A Land Survey Protects Your Purchase

Posted by Laura Kocum on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at 6:31pm.

There are times when neighbors don't agree on property issues. It could be a tree's location, and a debate about who can trim it. Or construction of a fence, and where it can or can't be placed. When these issues arise, it's helpful to have a surveyor.

Noa Prieve and his team at Williamson Surveying & Associates are well acquainted with these issues. His team helps residential property owners daily to define their property lines, and determine the best way to proceed with neighborhood issues, or additions to existing properties. Prieve encourages buyers to have a survey completed before they close on their property. "It can be as important as your inspection," he says. "Knowing your property lines protects you from encroachment issues, and, if done before you close, protects you from any liabilities that are the result of pre-existing encroachments. Not having a survey is like buying a car without looking at it."

Costs for the survey can vary, depending on the lot size, age, and other information. More modern plats can be a quick process, while older areas can take more time, depending on the area and other nearby properties. Prieve offers a written proposal for the survey before any work is done. Once it's started, the process typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete. 

Buyers that plan to add-on to an existing property will need a surveyor's services, too.  Architects use this information to make sure the addition meets codes. City codes often require that no structure can exist within a specific number of feet from a lot line. It's obviously better to know these lines up front, so that your home or home addition is constructed within the proper boundaries.

Prieve loves what he does. He joined Williamson Surveying right out of college, eventually taking it over when the owner retired. He and Chris Adams are partners in the business, and work worth a team of 5 additional surveyors. Prieve sees each property as a unique challenge, and enjoys helping homeowners learn their rights. Williamson Surveying also does larger, commercial projects, shoreline studies and other property studies.


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