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Posted by Dan Miller, REALTOR on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 at 6:03am.

In a previous real estate careers post, we covered why our team prefers to "attract" new clients versus trying to "buy" or "hunt" for leads online. For our team, attraction marketing is about building trust and having a contribution mindset. It's a very rewarding way to approach our daily work, and it's the main reason our business keeps growing.  

At Mad City Dream Homes, we attract new clients in two main ways;

  1. By growing and nurturing our database of friends, family members, business associates, and former clients. This is our tried and true way of creating repeat and referral business
  2. By publishing helpful content for the general public, which is an excellent source of new  business . 

Regardless of the source, when a potential client does reach out us, our next step is to nurture the relationship until he or she is ready to hire us. Here's our basic approach to nurturing buyer and seller relationships:

How we nurture buyers

These are the main ways we nurture buyers and help them prepare for a successful purchase:

  • Create a property search for them based on their most important criteria. 
  • Update their listing alerts so they receive property updates at the appropriate frequency (instant, daily, weekly).
  • Introduce them to the properties, neighborhoods or condo communities that are a good fit for their needs. 
  • Teach them how to tell which properties have accepted offers and which do not. 
  • Help them understand the market conditions in their target market.
  • Consult with them on the best strategies for finding the right home.
  • Help them plan their approach for buying and selling at the same time.
  • Connect them with a reputable, local lender. 
  • Share school, school district, and other important relocation information with them.

How we nurture sellers

These are the most common ways we nurture sellers and help them plan for a successful listing:

  • Help them understand the conditions in their local market and keep them updated over time.
  • Tell them what their home or condo is worth.
  • Help them determine the best time to sell. 
  • Help them coordinate their plans for buying and selling at the same time.
  • Identify the improvements that will provide the best return on investment for their listing.
  • Refer them to good contractors for repairs and cosmetic updates. 
  • Customize a good marketing plan for their property. 
  • Connect them with a great stager. 

"Helping" versus "converting"

Our focus is on adding value. In order for this approach to be successful, we need to share our time and expertise with each potential client. That means we ask questions to learn more about each person's goals, and we offer individualized solutions that address them. Over time our potential clients learn to appreciate and trust us, as many of them ask us to assist them with their purchase or their sale. Note we don't use sales scripts when we interact with potential clients, and we don't pressure them into signing a contract. 

The power of the hand-written note

Another proven way to effectively nurture relationships is to set aside a few minutes of time each day for writing personal notes. Most people appreciate receiving a personal note in the mail, and yet hand-written notes have become a lost art in the age of the internet. Sending someone a personal note demonstrates that you're investing time and thought into that person. It's a great way to cement a relationship, which is why we send hundreds of personal notes in the mail each year. 

The power of awesome service

Our referral business is growing because we're providing great service, creating loyal advocates, and staying in touch with our advocates over time. Like compounding interest, we expect our business to continue to grow for as long as we stay focused on service and stay top of mind with our friends, family members, business associates, and clients. 

For more information on our real estate team

Check out our real estate careers blog. Contact Dan if you'd like to learn more about the career opportunities available at Mad City Dream Homes. We're always on the look-out for the next talented person to join our team. 

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