Offers June 2020

This chart shows accepted offers by week. As the graph shows, new contracts decreased significantly in April, and then started trending higher in May and June. 

Madison WI Condos Accepted Offers by week July 7 2020

Condo prices rose once again in June. 

The June price per square foot was the highest on record. 

 Madison WI Condo Prices June 2020

Condo sales increased by 8% in June. 

Madison area condo sales were lower by

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June was another strong month for real estate in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Here's our quick summary of how the Dane County single family home market performed last month. 

Madison area home prices increased 4% year-over-year and 5% year-to-date. 

The price per square foot reached a new high in the month of June. 

Madison WI Home Prices June 2020 

New MLS listings were lower by 14% during the month and 14% year-to-date. 

A lack of fresh supply is benefiting home sellers in 2020. June listings were at their lowest level since 2011. 

Madison WI New MLS Listings June 2020

This graph shows new listing activity by week for the first 6 months of the year. MLS listings have been trending lower since the end of March. 

madison wi new listings by week july 5 2020

Despite low inventory, buyers were very active in the month of June. 

The number

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The Madison area condo market continues to be a great market for sellers as we head into the summer sales season. Here's our newest update on the Dane County condo market with all of the latest trends updated through the month of May. 

Madison area condo prices are at all-time highs.

The condo price per square foot jumped to $160 in May, which was up 4% from last year. 

Madison WI Condo Prices May 2020

Condos are selling quickly.

The average days on market in May was just 36 days, which was a record low for the Dane County condo market. 

Madison WI Condo Days on Market May 2020

New condo listings continue to enter the market at a slow pace.

Dane County condo listings decreased by 37% in April and 19% in May. 

Dane County Condo New MLS Listings May 2020

A high percentage of the listings are under contract and closing soon. 

As of June

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Even though there's so much turbulence in the world around us, many Madison area home sellers are experiencing a tremendous amount of success in this year's low inventory market. Here's our quick snapshot of the Dane County single family home market - updated through May, 2020.

Madison area home prices are at record highs.

The May price per square foot increased by 4% year-over-year and 5% year-to-date.

Madison WI Home Prices May 2020

Marketing times are near historic lows.

The average of 28 days on market was the second lowest on record for the month of May.

Madison WI Days on Market May 2020

New MLS listings are entering the market at a slow pace. 

New listings were down 33% in May and were lower by 15% year-to-date.

Madison WI New MLS Listings May 2020

Months of supply are low.

Inventory is low, and especially so for

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Here's a quick look at the Madison area real estate market for the month of May. This preliminary market info is based on our snapshot taken on May 26th. We'll report on the full month of May once all of the final numbers are available in the month of June. As you can see from the updates below, inventory is much lower this year, and as a result many homes are selling very quickly and for high prices. 

New MLS listings continue to enter the market at a slow pace. 

New single family home listings have been trending much lower since the end of March. Low supply has created a very competitive market for buyers this spring. 

New Madison WI MLS Listings May 26 2020

Properties priced under $350,000 are very hot. 

As of May 26th, well over 50% of the single family homes priced under

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Our latest condo report shows why it's still a very strong sellers' market in many price points and locations throughout Dane County. Buyers and sellers who take the time to understand these trends and consult with a professional will be well-equipped to make good decisions in the year ahead. 

Dane County Condo Market Update

Madison area condo market trends for April and early May, 2020

Here are the latest Dane County condo market trends, with new information from the months of April and May.

Some condo owners are postponing their plans to sell. 

As you can see from the graph below, April condo listings decreased by 37% year-over-year. Fewer listings means fewer condos will be sold in the months ahead. At the same time we expect the condo market to remain very

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We're two months into the COVID-19 pandemic now, and we have some important trends we'd like to share with anyone who's thinking of buying or selling in the Madison area. Buyers and sellers who understand these trends will be in a position to make smart decisions and make the most of this year's unique market. 

Madison WI Real Estate News May 2020

Dane County single family home trends for April and early May, 2020

Here are the latest trends in the single family home market, with fresh data from the months of April and May. 

Fewer owners are listing their home for sale. 

Single family home listings were in short supply before the pandemic began, and we expect this to be the trend for the foreseeable future. As you can see from the graph below, many home owners postponed their

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